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The Pleasure Lord
Chapter 31 Training starts

Chapter 31 Training starts

The next day in the morning.

The mercenary group came together to train.

To make the members of The Raging Sun stronger, Alex had made some training routines for them just like he did for his family members before.

The secrecy of his advance training exercises were not important now because they had to become stronger quickly if they needed to survive this deep into the forest and also to carry out his future plans.

Everyone was told to train as they were instructed to. There were 49 people in this mercenary group who were in and above 2nd grade of Body tempering realm including Alex and his family.

More specifically there were 2 members in 6th grade, 5 in 5th grade, 9 in 4th grade, 22 in 3rd grade and 12 in 2nd grade of Body tempering realm.

Some of the members had kids or siblings who were in 1st grade of Body tempering realm. This amounted to 21 people including Anna. And also kids who had yet not awaken their Qi.

Alex had also called them to do these training. This will help them to build their foundation and will also increase their chances of awaken the Qi in their body.

After they had awaken their Qi and trained themselves to 2nd grade then they will be allowed to become regular member of The Raging Sun.

First Alex separated the men and women into two groups. Their training routine was different and so he asked his Aunts Meg and Julie to teach the ladies group. Also not every girl in the village trained to become a cultivator.

Most of them were not even given the chance to do so. That is why the population of cultivators that were women was very low not only here but everywhere.

Alex Asked Uncle Donald to make a rule that every child whether boy or girl have to participate in this training. This is so that everyone can have the strength to protect themselves in times of danger and also live a long and healthy life.

Because it was the first time, everyone got very tired after following Alex’s training program. They had run around, do squats, planks, push-ups, crunches, horse stance, some weird poses,etc.

Alex also made some other plans like opening a small school where every adult who wants learn how to read and write can come.

For the kids, it was mandatory for them to come and learn. Some old grandpas who knew how to read and write were appointed as school teachers.

In the afternoon, after having lunch the members of The Raging Sun were told to come and assemble on the entrance of the base that was the opening of the hill at the west side.

This place has to be guarded as it was the only entrance where some Demon beast can enter after crossing the swamp. It was 60-70 meters long.

They started to cut down trees near that area, and use them to build a wooden fences as a barrier. They also have built a wooden path to cross the swamp so that they can go out and hunt. All of this took a whole day for them to complete.

6 meter wooden wall has been built, with a wooden gate at the center. Two watch towers were also built around it, a temporary path made of wood has been built that goes from the entrance, turns right in the north direction where hard land starts.

Two more days passed. Most of the people have adjusted to this new lifestyle. From this day onwards they have to go out and hunt.

The 49 people were divided into 7 groups, each group having 7 people in it. Two groups that are 14 members will always stay at the base to protect it from any unexpected danger.

Rest of the 5 groups will go out to hunt for demon beasts around this area. Every group was made balanced. Every group had to have at least one cultivator at 5th grade of Body tempering realm with the rest being distributed equally.

Alex group consisted of Hank, Tom, Julie, Meg, Enzo and Iris. The last two were husband and wife and they were in 4th and 3rd grade of Body tempering realm respectively.

Donald, Jack, Theo and Joe had joined other groups to expand their family influence into other groups. This can also to keep them in check. A human heart can change at any moment.

Today every group main task was to scout the terrain and check if there was any high level Demon Beast above 6th grade near their settlement.

If they meet any other outsiders then they have to make sure not to give out their identity. Other than this they have to hunt Demon beast for their meat.

Alex had one more personal task and that was to bring the Peak Grade Black Ranked Cultivation Technique into light. But he also had to do this without Enzo and Iris knowing about it.

The most important thing for a ruler for keeping their position is to always have an advantage. Alex had to treat everyone other that his family differently.

He would make his people stronger only if his family or Alex himself is stronger than them.

Alex thought of many plans but keeping the future in mind he made a full proof plan that will make it easier for him when he wants to give some other items to his family again in the future.

The plan had been inspired from the web novels that he had read in his previous life. Like when a grandpa comes into his dreams to give him his inheritance and stuff like that. Alex already had the equipment that can take the place of the mysterious grandpa.

That is the Low Grade Black Ranked Crescent Bow. His family had already known about the magical Crescent Bow that can vanish into his body.

If he says that the he got the cultivation technique from this Bow as inheritance then it will be more believable. He will also get more things from it in the future as he gets stronger.

They hunted some Demon Beast today and scouted 2 kilometer area for any strong beast. Enzo and Iris felt some envy when they looked at the graded weapon in the hands of Alex.

But they felt even more confused as to why the graded weapon is not used by Donald or Jack or even good archers like Meg and Julie as they were clearly stronger than the kid Alex.

Alex might be talented and smarter than other kids but he was still a kid nonetheless.

But after they came to know that it was Alex who had killed the scar face pirate on that day with this Crescent Bow, their little bit of envy vanished from their mind. It was because Iris was one of the 5 beautiful women that the scar faced pirate had pointed out to hand them over.

Donald being a good person might not have given in to his demands but he was not strong enough to protect them at that time.

If not for that mysterious archer who saved them, many people would have died. Iris always wanted to thank that mysterious archer.

Also Enzo and Iris were able to see his skills when they hunted together. Most of the time they didn’t even have to pull out their weapon as Alex would killed their target in one or two arrows shot from his Graded Bow.

As the sun started to set, the 5 groups made their way back to the base. After they arrived, each group started describing the terrain they had gone to and the type of Demon Best they saw.

Jack’s group which had gone a little east had found a Snake type demon beast of grade 7. Fortunately that time the Snake was digesting some other Demon Beast in its stomach.

Jack didn’t want irritate it so they quickly ran from that area.

Joe’s group saw some outsiders hunting 3 kilometer in the north direction. But didn’t approach them. Other than that nothing major happened. Everyone had brought some demon beast carcass with them.

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The Pleasure Lord Chapter 31 Training starts