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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 88 - 88 Come To Persuade Him To Get A Divorce

88 Come To Persuade Him To Get A Divorce

Mu Ci smiled bitterly. “Grandpa, I offended him yesterday.”

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows. “Oh? You offended him. He should be your brother-in-law. How did you offend him?”

Mu Ci didn’t know where to start.

The servant led Luo Bing in.

Mu Chen couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. How elegant. This person was probably not inferior to Mu Ci.

Luo Bing looked at Mu Ci with fire in his eyes, but he still maintained his composure. When he saw Mu Chen, he restrained his aura.

When Mu Ci looked at him today, he was no longer as angry as yesterday. He was very calm and even had a hint of flattery that he didn’t notice. “Grandpa, this is Bei Shuo’s senior brother, Luo Bing. Bei Shuo said that Senior Brother Luo Bing has always doted on her the most. Senior Brother, this is my grandfather.”

This was the first time Mu Chen had seen his grandson treat someone with such a gentle and even intimate attitude. Coupled with Luo Bing’s relationship with Bei Shuo, Mu Chen couldn’t help but have a good impression of this young man in front of him. When he thought of how his grandson had offended him, his attitude naturally became even more amiable. “Hello, hello. Welcome!”

Luo Bing bowed to the old man and sat down. He looked at Mu Ci without saying anything.

Mu Chen was confused. He looked at his grandson and then at Luo Bing. Luo Bing’s expression was cold, but his usually cold grandson was very calm.

“Ahem, what does Mr. Luo do for a living? I’ve never heard Bei Shuo mention it before. I’m really confused.” Mu Chen tried to smooth things over.

Other than her master, Luo Bing was at the top of their social hierarchy. She wasn’t good at socializing with others. After seeing no results from Mu Ci’s glare, she went straight to the point. “Old Mr. Mu, I’m here today to discuss his divorce with Bei Shuo with Mu Ci.”

“Divorce—what?” Mu Chen stood up in shock.

Mu Ci quickly reached out to help Old Master. “Grandpa, don’t be agitated. Sit down first.”

“Did you hear what he said? He said that he’s here to discuss your divorce with Bei Shuo! When did you and Bei Shuo get a divorce? Let me tell you! If you dare to divorce Bei Shuo, I’ll chase you out!” Mu Chen was so angry that his beard was about to curl up.

Luo Bing and Duan Si had different expressions.

Luo Bing was displeased.

Mu Ci hurriedly said, “Grandpa, I won’t divorce Bei Shuo.”

Mu Chen turned around and looked at Luo Bing. “Young man, did you hear that? My grandson will never divorce my granddaughter-in-law! Don’t worry about this. I personally chose Bei Shuo as my granddaughter-in-law. I will naturally protect her. Don’t worry, no one in the Mu Family will dare to bully her!”

He glared at Duan Si and her younger son, thinking that someone must have an ulterior motive to provoke Bei Shuo’s family member to come looking for him.

Luo Bing frowned. It was different from what he had imagined.

“Old Master Mu, Bei Shuo is still young and grew up in the countryside. She doesn’t know much about the world. How can she marry rashly?”

“It’s equivalent to a blind marriage. This is very unfair to Bei Shuo and Young Master Mu. Therefore, I’m here today on behalf of my sect to ask the Mu Family to cancel the engagement. If the Mu Family suffers financial losses from marrying Bei Shuo, don’t worry. We’ll pay you back double. As for how much compensation Young Master Mu wants, please name a price. As long as he’s willing to sign the divorce agreement, the other conditions are negotiable.”

Luo Bing took out two copies of the divorce agreement and placed them on the table.

Mu Chen and Duan Si couldn’t help but gasp. No one had ever spoken in such a tone in front of the Mu family.

Was this young man fearless because he was ignorant?

Mu En could not help but blurt out, “My brother gave the Bei family a 20 million yuan project—”

“Oh?” Luo Bing raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“I can return 40 million yuan to you as compensation for the Mu Family’s losses. Young Master Mu, you can also ask for compensation.” Luo Bing sounded happy.

Mu Ci glared at Mu En.

Duan Si and Mu En looked at each other, their minds racing. How many families were there that could give 40 million yuan as though it was 4,000 yuan? Which family was surnamed Luo?

“Senior Brother Luo, I won’t get a divorce. Bei Shuo is priceless in my heart. I’ve known Bei Shuo since we were young. I’ve been looking for her for 17 years. It’s a blessing from the heavens to reunite with her. I won’t let go. If you’re worried that she won’t be happy, then you’re overthinking. I’ll do my best to make her happy,” Mu Ci said calmly.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 88 - 88 Come To Persuade Him To Get A Divorce