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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 77 - 77 Endorsing His Brother

77 Endorsing His Brother

Mu Ci slowly opened her eyes. Liu Ming was surprised. “Young Master, you’re awake? Are you feeling unwell?”

Mu Ci shook his head gently and turned his head slightly to look around.

Liu Ming understood and said, “Young Madam is starting school today. She said that she’ll be back after completing the reporting procedures. I’ll get Little Lu to wait at the school gate. Don’t worry.”

Mu Ci nodded and struggled to sit up.

Liu Ming hurriedly helped him up and placed a soft pillow against the headboard of the bed. He asked carefully, “Do you want to eat something? Young Madam asked Xiao Ling to brew some medicine. Have some porridge before taking the medicine.”

“Okay. Is Grandpa home?” Mu Ci didn’t refuse.

He knew better than ever that no matter what he wanted to achieve, he had to have a healthy body.

Therefore, no matter how uncomfortable it was, he would try his best to eat. No matter how bitter the medicine was, he would drink it without hesitation.

After all, there were too many things he had yet to do!

The porridge arrived, and Mu Chen walked in with Old Jiang.

When Mu Chen saw him, he quickly walked to the bed. “How is it? Mu Ci, how are you feeling now?”

Mu Chen grabbed his grandson’s hand. The cold touch shocked him. When he looked at Mu Ci’s pale face, he was even more shocked.

Mu Ci shook their hands gently. “It’s okay, Grandpa. I’ve recovered, but my strength hasn’t recovered yet.”

Mu Chen felt slightly relieved. “It’s all thanks to Bei Shuo. Sigh!”

Watching Mu Ci slowly eat the yam porridge spoon by spoon, Mu Chen sighed. “Do you think your mother did it?”

It wasn’t that his heart didn’t hurt to ask this question, but there were things he had to face, and so did Mu Ci.

Mu Ci put down the spoon and gestured for Liu Ming to put it away. He slowly leaned against the pillow and shook his head slowly. “How could she be so scheming?”

Mu Chen nodded with a dark expression. “She’s a fool, but when it comes to harming others and her son, it’s not to that extent.”

Is it really not to that extent? Mu Ci’s heart turned cold.

Once she found out that he had a conflict of interest with Mu En, wouldn’t she attack him? Mu Ci smiled bitterly in his heart. He wasn’t confident.

“I really didn’t expect the person behind the scenes to be so vicious. He didn’t give up all the opportunities to harm you. He’s trying to kill you! But we don’t have any clues at all now. Your mother is muddle-headed. She definitely doesn’t know the origin of that ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’. Who knows how many people have been involved in this. There’s no way to investigate at all. Sigh!” Mu Chen was at a loss.

“Grandpa, announce to the public that I can’t be cured. Make Mu En the heir,” Mu Ci said calmly.

Mu Chen looked at Mu Ci in shock and pain. “Bei Shuo said that your body will recover in about a year. Do you really not want to take over the Mu Family? You’re my eldest grandson!”

Mu Ci gently placed his slender fingers on the back of Mu Chen’s hand. “Grandpa, every day you don’t decide to have the heir, I’ll be plotted against for another day. How can I guard against thieves for a thousand days? We’re all very tired. Why don’t we let those people give up? We can live a good life too.”

Mu Chen looked at Mu Ci’s handsome face that resembled his and felt very upset.

“The Mu Family’s ancestral teachings state that only the eldest son and eldest grandson of the eldest branch are qualified to be the heir. You seem to be better everyday. Why should I give up on you? You clearly have the ability to manage the Mu Family better! Mu Ci, I will definitely find out who the mastermind is. Don’t worry, as long as Grandpa is around, I won’t let you be bullied!” Mu Chen was a little anxious and comforted his grandson repeatedly.

Mu Ci’s lips curled up into a small smile. “Grandpa, why are you avoiding it? The ones who want me dead must be my family members. Instead of letting us kill each other, Grandpa, why don’t I back out? Let’s change to a peaceful life first and let those people stop seeing me as a thorn in their side. It’s also equivalent to giving me a chance to breathe. Let me have a good chance to talk about love and enjoy the beauty of family life. I can’t guarantee that I won’t be able to survive the next time I’m poisoned, but I promise you that as long as I’m alive, I’ll spare no effort to protect you and Grandma’s foundation! Alright?”

What else could Mu Chen say? His eyes could not help but fill with tears.

“Mu En is not bad. There’s no problem with his ability. Not to mention that I’m secretly protecting him. Even without me, he wouldn’t have made a mistake. Don’t worry, Grandpa.” Mu Ci vouched for his brother.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 77 - 77 Endorsing His Brother