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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 85 - 85 Morning Farce

85 Morning Farce

Even Mu Ci was shocked.

Grandpa did not follow their agreement and still insisted on his own opinion.

Mu Chen sighed heavily and rested his forehead on his hand, looking exhausted.

Mu Ci didn’t say anything in the end. Grandpa had sacrificed so much for him. He couldn’t make him sad anymore, so he could only slowly persuade him.


However, Duan Si was anxious. She pounced in front of Mu Chen. “Dad, Dad! Don’t be angry with Mu En. He didn’t do it on purpose. He definitely didn’t do it on purpose. He just drank too much. This isn’t his problem alone. That little b*tch—”

Mu Chen suddenly looked up at Duan Si.

Duan Si quickly corrected herself. “Bei Shuo. If she hadn’t come out in the middle of the night, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Mu Chen said coldly, “Is the responsibility always someone else’s?”

“No, that’s not it. Dad, Mu En was wrong in this matter. He already knows his mistake. He knelt outside the door yesterday and got drenched in the rain. He had a high fever all night and came early this morning to admit his mistake. He really knows his mistake. Please forgive him. Please forgive him.” Duan Si begged bitterly.

Before she came, Mu En had refused to tell her what had happened. She had been a little nervous, but when she heard that Mu En had offended Bei Shuo, she immediately dismissed it. What was the big deal? Perhaps that girl had seduced Mu En on purpose because he was good-looking.

Before she could lure Old Master in that direction, Old Master and Mu Ci had already taken back the position of the heir that Mu En was about to get?

How was this possible? Absolutely not!

Mu Chen looked at his stubborn eldest daughter-in-law and his disappointment was obvious. “What about the ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’? How do you explain that?”

Duan Si lost her voice as if her throat was being choked. Her face turned red. “I, Dad, I—”

Mu En walked forward on his knees and kowtowed to Mu Chen. “Grandpa! It’s impossible for Mom to poison Brother. You have to investigate clearly! Grandpa, I was wrong last night. You and Brother can punish me however you want. I just hope that you and Brother won’t be angry. Don’t abandon me.”

As Mu En spoke, tears fell from his eyes. He turned to Mu Ci.

“Brother, I was wrong. I was drunk and offended my Sister-in-law. You can hit me or scold me, but don’t abandon me. Punish me harshly. I really know my mistake. Brother, no matter how bad your leg is, you’re still the successor of the Mu Family! There’s nothing happier than your leg getting better! Brother, I’ll listen to you in the future. I’ll be a good person and do things well. Please forgive me for this once!”

Mu En’s voice was filled with tears, and every word came from the bottom of his heart.

Duan Si finally came around and burst into tears. “How could I harm my son? How could I be such a black-hearted person? Dad, I’m innocent! I’m innocent! I’ve been married into the Mu Family for more than 20 years and have been separated from Mu Guo for so many years. I only have two sons left. How could I harm him? How could I?”

Mu En quickly coaxed her. “Mom, stop crying. Grandpa and Brother won’t blame you. Don’t cry anymore. Let’s talk about me first. Grandpa and Brother haven’t forgiven me yet!”

Duan Si stopped crying and looked at Mu Chen and Mu Ci with teary eyes.

Mu Chen looked at Mu Ci.

Mu Ci slowly reached out and pulled Mu En up.

Mu En grabbed Mu Ci’s hand as if he was flattered. “Brother, you don’t blame me anymore, right? I’ll change, I’ll change everything! I’ll definitely change! I’ll be obedient!”

Mu Ci looked at him and said solemnly, “As the sons of the main Mu Family, our responsibilities are different from the other brothers. My body is limited, but you have to know the situation you might face in the future. Mu En, my bottom line is Bei Shuo.”

“Yes, Brother. I was wrong. I’ll apologize to Sister-in-law, Brother.” Mu En immediately expressed his attitude.

Bei Shuo, who was standing at the corner of the stairs, sighed softly. She turned around and returned to her room to carry her backpack. Then, she left through the back stairs.

She had heard the entire Mu family’s farce and couldn’t help but sigh at her good luck. Although she was equally disliked by her family, at least she had escaped from her misery in an extremely short period of time. Mu Ci was not so lucky. All these years, his heart must have been so broken.

Bei Shuo hoped that she could bring him out of his misery one day. She would definitely become stronger!


Bei Le was sitting in a corner of the dressing room, waiting for her makeup to be done. Although she was also the daughter of a wealthy family, she was a nobody in the entertainment industry.

She studied in a second-rate art school. She wanted to be a celebrity because she wanted to let more people see her beauty and increase her bargaining chip to marry into a rich family. After all, there was no place easier to stand out than the entertainment industry.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 85 - 85 Morning Farce