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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 368: Black Iron Feathered Lightning Eagle! - Part 3

Chapter 368: Black Iron Feathered Lightning Eagle! - Part 3

Alex saw the eagle charging over and hurriedly dodged to avoid its attack.



Failing to catch the human in her claws, the lightning eagle once again tried to reach higher ground and attack.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere, Stay Down!" Alex shouted as he quickly jumped to get on the Demon Beast's back and smash it down.

But the moment Alex landed on the back of the Eagle, his whole body was enveloped by the lighting discharged from the Eagle's body.


If it was anyone else other than Alex being electrocuted, that person would have become coke by now.

Alex braced himself and shielded his body with his Qi but surprisingly he didn't feel much pain.

"What powerful lightning energy!" Alex sucked in a breath with shock on his face.

The reason why he didn't get hurt was becasue the lightning energy was being absorbed by the Low-Grade Black Ranked Blue Thunderbolt of Nethercloud, an Origin of Lightning and Thunder that he had refined back then. It was still inside his body.

He was soon ecstatic to see that all the residual foreign lighting elements in his body had been devoured by the black bead and it even went a step further and tried to suck in all the Lightning Qi from the Eagle through their physical contact.

The Demonic Eagle had never thought her attack would not work on the human, now even her Qi was being absorbed by that bastard.

The Demonic Eagle tried to throw the human off her back but Alex had already caught tightly onto the neck with the help of his two hands.

Closing his eyes, Alex began to circulate the residual Lightning Element with the help of the nimbus in his body. As he circulated the body-refining technique, the lightning within the bead flowed into his body.

When the lightning flowed into his body, it flickered ferociously while being absorbed. At the same time, the sound of thunder constantly rumbled from Alex's body.

Under these conditions, a lightning membrane formed around Alex and it grew denser with each passing second.

"W-what are you?! Get off me, Human!!" The lightning eagle rolled in the air, trying to shake off Alex.

It was not easy but Alex held on tightly. He knew that once he got off, the Eagle might run away. So even when the Lightning Eagle smashed its backside against the mountain, Alex still held on by forming more hands and tightly wrapping them around the Eagle's body.


Finally, after smashing itself against rocks and trees and rolling on the ground for some time, the Demonic Eagle let out an angry screech before it lay down on the gr

ound, completely helpless and weakened.

This made Alex's eyes light up.

He immediately sent his spiritual sense inside the Demonic Eagle's body.

Unfortunately, the eagle's spiritual power was not drained and it was still powerful enough to stop Alex.

"Hump! Do you think you can still stop me?" Alex sneered at the Eagle who was looking at him with hateful eyes.

Alex loosened his right hand and threw a punch at the Eagle's head. Knowing that one punch would not be enough, Alex repeatedly punched on the back of the Lightning Eagle's head.

Roaring Tiger Smash!

The Lightning Eagle's body shook and the color of its eyes froze.

The moment the Lightning eagle lost its consciousness, Alex immediately felt the resistance vanishing and his spiritual sense flooded the Eagle's brain.

In Alex's soul space, the same Black feathered Lightning Eagle appeared in soul form. It had already started regaining its consciousness. Therefore, Alex had to hurry up and form a soul bond with the Demon Beast.

Surprisingly, the eagle didn't resist anymore once it fully regained its consciousness. Maybe it's becasue she felt the special bloodline of Alex or she saw the Blue Thunderbolt of Nethercloud, the Origin of Lightning, and Thunder floating in Alex's soul space.

"Let's forget all that happened before, alright," Alex said as he felt the completion of the contract. He had now gained a powerful Rank 4 Demon Beast Companion.

After forming the soul bond with the Black Feathered Lightning Eagle, he released his hold on her body.

The eagle stood up on its two claws and turned to face Alex. But this time there was no hatred in her eyes. Since they had formed Soulbond, the eagle naturally wouldn't keep the grudge against Alex.

Alex didn't get out of this fight scratch-free. His back was bleeding and he also incurred some internal injuries during the fight.

"My name is Alex Mordrake. You can call me Alex. Ah, and this is Plum, and this is Anahita." Alex introduced himself to the Demonic Eagle and also to his Spirit Beast companions who had appeared just now by his side.


"Let's call you Aquilla," Alex said before he took out a few pills and threw them in his mouth.

They would help him in stopping the bleeding and heal some small injuries on his body and also help him in recovering some of his Qi.

"Aquilla, I like it." The lightning Eagle said jubilantly.

Alex then told Aquilla about his Demon Beast Space and asked her to rest in it to recover her lost Qi becasue he will soon need her help in fighting his enemies. &n


The lightning Eagle agreed and entered the Demon Beast Space to rest and recover

"Ah, it seems we flew to the other side of the mountain," Alex said after taking a look at his new surroundings.

To shake him off, Aquilla had flown around the mountain randomly.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 368: Black Iron Feathered Lightning Eagle! - Part 3