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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 90 - 90 Approaching Dr. Li

90 Approaching Dr. Li

Luo Bing and Mu Ci were impressed by Mu Chen’s eloquence.

Luo Bing knew that this trip wouldn’t go smoothly. He had seen clearly how possessive Mu Ci was of Bei Shuo yesterday, but so what? The Mu Family couldn’t bully Bei Shuo because she didn’t have a maternal family. Don’t think that just because the Bei Family was evil, they were Bei Shuo’s maternal family! He didn’t need to wait for all his senior and junior brothers to arrive. He alone could give Bei Shuo enough confidence and security!

However, he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even have the chance to challenge Mu Ci before he met Mu Chen.

A legendary figure in the business world.

Luo Bing finally understood the difference in power.

He was confident in fighting Mu Ci, but he was definitely not Mu Chen’s match.

After some thought, he insisted, “Old Master, you’re right, but I’m still worried about Bei Shuo. Why don’t I bring her to my place or move her to school? If the two of them really have feelings for each other, they can date normally and properly. Bei Shuo is still young and is still in school. Wouldn’t that be more convenient?”

All in all, he wanted to take Bei Shuo away. In his eyes, the Mu Family was a den of tigers and wolves!

Mu Chen sighed softly. “Bei Shuo is a very kind-hearted child. She has also learned good medical skills. Mu Ci’s health… I think you know that we were already discouraged.”

“I didn’t expect Bei Shuo to say that she can help Mu Ci recuperate. Moreover, Mu Ci has been sick twice recently and Bei Shuo has been taking care of him. Bei Shuo often says that a doctor must care for her patients like a parent. This child has really inherited your master’s teachings. I think she won’t be at ease if you let her leave Mu Ci alone at home! Why don’t you let Mu Ci accompany her to your place?”

Luo Bing was furious.

Mu Chen’s move was really amazing. There was only one meaning: You can’t separate the two of them. Why don’t I give you my grandson too!

Mu Ci smiled. “Alright, Grandpa. Let’s wait for Bei Shuo to finish school and ask for her opinion. No matter where she goes, I’ll accompany her!”

Luo Bing glared at Mu Ci, impressed by his shamelessness.

The rumored cold-faced young master was just a shameless scoundrel.


Bei Shuo had no idea what was going on at home. At this moment, she was following Dr. Li on a house call. Dr. Li would visit the hospital’s specialist outpatient clinic two days a week. His registration fee was the most expensive in the entire hospital, but it was hard to get number one. Some patients waited for half a year without getting a number. Hence, there would be anxious patients and family members waiting at the door every day.

Dr. Li’s attitude was always compassionate. He often could not rest or eat normally in order to take care of an additional patient. Hence, the hospital and the school jointly gave an order to the graduate students who followed Dr. Li. They had to strictly control the increase in the number of patients on Dr. Li’s behalf and ensure that Dr. Li had a normal schedule.

From this, one could see Dr. Li’s medical skills and character.

Bei Shuo sat at the furthest corner of the room. She listened attentively to the consultation and took notes quickly.

After a busy morning of intensive house calls, Bei Shuo was finally able to stretch her back and shake her stiff shoulders.

The senior brothers and sisters thanked Dr. Li and bade him farewell. Bei Shuo quietly packed her bag and put away the messy table and chairs.

“You’re a first-year graduate student, right?” Dr. Li’s voice came from behind Bei Shuo.

Bei Shuo paused for a moment before nodding. “Yes, Teacher Li. It’s my first day here.”

Seeing that Dr. Li was smiling without saying anything, Bei Shuo confessed, “Actually, I’m not qualified to listen to your class. I begged my senior brothers and sisters to bring me in.”

Dr. Li smiled and said, “You’re quite smart. How is it? What conditions did you agree to?”

Bei Shuo rubbed her neck in embarrassment and chuckled.

“Sorting out today’s cases and prescriptions again, right? These lazy people!” Dr. Li was well aware of the students’ usual practice.

Bei Shuo said, “I don’t want to miss such a good learning opportunity.”

Dr. Li was surprised and then a little happy. “Is that really what you think?”

Bei Shuo nodded. “Teacher Li, if there’s anything you need me to do, feel free to let me know. I don’t have many classes this semester, and most of them are in the afternoon. It doesn’t conflict with your visiting hours.”

Bei Shuo handed over her resume.

Dr. Li took it and looked at it. “Okay, then come and follow me in the future.”

Bei Shuo was overjoyed. She bowed and said, “Thank you, Teacher Li. Thank you, Teacher Li!”

Dr. Li waved his hand and said, “The door is open for you. You will walk on your own.”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 90 - 90 Approaching Dr. Li