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“SO, how are we going to sell these?” Lauren asked, looking at the containers of fish in front of them.

“Don’t worry too much. We just have to sell a kilogram to 10 people each,” Astrid said with a positive attitude.

Miria and Lauren seemed to have found hope after hearing that.

“That’s right. We just have to look for 10 people,” Miria said with a much brighter expression.

The three of them were now at the dock. There was a seafood market nearby. Almost all the fishermen sold the sea creatures they caught to the vendors at the seafood market nearby. The same was true for Mr. Jed, the fisherman they ‘helped’.

The usual routine was for the fishermen to go to the sea before the sun rise and then return with their catch in the early hour of the morning. They would then sell most of their catch to the merchants at the seafood market.

Since they already passed that time, they couldn’t just barge in the market and asked the merchants to buy the fishes they caught. Well, if they charmed their way into their hearts, that would certainly be possible. After all, some of them would probably recognized Miria or Lauren. i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

But the thing was, the program team made them wear half-mask to cover the lower half of their face the moment they got off Mr. Jed’s fishing vessel. Probably because, at this time of the day, someone could recognized one of them.

Even if there were small cameras following them, people wouldn’t necessarily think that they’re filming a show or something. It’s more probable that they would think that they just loved taking photos. Besides, they were still wearing these colorful overalls. More than thinking that they were celebrities, people would more likely think that they’re some weirdos.

Aside from that, the program team also didn’t reserve a place for them in the market. That meant that they could only sell these fishes here at the dock.

Further proving what Lauren had repeatedly mentioned, that the program team simply wanted to make their lives harder.

“So, how should we start?” Lauren asked, returning back to their original query.

“Maybe I could sing to attract people’s attention?” Miria suggested.

“Oh, that’s actually a good idea,” Lauren agreed.

Astrid also thought the same. “I could play the guitar to accompany you.” He looked at the camera. “I’m sure the program team could procure one for us, right?”

“You can play the guitar?” – both Miria and Lauren said almost at the same time.

“A bit. I’m also out of practice. So, it might not sound as good,” Astrid said.

He could play a bit of guitar in his past life. Not at a professional level, but he knew all the proper chords and could play a decent tune. The only problem was he hadn’t played as much in this life. After all, it’s not something he’s passionate about and could barely be considered a hobby.

He learned to play at one of the many part-time jobs he did during college. At the bar he’s working in, the resident musician taught him some basic chords. When he became an actor, the manager handling him back then told him that it’s important for him to know at least one talent. Because according to the other, it would help him stand out if he was ever invited to guest in a variety program.

So, he honed his guitar playing skill at least to a point where he wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone suddenly asked him to play a song.

When he was reincarnated in this era, he also tried playing again as a hobby. But that was only until primary school. He became much busier when he entered secondary school that he almost didn’t have time to play. Not to mention now. So, his skills were definitely rusty. Even so, playing an accompaniment to Miria was still in the realm of possibility.

“Then, I will do my best to charm customers into buying our fish!” Lauren said full of determination.


Astrid struck the guitar chords as Miria’s angelic voice rang in the dock. They were playing the other’s new single – New Horizon. Which was their movie’s OST. But because she was wearing a mask, she couldn’t showcase the full marvel of her voice. Even so, it was still enough to gather people’s attention.

At first they were curious. Wondering why these two people were performing in such a place, not to mention the fact that they were standing near containers of fish. After being curious, they would come closer to have a good look at them. And that’s when Lauren does his magic.

“This pretty lady, why don’t you buy our fish? It’s very fresh and I assure you, the taste will definitely be heavenly,” Lauren said to his new ‘victim’ – a woman who happened to walk closer to where they were standing just because she wanted to listen properly to Miria’s singing.

The woman, who reluctantly pried her attention away from Miria and Astrid, turned to Lauren. After hearing what he said, the woman showed a hesitant expression on her face.

“Pretty lady, we only have a few kilograms left. If you hesitate now, you might not be able to taste this delicious fish,” Lauren continued. “Although there are people who preferred nutrient solution, eating proper food is still the best. And you should only do that with the freshest ingredients. Just like our fish here. So, what do you say? Should I bag you a kilo?”

The woman still looked like she was hesitating. But at the end, she still nodded and said, “Okay, give me a kilo.”

“Good decision,” Lauren said with a nod of approval. But deep inside, he was already doing a little happy dance.

Wasn’t he really good at this kind of thing? Maybe if he didn’t become an actor, he would have been a salesman.

He gave the other her purchased fish. “Thank you very much!”

After the woman left, he turned to Astrid and Miria. Both gave him a thumbs-up. He returned that with a wide grin.

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