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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 39 Becoming Master Clayton Disciple

Chapter 39 Becoming Master Clayton Disciple

After seeing the golden sphere encircling the shop, most people won’t be able to tell its cause or source but how could Master Clayton not know.

Someone is testing his or her spiritual sense range with the help of a crystal ball in Master Clayton shop. The moment this thought came to his mind, Master Clayton jumped of his carriage and rushed off in the direction of the shop.

Meanwhile, the public has started to gather around the shop. The cultivators inside the shop also felt that they were inside of someone’s spiritual sense and quickly tried to block it with their own Qi.

At first they thought that it was Master Clayton since the source of the Spiritual sense was coming from the second floor, but in the next moment they saw him running from the entrance of the shop straight for the stairs.

Everyone was surprised since it was the first time they saw Master Clayton in such a rush but they couldn’t go up like him as it was not their home.

Alex who had covered twelve meters of area with his spiritual sense already knew the entire layout and everything present in this shop.

He also saw a person who had blocked his spiritual sense rushing towards his position.

As a smile formed on the corner of his mouth, Alex took his hand off from the crystal ball.

Everyone in the room had already been dumfounded, and before Tim opened his mouth to say something a person appearing beside Alex.

"Master" the disciples quickly bowed their heads as greeting after they saw Master Clayton had come.

"What’s your name, son?" asked Master Clayton without even looking at his own disciples.


"Um, good name. Alex do you want to be my disciple"

"That is what I came for Master Clayton" 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

"Good, Good. Come with me then. Let’s talk at my house"

Alex also quickly followed him as they went down the stairs. When reaching the ground floor, Alex introduced his friends waiting there for him. Master Clayton also invited them to come with him.

Just when driver of Master Clayton’s carriage reached the shop, he was ordered to turn around to head back to manor.

As for the crowd, they eventually dispersed to do their own work but some people rushed off to report about this event to their respective boss who they come under.

Till they reached his manor, Master Clayton had also asked about Alex history and present situation. Alex also said the truth because such thing shouldn’t be kept or it will only bite you back in the future.

Fortunately, Master Clayton didn’t care about them offending the Jordan family. It might be because of his status or the fact that he too didn’t like the arrogant Jordan Family, so Master Clayton promised that the Jordan Family won’t be able to do anything to Alex and his family after he officially become his true disciple.

The more they talked the more Master Clayton started to like Alex. He felt that Alex was quite calm, steady for his age and also had brilliant mind.

A guard standing outside the manor quickly opened the main so that the carriage can go in. the manor was spread in a wide area.

Just as they came out of the carriage, the inner gates of the manor opened and 18 or 19 year old girl stepped out.

Seeing that his daughter had arrived, Master Clayton introduced her with everyone.

"This is my daughter Selena. Selena meet Alex, my new disciple. "

"Nice to meet you senior sister. These are my friends Anna, her brother Hank and Tom"

At first she got some what lost after seeing how handsome and attractive he was but she quickly greeted him back after getting out of her reverie.

"Nice to meet you too junior brother Alex" though she felt it out of common for his father to bring a new disciple here since they usually stay at the shop, she still greeted him actively as she real liked looking at his attractive face. This was the first time she felt something for the opposite gender.

She also greeted his friends.

"Alright, let’s go inside first. Alex you have to take the crystal ball test again so that I can confirm the exact range and stability of your spiritual sense. And we also have to see if you are suitable to practice Alchemy but this will take time"

"As you say Master" Alex nodded.

After coming at the backyard of the manor, Alex took a different crystal ball in his hands again and injected his spiritually sense into it. The exact scene appeared again. A giant golden dome came into existence having a radius of 12 meters.

On this Island, a person who could cover this much distance with his spiritual sense after awakening can already be as genius. Of course the accuracy of this method is not taken as granted. Other factors also have to be considered.

"Good, Good, Good, there’s no doubt about the power your soul can produce. It can also be seen how stable your spiritual sense is. You are quite eligible to pursue any profession on this continent. You have the right tool but we also have to see if you can use it right. Since you have chosen the path of becoming an alchemist than we will have to see if this profession is compatible with you or else it just an empty talk"

Selena was also surprised after she saw her junior disciple talent. She also understood why her father had done things out of the norm before when he had brought a new disciple home.

Master Clayton was quite satisfied by the innate talent shown by Alex. Now he has to see if Alex able to follow him on the path of Alchemy.

Master Clayton quickly brought out two books from his personal library and gave it to Alex.

"This is ’The Compendium of Spirit herbs and Demon beasts’. I will give you two months to read and remember these two books. After two months I will take a test and if your progress is up to my standards after that you will work as my assistant to get practical experience. Remember that it is not just about how powerful your spiritual sense is, you also had to have the right mindset and strong will to work hard because it’s will never easy no matter what profession you choose. It takes long time before you can see the fruits of your hard work. "

"Yes Master. I will definitely work hark hard to live up to your expectation." Alex said taking the two books into his hands. They were quite thick and old.

Today, from noon till the sun had set, Master Clayton inquired about almost everything related to Alex to understand the situation of his new disciple, his experiences till now and what his goals are for the future.

Through this Master Clayton also checked if Alex is really the right kind of disciple that he wants to teach and take as his pro-disciple in the future. Till now he had been quite satisfied with him and also got extremely interested about him and his family situation.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 39 Becoming Master Clayton Disciple