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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 41 Buying House-II

Chapter 41 Buying House-II

Alex also took note at how the servant behaved when someone got more than 5 meters closer to Selena. Though he hid it well, Alex was very easily able to find out clues from his minor facial movements and body language.

All of this was only possible after Alex had trained in that Unnamed Technique from the Book. All of his 6 senses had a huge upgrade and even without the help of his spiritual sense, Alex could still see the every minute difference very clearly on the face of that servant.

Alex real father before his rebirth had taught him about how to tell a difference between a lie and truth from facial expressions and body language.

Alex ability to do so had only been enhanced after the strengthening of his senses which helped him to catch every minute changes made on the faces of the people he met.

Many high level cultivators are also able to use their senses to see every detail made on a face but it is highly unlikely that they would know about the meaning behind those changes in the facial expression.

In modern world, defining such things was possible because of technology but here in this cultivation world, you would need to have a very experience on such things, possible taking a lifetime to perfect such technique.

This ability is an asset here now in this cultivation world as it will help him a lot in the present and the future. Alex knew that this ability may not work on some cultivators who have a very high control over their body for example body cultivators.

It will be hard to use this abilities on them but not entirely impossible. He would definitely to try to perfect this ability so that he can choose loyal friend over backstabbers.

His 6th sense also captured a slight threat from the servant caused by his cultivation pressure which he released unconsciously. Alex was able to determine the servant should have a cultivation of 9th grade in Body tempering Realm.

Cultivators in this grade are normally leaders of the biggest mercenary group here or are high level officer in the army under City lord.

They are considered as hot commodities between Noble families because having one more or less would have a lot of effect on their overall strength. Every person at 9th grade Body Tempering Realm has a high probability to cross over to the next major realm. Which would give them a chance to fight for a noble title and form a Noble house with a surname. So they rarely do jobs such as a bodyguard on this island.

From the servant’s behavior and his presence, Alex knew that he was the bodyguard of Selena.

After going around the streets, they reached their destination. The servant had a little talk with the person behind desk, who showed a little surprise. Alex also showed the seal of Master Clayton on the Demon beast skin. The staff person checked it in person very carefully and then gave it back to him. He then eagerly started to explain about the available houses in good condition. in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

Alex also stated his requirement for the house. He then took them to show the houses that would match their description. After going around four houses, Alex finally chose a house he got satisfied with.

After finishing off the formalities, Alex purchased the 2 storey house with a backyard encircled by a high stone wall in every direction. He paid the amount which equaled to 25 gold coins. This price was already a big discount and Alex also didn’t want to bargain as they could recover this money in one day through hunting.

Then the servant took us to the market which was just a few turn away. They purchased some essential things to be used in daily life from the merchant shops that the servant introduced.

The store would deliver the stuff which they purchased straight to house for a small fee. Returning back to the house, Selena also took her leave with the servant since they also have to go back.

"Len’s group should have arrived by now. I will first go see if they had rented a house and warehouse to store our goods. You both stay here with Anna, I will be back after sometime." Saying that Alex also went in the direction of the City gates where they had decided before to meet.

Arriving there Alex spotted one of the members of his group most likely to wait for him.

"Oh, Alex there you, I have been waiting for you here for quite some time. We had arrived a little early; Len and others have already rented a house near the west gate going to the port. " The member said as lead the way in front.

"That’s a good place but what about the warehouse" Alex inquired.

"Hehe, the house we rented also had a warehouse at the back. It was a little costly but it will provide a great convenience to us. It’s easier to guard our goods if we all stay together."

Though not on the main lane that goes to the port through west gate but the house they rented was very near to it.

Now the plan was to open a chamber of commerce which would be named as Goldsun chamber of commerce which would deal with the materials that the Raging Sun mercenary Group would deliver.

After improvising the plan, it was decided that Len and the other seven member’s would run this chamber of commerce till Aunt Julie and Meg would come here with some People good at managing and then they would take over the management themselves.

Hugo, Gardy and Fitch would also come here to help Len forming the branch of Raging Sun Mercenaries. While Donald, Theo, Joe and other experts like Galen and Ferris would stay at the village in the Swamp Marsh forest to protect it.

Jack with some of the members would look after the ships and help transport the goods and money from the village to the Goldsun Chamber of Commerce and vice versa. It was done so because it was too risky to transport their goods through the territory of Jordan Family even at night.

Now the only problem is that Jack would have to pass the ships under Jordan Family patrolling the shore near pearl village. The only solution they found was to circle a few kilometers in the sea bypassing the Jordan Families Ships and that to only at night.

After that Goldsun Chamber of Commerce would send its newly bought ships to meet Jack at the sea and exchange the materials there. There’s a risk of getting attacked by pirates but now they are also not a soft persimmon that anyone could bite.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 41 Buying House-II