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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 34 Caught again

Chapter 34 Caught again

Spiritual sense was the foundation of all professions. Whether someone wants to be an Alchemist, Inscription master, Demon Beast Tamer, Blacksmith, etc, they all needs to have their spiritual sense unlocked.

Now this cannot happen manually, no one can open his own or others spiritual sense. Most of the people had their spiritual sense unlocked naturally. That is why not every cultivator can become an Alchemist or other professions which is based on spiritual sense.

Only 1 out 10 cultivators have their spiritual sense unlocked. This is just an estimation, it may be even less.

The amount of spiritual sense unlocked becomes another factor in deciding whether they will be mediocre or do well in the future after choosing any one of numerous professions in this world. The spiritual sense increases as the realm of a person increases.

No matter how powerful or big your soul is since birth, it’s useless without it being unlocked. Alex was one of those guys who had bigger soul than other normal people but his soul never got unlocked.

Spiritual sense is produced by the power of soul inside the body. Also the methods to train their unlocked soul which in turn produces more spiritual sense can be counted in one hand.

There are only 3 methods known to world by which spiritual sense of a person can unlocked or trained manually. First is a very rare spiritual herb or plant that affects the soul, it can be used by a person to stimulate his soul which produces more spiritual energy. Second method is to obtain another very rare item that is the soul stone. The soul stone is another useful item in unlocking the soul of a person and it can also make an already unlocked soul become stronger. Third method is the most unusual; actually this method cannot be termed as one method because it defines every unnatural method.

This include some soul treasures produced from heaven and earth, some unconventional way like lightning or other element(the people that are successful in using this method unintentionally and also surviving can be counted on one hand) and also demonic methods; these are some of the methods which uses luck to unlock the soul or train it.

The last method is considered unorthodox because it uses some very cruel and inhuman ways. Only some demonic or devil cultivators possess such methods.

What everyone didn’t know was that Alex now has another method which could unlock his soul so that he can use the spiritual sense and also could also train it consciously. If such a heaven defying method was known to the world then it could very well start the biggest war encompassing every race living.

Alex being the smart guy would never tell even a single soul not even to his family or loved ones.

"The Unnamed technique" was definitely above every heaven ranked cultivation technique because no other cultivation technique can do such things.

"Hahaha! It actually worked! This baby is so amazing! Hahaha." Alex laughed ludicrously.

After Alex unlocked his spiritual sense, he felt like sitting in a very different environment than before. Even without his eyesight he could see every corner of his house by spreading his Spiritual sense. Not just things that come in his line of sight but also those things which do not come.

For example, Alex could a feel, no see a small spider weaving a shelter with silk thread underneath his bed. He could even see an army of ant doing their work below ground. This was very different than a warrior sense.

In simple terms, a cultivator could develop his sensory organs to such a level where they can feel every movement around them, they can see very far, can hear sound very clearly and easily distinguish different smells in the air. But a cultivator with spiritual sense could see in 360 directions. There’s a difference in see and feeling.

Alex tried to manipulate his spiritual sense. First he tried to see how far his spiritual sense can stretch. His maximum range in all direction was 50 meters. if it was calculated in area than Alex could cover 7854 square meter. A person with normal talent can spread his spiritual sense around 5 to 10 meters. The talented ones could spread around 15 to 20 meters.

Alex being able to spread his spiritual sense to 50 meters showed how powerful his soul and "The Unnamed Technique" was.

Suddenly, Alex saw things which he shouldn’t have seen. In the radius of 50 meters, 5 houses were built. One belonged to Donald and Julie, one belonged to Jack and Meg, one for Tom and his mother with two rooms, Hank and Anna also made a house with two rooms and lastly it was his own house. Joe and Theo have made their house a little farther than 50 meters.

Anyway, what Alex saw was couples enjoying their alone time. It was only that Alex felt sitting right in front of them like watching them hump each other while sit in his house.

But Alex mood was not good. He felt that that it was too easy for a person with spiritual sense to peep at others without them knowing. That means that an alchemist could very well become a successful spy, assassin or the most dangerous of all, a pervert with peeping power.

They could sit far away and enjoy live shows for free. 𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

But Alex thoughts were disturbed when he suddenly saw the adults flipping out from their bed like they felt something.

He saw Donald covering himself and his wife Julie in a ball of his own Qi, and Jack also did the same thing. His spiritual sense could not see inside their circle of Qi. But Alex had a feeling that if he tried to be a little forceful then his spiritual Qi can even bypass that wall of Qi. But this would make him use up all his spiritual strength.

’Huh, that means they can feel my spiritual sense and can even block it with their Qi. Is this how cultivators protect themselves from Spiritual Sense? Uh, doesn’t this make spiritual sense almost useless? If I scan my enemy from afar with spiritual sense, I would also be alerting him of my presence.’ Alex furrowed his brow in thought. It should not be so simple.

While he was thinking, the adults had already came out from their house. After seeing each other they turned their sights toward’s Alex house.

’Fuck, they can even pinpoint the user. How useless can this power get? Dammit, now I’m dead.’ Alex called his spiritual sense back. The last thing he saw with it was seeing them walking towards his house.

Alex quickly lay on his bed to act like he was sleeping. Jack and others entered his house, and then they stood by the bed on which Alex was sleeping. After sometime Alex heard his Aunt Meg speaking in a cold tone "Alex we know that you are awake, so get up now"

Still acting, Alex sat up as he rubbed his eyes while giving out a big yawn "hahhh, um what are you doing here Aunt Meg. Oh, everyone has come. Did something happen."

Julie smiled and said "Stop acting Alex, normally you even jump by a little sound and this time you didn’t even hear us enter."

Now this was awkward but Alex still tried to save himself.

"Oh, Aunt Julie I got very tired today. This might be why I was sleeping so soundly that I didn’t hear you all enetering."

"Enough Alex we don’t want to hear any nonsense from you. Now tell us, when did your soul got unlocked?" Jack stopped him for making more excuses. It did seem that they were not buying his lies.

’Sigh, so they know about Spiritual sense’ Alex thought.

Alex gave an awkward smile "Well it got unlocked when I was cultivating a little while ago. Sorry I didn’t mean to do that before. It happened accidentally, I didn’t know about its uses"

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 34 Caught again