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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 33 Unlocking Spiritual Sense

Chapter 33 Unlocking Spiritual Sense

After two months, the look of The Raging Sun base had changed a lot. Alex had built some bunkers on the top of all three hills as outpost; he posted some people to patrol there as safety measures.

The living conditions of normal people were now much better than before. Alex made it mandatory for every house to have a simple toilet. He was making them build a habit of not defecating out in the open. But the problems of being isolated from the outside have also started to show.

Since two months have passed, the salt which they had brought earlier with them would run out soon. The weapons, everyday tools and some consumables, such as arrowheads are in a heavy need for repairing while some have to be replaced with new ones. Also a lot of Demon Beast materials were gathering dust in their warehouse.

It was now time to send some people outside for buying things that they need and also sell their own goods.

Alex suggested opening a branch of their mercenary group in the outside world. This will allow us to know what’s happening outside.

First they can buy some basic things that they will need, and then they can bring it to the sea shore in the south side. Our ship will already be waiting for them at that place preferably around midnight. We will load the goods purchased by the land team onto the ships and unload Demon Beast materials and give it to them so that they can go back to sell it. They will stay there to build their mercenary group influence and can also recruit some trustworthy guys to grow large. Of course these guys need to be good at keeping secret about our base in the forest and also good at managing those new people.

"Alex, your plan is good, but we also have to see that no one recognize us. The people we send should not be too well known. Also the Jordan family might still be looking for us." Jack said.

Alex nodded, and said "We don’t have to send too many people; around 10 should be enough. How about this, I will select some young members who are in 2nd grade of Body Tempering Realm. Hank, Tom and I will go with them. Don’t worry we will disguise ourselves a little so that no one recognizes us."

"But you guys look too young, and other people might look for trouble with you because of that. They might think you are easy to bully." Julie says with a frown on her face.

"Also a small scale mercenary group should at least have one 5th grade body tempering realm cultivator as a leader or you will look too weak. I know that you can easily kill a 6th grade Body tempering realm cultivator in close combat but having such strength at this young age would not sit right with others." Meg added in between.

Alex frowned. He knew that his Aunts were right. His plans might as well be empty air foam disappearing in the wind if they couldn’t think of a way out of this small problem.

"We can send Len with them. There is almost in the Pearl village or the hunter and mercenary community who can recognize him when he shaves his big beard clean. He is also not well known by other people either. The only problem is that his strength is at 4th grade of Body tempering realm." Suddenly Joe suggested a person.

"Oh, right that Len guy is the perfect candidate for this. Also we don’t have worry about his strength; no one can easily tell his strength without fighting him. He does not have to fight others openly and just have to put a strong front while acting like a leader of the group." Donald said.

Actually a funny thing has happened a few days ago because of this guy.

Len who was a middle age man liked to grow a very big beard on his face and almost no one had seen him without it. But a few days ago, an accident happened, Len had actually had his beard shaven clean from his face. Just after that when he entered his bedroom, his wife was in middle changing her cloths. When she saw an unknown person entering her room with a smile on his face, she screamed very loudly for help.

Even she had forgotten his former clean shaven face after not seeing it for almost 10 years.

Len had to give many evidence to prove his identify at that time, if he was even one more second late then the public who had gathered there might have beaten him to death. Only after that did his wife remembered his face from 10 years ago.

The not so well know Len became the most popular guy in recent day because of that incident.

This was the perfect guy for this job.

"Alright then it’s decided. Alex and his team will head for the City of Dorbank after Two days" Donald finalizes.

"Why two days? We can go tomorrow." Hank asked as he was getting really bored of living in this forest.

It was jack who answered to his question "That’s because we need Alex to come with us for killing the Brown throatet snake which is a 7th grade Demon Beast. Its lair is very close to our place. Just yesterday someone had found tracks of a very big snake half a kilometer in the east direction. This is the closest it had come, any more then this might put our base in danger"

Donald also agreed "It’s time put our training into practice. Every one go and have some rest today because tomorrow we cannot afford getting slack in front of that beast"

Anna wanted to say something but couldn’t. After thinking for a long time, she determined to talk to her father after he comes back tomorrow from his hunt.


When everyone went to sleep, Alex sat crossed leg in his own house that he had built. This was his everyday schedule. He would cultivate for two hours before sleeping and once again for two hours in the morning.

Today, when Alex was circulating his Qi around his body for tempering purpose, he suddenly felt his head throb a little with pain. As the time went on with every minute it increased the pain his head a bit. The one thing that made his Cultivation technique different from others was that it also included his head in the circulation of Qi, though the amount of Qi which reached there was not even one percent of the purified Qi used in tempering the rest of his body.

The Qi would circulate to every part of his body. That is why Alex would also try strengthening his brain cells, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, etc every day. Because the benefits obtained by doing this were very enormous to be ignored by him.

Suddenly the Qi in circulation got out of his control, some amount of it started to divert in the direction of his head. Immediately Alex knew what was happening. This was a very dangerous moment for him.

<<The Unnamed Technique>> had mentioned this thing happening. What would happen now was completely out of his hand. The only thing he could do now was pray that no one disturbs him at this moment. The Qi was still rushing to a specific part of his brain; this caused a tremendous pressure to be built on the hundreds of thousand small meridians in his head. The pain this caused was excruciating.

It was already past midnight when Alex woke up. The Qi was back to circulating in an regular pattern around his body, but there seemed to be something extra in his brain. Everything seemed much clearer now, compared to before, when he looked around.

A sudden thought struck Alex and he resettled into meditation. He carefully extended his senses according to the instructions in "The unnamed technique", and finally confirmed that because the large amount of purified Qi had traveled to his brain, he had unlocked his spiritual sense.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 33 Unlocking Spiritual Sense