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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 35 Change of plans

Chapter 35 Change of plans

"Well, now you know about it. Alex, you have been giben such a wonderful gift. Unlocking your soul is quite a big deal for a cultivator. It is a dream of every cultivator, being able to use spiritual sense makes you eligible to choose one of the many lucrative professions in the future. Whether you chose to become an Alchemist, Blacksmith, Inscription master or any other profession; the power, wealth, respect and fame you get from it far surpasses than anything else." Julie said a bit fanatically

.Alex has known that Aunt Julie’s lifelong dream was to become an Alchemist. Sadly, she had not been able unlock her soul and use spiritual sense which is the basic tool needed in any profession.

"Alex, although we don’t know everything about spiritual sense but we had indeed heard some rumors and stories about its uses from other cultivators. The one thing we know is that spiritual sense is foundation on which most of the professions known to the world is built. Its uses are said to be many, one of them you already know. It is to see everything from outside to the inside of an object; though I don’t know how that feels but I am sure you know." Jack explained.

Alex nodded "Yeah, it’s somewhat like that. But can you tell me how you were able to find out and could even point out my position." He could do more than just see. For example, other than counting the hairs on the spider’s legs below his bed, he could even feel its texture, body heat and could even perceive every sound that its body parts made and this was same for every other living and non-living things.

"It was actually very simple. We felt something intangible flowing across our body like wind but clearly distinguishable. We felt it flowing from your direction and...!!!" Suddenly Donald stopped mid-sentence and looked at Alex in surprise.

He said unbelievingly "Alex how far can your spiritual sense extend? What is its range?"

Alex didn’t understand why Donald would ask such a question with that look but he was an intelligent person and could also see Jack, Julie and Meg changing their expressions like they just thought of something when they heard Donald’s question.

Alex said truthfully "Around 50 meter radius. Is this abnormal?"

Alex heard everyone gasp when they he confirmed their doubts.

"Abnormal, truly abnormal! From what we know, a normal cultivator who has just awakened his soul could extend their spiritual sense around 5 meters. It’s different for every person. Normally, cultivators distinguish themselves as talented or average by comparing their spiritual sense range which indirectly shows their soul’s power and could also somewhat estimate their future accomplishment. This is not entirely accurate as other things also matters but we don’t have much knowledge on that." Julie explained.

"You should know that to become a disciple under a master in any profession there are certain requirements that are needed to be passed by a cultivator. One such requirement is the range of spiritual sense. There are two Alchemist master staying at Doran city and to become their disciple one has to have their spiritual sense reach above 5 meter range and the cultivator age should be below 18. These two requirements are a major barrier for most of the cultivators who had unlocked their Soul. There is one more requirement which is to see whether the cultivator is compatible with alchemy or other professions. This is checked by the profession master after the disciple trains under him for some months"

Donald continued "There are 8 such cultivators in our mercenary group who had unlocked their soul sense but they could at most pass only one of the two requirements. Alex, you being able to extend your spiritual sense in 50 meter radius shows your immense talent and your age is also below 18. If you are able to become a disciple of an Alchemist then at least you won’t have to fear the Jordan family retaliating. If you became a Grade 1 Alchemist then no one on this island will ever think of harming you or your family. Even the Jordan family would not be willing to become your enemy and might even curry favor with you."

Such is the status of a profession master. No one is willing to offend such a personage. Unfortunately, there are only two such master’s in Lord Doran’s territory and both are in the profession of an Alchemist.

There is only one master in Blacksmith profession on this island and he stays in the territory of the Union of Merchants.

Julie smiled happily "When you head out for the city, day after tomorrow, you should go and find Master Clayton Cliff. He is a grade 1 Alchemist and he is not attached to any other family. He has many apprentice Alchemist under him who usually test people with spiritual sense and inform Master Clayton if they find someone fulfilling his requirements."

The other Alchemist master had been totally ignored as he can be considered a member of the House of Doran Family.

If Alex takes him as his mentor then he would indirectly serve under Lord Doran. This makes Master Clayton Cliff the best and only choice as he is not associated to any Noble family and also works alone.

Alex thought it was a good, stable and fast method to increase his influence for his future plans. The power held in the hands of an Alchemist is truly large. becoming an alchemist might be the best way to gather more wealth and power openly.

After that Alex and the adults discussed the change in their future plans. But he still couldn’t find out much about the use of spiritual sense or how he can use it discreetly without anyone knowing.

Donald said that he can only know more about spiritual sense if he comes under a Profession master using spiritual sense as this knowledge is precious just like any other knowledge.

When Alex heard this he suddenly thought of using the Myriad book of Changes and see if he can find it in the wisdom section. He could only pray that the information about spiritual sense is cheap.

Both the couples left to continue on their intimate session. They didn’t warn him or anything about not using his Spiritual sense now, maybe they forgot but Alex was not interested doing that now. He quickly wanted to enter his consciousness to check if he could find any relevant information about spiritual sense.

Alex sat in mediating position and just after he thought of entering his consciousness, he found himself standing in a white silvery space different than before the dark bluish and stale space.

Alex quickly came to know that this was his soul space recently unlocked. His consciousness before was nothing but his Soul that was still locked. He found the book floating in front of him just like before.

Alex couldn’t wait anymore and got busy as he searched through the wisdom section. As he was doing that, the heavenly spirit of the Book materialized her body beside him like a ghost.

She said "Yo! Dumb Alex. You wasted so much time in unlocking your soul. How can someone be so untalented?"

Alex face twitched hearing that "Oh, my beautiful bookworm, you finally came out. Why don’t you help me out a little?"

"You!!! I won’t help you even if I wanted to, HUMP!" 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

"Suit yourself. I already found what I wanted" Alex said as he purchased the beginner knowledge about spiritual sense as this was the only thing that was in his budget.

Just after that some information was added into his mind. Alex finally got to know about some of the uses of spiritual sense and how to use it.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 35 Change of plans