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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 87 - 87 Senior Brother From The Same Sect Arrives

87 Senior Brother From The Same Sect Arrives

“Exactly! I think even our Bei Le is prettier than her! Does Director Luo like young girls? Then our Bei Le looks even younger!” Wang Jiao said.

“Exactly, exactly!” The others echoed.

Tang Feng looked at Bei Le critically and teased, “Bei Le, come, we’ll help you create an opportunity for Director Luo to see you. You can’t disappoint us! We just want to see if Director Luo really has such a preference!”

Bei Le quickly put on a shy expression and waved her hand. “No, no, my parents will beat me to death!”


She looked like a good child, making people like her.

Wang Jiao put down her phone and sighed. “Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer girls like Bei Le. That girl looks innocent, but she pounces on men whenever she sees them. Tsk tsk! The world’s morals are really declining.”

The people around her immediately echoed and denounced the girl who was in high spirits beside Director Luo.

Bei Le picked up her phone curiously and flipped through the photos one by one. Seeing that no one was paying attention, she quickly sent the photos to her phone and deleted the traces. Then, she gently put her phone back. When she heard someone praising her, she hurriedly smiled shyly.

Mu En’s phone vibrated a few times. Mu Chen, who was admonishing him, could not help but frown. “See if someone is looking for you urgently?”

Mu En was about to say that he was fine when he looked up and met Mu Ci’s unhappy gaze. He quickly swallowed his words and obediently took out his phone to take a look. His expression changed drastically.

“Brother, Sister-in-law—” Mu En’s voice softened.

Mu Ci raised his eyebrows and looked at Mu En.

Mu En handed the phone to Mu Ci. “Brother, it’s Sister-in-law—”

When Duan Si saw this, she hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

She turned around and saw Bei Shuo embracing a tall man with a radiant smile.

Duan Si was infuriated. Pointing at her cell phone, she scolded, “How dare she meet a man behind your back?! She’s out of control! Someone, call your Young Madam over!”

Duan Si was furious. The nameless anger she had accumulated since last night had nowhere to be vented.

Xiaobai did not understand what was going on and answered nervously, “Young Madam has gone to school.”

“Gone to school? What school? She went to seduce a man! Someone! Get her back!” Duan Si ordered sternly.

Mu Ci frowned.

Mu Chen asked in confusion, “What happened?”

Mu Ci handed the phone to Mu Chen and glanced coldly at the bodyguards who were about to leave after hearing Duan Si’s order. The two bodyguards seemed to have been nailed and did not dare to move again.

Duan Si was even angrier. “You still want to protect her? She’s already made a cuckold of you. How long do you want to protect her? Even if you’re a cripple, she can’t find another man!”

“Shut up! Is this what a mother should say?” Mu Chen roared.

Duan Si accidentally said what was on her mind. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and glared at Mu Ci in dissatisfaction. If it wasn’t to protect him, why would she be scolded?

Mu Ci avoided his mother’s gaze coldly.

Mu Chen threw the phone to Mu En. “Where did you get the photo?”

Mu En hurriedly said, “A friend sent it to me. I don’t know where she took it. Brother, why don’t you ask Sister-in-law?”

Mu Ci replied calmly, “What’s there to ask? We met yesterday. He’s Bei Shuo’s senior.”

A servant rushed in. “Young Master Mu, a Mr. Luo is here to visit.”

Mu Ci sighed and touched his forehead. “He’s here.”

“What?” Mu Chen did not understand.

Mu Ci smiled bitterly. “The person in the photo is Luo Bing, Bei Shuo’s senior brother. We met yesterday.”

He said to the servant, “Please come in.”

“Senior brother? What senior brother? Isn’t she the daughter that the Bei family lost when she was young? Didn’t she grow up in the countryside? Where did this senior brother come from? Mu Ci, did you do any research? How could you just marry anyone? What kind of nonsense is this? Since he’s her senior brother, he must be a man. A man and a woman who are not related by blood. They’re so intimate. There must be an unusual relationship!” Duan Si said firmly.

Mu Ci’s face darkened. “You’re humiliating me by humiliating her!”

Duan Si shut up resentfully because she received Mu Chen’s angry glare.

Mu Chen asked his grandson, “Since that’s the case, he’s Bei Shuo’s family. We have to treat him well.”

He looked at Mu En and Duan Si. “Don’t make me angry!”

The mother and son stood aside with their heads lowered in tacit understanding.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 87 - 87 Senior Brother From The Same Sect Arrives