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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 81 - 81 Deliberately Provoking Him

81 Deliberately Provoking Him

Mu Ci pushed him away.

Mu En was displeased. “Brother! You have Sister-in-law, so you don’t want me anymore!”

Old Jiang and Liu Ming ran over.

“Young Master!”


“Second Young Master!”

The two of them hurriedly helped them up. Liu Ming and Bei Shuo looked at each other and saw the uneasiness in each other’s eyes.

Mu Ci walked out on his own!

Mu Ci slumped to the ground in Liu Ming’s arms and said angrily, “Uncle Jiang, lock him in the bathroom and wake him up with cold water. Don’t think that he can do whatever he wants just because he is drunk!”

Old Jiang didn’t dare to answer. He could only forcefully control the struggling Mu En and said in a low voice, “Liu Ming, why aren’t you carrying Young Master back? See if he’s injured anywhere?”

“Sister-in-law, I want Sister-in-law to sleep with me!” Mu En spouted nonsense.

Mu Ci, who was being helped up by Liu Ming, raised his head and slapped Mu En’s face, making a crisp sound.

Mu En was stunned. He seemed to have sobered up a little.

Mu Ci said coldly, “Uncle Jiang, throw him out. Don’t let him step into the door again!”

He placed his hand on Liu Ming’s shoulder. Liu Ming carried him on his back and Bei Shuo hurriedly followed.

Entering the room, Mu Ci hugged Bei Shuo. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you suffer.”

Bei Shuo instinctively struggled to dodge. She had lingering fears. Mu Ci saw this and felt pain in his heart, as well as hatred.

Bei Shuo hid in the bathroom and kept cleaning the places that Mu En had touched. She threw all her clothes into the trash bag, wishing she could step on Mu En.

As the water vapor slowly rose, Bei Shuo finally calmed down. She wasn’t a fragile girl who couldn’t withstand a single blow. Although she was frightened, her rationality remained.

Recalling Mu En’s earlier actions, she felt that it was unusual.

The smell of alcohol on Mu En’s body was very strong, but it still could not hide the faint fragrance of the Snow Pill. That was the Snow Pill’s remnants that couldn’t be consumed.

The Snow Pill was a life-saving medicine. A person who was on the verge of death could be saved by the Snow Pill, but it was a waste for a person who was not in danger to use the Snow Pill. Not only that, because the effect of the Snow Pill could not be used, it would promote a certain ability of the person who used the medicine. This would consume the medicinal power until this person was exhausted. This was the so-called “no luck to enjoy.”

Obviously, Mu En’s love for women was a side effect of Snow Pill, but his actions today were probably intentional.

Snow Pills did not disturb one’s mind. Although alcohol could mess with one’s mind, it was not like Mu En’s behavior. After Mu Ci appeared, Mu En’s behavior was too obvious. He wanted to anger Mu Ci!

Before she got involved in Mu Ci’s illness, Mu Ci’s body couldn’t be angered. Under Dr. Li’s long-term “treatment”, the illness was hidden in Mu Ci’s internal organs. The two poisonings were also to trigger those hidden poisons. Eldest Madam Mu and Second Young Master Mu’s actions were to make Mu Ci angry and cause his blood to surge, causing the poison to act up and kill him.

He really killed people without leaving a trace!

Bei Shuo shuddered. She hurriedly changed her clothes and went to see Mu Ci.

Mu Ci’s head was spinning, and his expression was extremely ugly. He felt a surge of anger in his body. He really wanted to rush out and beat Mu En up. He really wanted to rush to the balcony and roar a few times to vent the anger in his heart.

Bei Shuo rushed over with her wet hair. “Brother, don’t be angry. Don’t fall into his trap.”

Mu Ci looked up and met Bei Shuo’s clear gaze.

Bei Shuo got onto the bed and sat cross-legged opposite him. “Brother, come, follow me.”

She arranged him into a cross-legged position as well and clasped her hands with his. “Follow me. Breathe deeply and gently.”

“Brother, think about the small river in front of our house when we were young. There are small fish in the river. The water is very clear. You said that the chirping of the birds in the forest is very pleasant. Breathe…”

Bei Shuo guided Mu Ci in his breathing exercises. Gradually, Mu Ci calmed down and the three small stone houses appeared in his mind. The river in front of the house and the forest behind the house were quiet and peaceful like paradise. That was the happiest period of his life. He had no burdens and was very happy every day. The sky was even bluer than outside.

Bei Shuo’s voice was quiet and beautiful.

Seeing that Mu Ci’s complexion had recovered and his pulse had stabilized, Bei Shuo finally felt relieved.

“I’m sorry, Bei Shuo,” Mu Ci said softly. He had miraculously calmed down. This had never happened before.

The reason why he was known as a tyrant was because he could not control his emotions at all.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 81 - 81 Deliberately Provoking Him