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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 37 2 Eggs

Chapter 37 2 Eggs

Alex suddenly said "Uncle Donald let’s go and check the lair of this snake. We might find something worthwhile there."

Donald also agreed as most of the high level demon beasts with territorial instinct are usually guarding some kind of spiritual herbs, some even have the habit of hording materials rich in Qi.

Since they also had to leave this area quickly, Donald went back with majority of the members while 6 other members including Jack followed Alex.

The group hurried along the way with Alex in front. After some time they came across a pond adjacent to small hill.

"There is a cave opening on the side of the hill inside the pond which is also the place where that Demon Beast stays. We need to go inside. No need to worry, there’s no other creature beside that snake we had already killed." Alex said seeing some of the members hesitating.

After saying that, Alex dived inside the pool of water after signaling them to follow him. The opening of the cave was just 4 meters down the surface of the pond.

It was not difficult to get inside the cave, and after everyone passed from a little passage of water going inside the hill, they resurfaced in a lightly dark hollow cavern. After swimming to the shore, Alex said.

"Uncle Jack, let everyone follow behind me. This cave seems to be very long."

"Alright Alex we will be follow right behind you" said Jack.

Although Alex told that there is no other Demon beast here, the members of the group were very alert having a little bit fear walking in a dark passage of the cave.

But they did not encounter any other creatures along the way. In half an hour, they reached the end of the cave where there was a little light coming from the cracks on the cave walls.

At the end of the cave there was another pool, and next to the pool was a gravel nest 30 feet wide. In the middle of the nest there lay two eggs the size of ostrich eggs with Silver-black patterns.

Jack was overjoyed. "Ha-ha, awesome! Eggs of Demon Beast whose parent are above 7th grade, and there are two of them. Alex, these Eggs can sell for a very high price in the City."

The members were also excited as the newborn cubs and Eggs of high level Demon Beast are very precious. Even though no one can tame them on this Island, they are still sold to the merchants in the city at a very high price who in turn export it to the subcontinent, reselling it at even higher price. These things are priceless commodities in the Belmont subcontinent.

There were also many spirit herbs growing here. They found 3 medium grade and about 9 low grade spirit herbs

They quickly placed the two eggs and spirit herbs carefully inside a bag to transport them back to their village. Alex smiled as he thought of the technique through which he can form a contract with a number of Demon Beasts and even spirits. He thought about purchasing it when he had enough currency, Faith energy and merit.

Coming back to himself again, Alex turns his eyes towards the pool beside the eggs. When he checked it with his spiritual sense, he found that it was another passage through water which opened to a bigger lake outside in the open. This lake seems to be far from their village and deep inside the forest where Demon Beast of next major realm run rampart. Alex found his thoughts right when his spiritual sense scanned a very large fish type demon beast swimming inside the lake. The energy radiating from it was definitely higher than 9th grade demon beast.

"Alex, does this pool also have passage which opens outside" Asked Jack when he saw Alex standing their looking at the pool in a thought.

"Yes there is a passage which opens to a bigger lake outside, but we can’t use it because there are higher level Demon beasts swimming inside that lake. Stronger than the Dark Red snake which we had now hunted. But we safe here, they can’t use this passage to come this side since their size is very big" Alex shrugged.

"Alright, since there’s nothing more here lets go back"

When they thought of Demon beasts stronger than the snake, swimming on the other side of the pool,their first reaction was turn back and leave. They didn’t want to stay here any longer.

Back-tracking the same path, Alex and his group reached their village after some time. The snake body selling price was already around 1000 to 2000 gold coins and its eggs would definitely sell at a higher price.

But Alex asked Uncle Jack and Donald to not sell those eggs for now and they also agreed.

At night, the village had a feast. The meat of the snake was divided between the members of the Raging Sun Mercenary group. The Demon beast core was given to Alex as he had the highest contribution today.

Everyone went back to their house after the party. Alex, Donald and Jack discussed their plans as to who would go with Alex to the city with him and what to do after reaching there. After finalizing everything they also went to sleep.


In the morning, 12 people were standing at the entrance of the Raging Sun village ready embark towards the city. Hank, Tom, Theo, Anna and Alex were also in this group. Len was also there and he would be acting as a leader in front of outsiders whereas Alex would be the real leader of the group.

The other members were relatively young and not well known. The only unexpected member that joined them was Anna. Yesterday, when Alex and his uncles had discussed the names of the members who will join him, Anna was not included. But here she was with a smile on her face, standing beside her brother Hank who was holding both his own luggage and his sister’s.

Donald said as he sighed "Don’t ask, just keep her safe. alright"

Alex nodded "Don’t worry I will" in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

"If possible, try to become Master clayton disciple. it will be good for us"

Actually Alex didn’t need to become anyone’s disciple since he can purchase anything and everything related to different professions. Whether it’s knowledge, techniques or even experiance.

But for now it will be a good to have a strong backing. Alex knew that it’s not a long term solution come under someone else umbrella, it’s always better to create your own. This is what he want’s to really do.

"I will definately try. Don’t worry about us, we will inform you about when to send the ships"

Saying that Alex turned and left with his group.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 37 2 Eggs