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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 36 7th Grade Demon Beast?

Chapter 36 7th Grade Demon Beast?

The next day in the morning.

A total of 30 members of Raging Sun mercenary group were standing together at the entrance of the base. This group had cultivators above 4th grade Body Tempering realm.

Today they all were going to hunt a 7th grade Demon beast. When fighting this grade of demon beast, cultivators below 6th grade of Body Tempering realm were somewhat useless because their attacks won’t be able to do much damage. But they were still going as it would give them some first hand experience; this will help them in their future battle against such Demon beast.

As the grade of Demon Beast increases, its body’s resistance to physical attacks also increases. By this grade some of the lucky Demon Beast start showing signs of bloodline awakening which gives them immense power and skills unique to their species and ancestors.

After every one arrived, they departed from their base in the direction of the 7th grade Demon beast territory towards east.

Their vigilance were extremely high, similar to those of small Demon beasts. After arriving at their destination, Alex being good at battle formation started giving each member instructions on their respective tasks. The only members who would directly fight the demon beast were cultivators of 5th grade and above.

The 5th grade cultivators would act as archers, firing from distance. Alex would also be with them. The 6th grade and 7th grade cultivators would fight in close combat. Hugo, Meg, Julie, Donald and Jack come into this group.

"The 4th grade cultivators have to keep their distance from the fight at all time. Your main task would be keeping a lookout in the surrounding and stopping anyone demon beast or humans from interfering in the fight. You absolutely cannot be discovered by the 7th grade snake type Demon Beast; otherwise, it’s highly likely that you will lose your lives! We have to kill it without giving it any chance to retaliate." Alex said as he took his Crescent bow from his back.

As everyone was taking their position around a certain path, probably used by a Demon beast, Alex closed his eyes once again. Last night Alex came to learn about a trick from the knowledge he purchased on how to use his spiritual sense as radar without getting found out.

Alex tried to send his spiritual sense in form of waves periodically. Humans cannot hear sounds outside their audible range nor can they see light outside their visible range; just like this Alex manipulated his spiritual sense in a certain form that makes it difficult for any Demon Beast or cultivator to spot. But it’s not easy to do such a thing; this small trick has very high demands for its user, they need to have very high control on their spiritual sense and high soul power.

The good part about this trick is that Alex can use his spiritual sense on others without their knowledge. But it was still a trick as cultivators could still block it if they kept themselves covered with their spiritual sense or Qi.

This is not a major problem as Alex could still use it as radar. This trick could also be termed as a secret technique and only some strong people knew about it.

Alex sweeps his immediate area with his spiritual sense. By doing it 3 to 4 times, he got to know a lot about his surroundings. Not only did he find out the position of 7th grade Demon beast but he also got to know about many interesting things that the big snake was guarding. 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

"Everyone take your position, I am now going to bring that snake out of her lair." Alex went ahead in the direction of the demon beast.

"Hey Fitch, do you think he will be alright." One of the members asked his comrade near him.

"Cory, worry about your own safety first. It’s not like you don’t know him. Even Chief Donald and Jack cannot overtake Alex in terms of speed."

"Shh, don’t make any sound. It’s coming."

The mercenaries could feel some strong vibrations coming from the ground; they got ready to strike on the first command.

Alex was running at a breakneck speed towards the ambush point, since Demon beast of higher grades have a little bit of intelligence he didn’t forget to act like a prey running from a predator. He would show fear on his face and stumble his feet from time to time so that the snake would follow him without getting suspicious.

"Now!!!" Hearing the shout, Donald and Jack jumped from above a tree on to the back of the Dark-red snake type Demon Beast. The snake got startled by the sudden attack; she tried to defend herself from the barrage of arrows and swords attacking her from every direction with her Qi.

Alex had already turned around and started shooting arrows at the snake.



The dark-red snake went into a rage after getting hit by 3 arrows deep into her body. She looked at Alex with her vengeful eyes; Donald and Jack were giving their all to kill the demon beast as quickly as possible. But the body of the Snake was really tough and resilient, wounds caused by normal arrows and swords were not too deep, but the snake felt threatened by Alex as only his arrows could easily pierce her body defenses not to mention Donald and Jack were 7th grade cultivators and their attacks were not any less powerful. Still the demon beast ignored them and put her attention on Alex first; the Dark-red snake quickly started chasing after Alex again.

"Block it," cried Jack, while he kept pursuing it without pause. ’This snake cultivation is definetly above 7th grade’ thought Jack. Donald also noticed this when he first attacked but now he has to stop the snake before the situation get more dangerous.

Hugo and other cultivators tried to block it from going after Alex but the snake was not like any other 7th grade demon beast, its body was much stronger than them.

Hugo, Meg and Julie body had also gotten strong after training and temporarily resisted the snake’s attack but only for 2 seconds.

They thought that Alex would take advantage of it and retreat to a distance to help them again.

Suddenly, a blur passed by them, Alex jumped high onto the head of the snake and stab his knife covered with his Qi through one of the snake eyes.

The Snake thrashed her head from side to side in an attempt to fling Alex atop her head.

"Uncle and Aunt, use Roaring Tiger Fist quickly!" Alex shouted as he tightened his grip on the knife.

Without thinking much, Donald and Jack smashed their fist on the lower back of the snake’s head while Meg and Julie jumped and punched on either side of the snake’s head.

The member’s standing there saw a roaring tiger’s image emerging out from each of their fist.

Roaring tiger fist was the martial art technique which Alex and his family had trained in before and the specialty of this middle grade martial art was that it can bypass some of the outer defenses and detonate the Qi inside the enemies body.


The giant snake shrieked one last time as her towering head slammed against the ground. Pulling his knife back, Alex jumped off its head.

"Don’t just stand there looking, come and quickly lift the carcass. Even its blood and bones are very important; we need to bring its whole body with us back to the shelter." Donald said.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 36 7th Grade Demon Beast?