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76 Reunion

Bei Shuo raised her right hand and showed him the rainbow tourmaline bracelet on her wrist.

Luo Bing hurriedly grabbed her wrist. There was a similar bracelet on his wrist. He looked at it carefully and was pleasantly surprised. He hugged Bei Shuo. “The little girl has finished her apprenticeship? You’re already done? Are you 18 years old? Why are you so amazing? How could our old woman bear to let you finish your apprenticeship? Aiya, quickly let me dote on you. I love you to death!”

No matter how Bei Shuo struggled, Luo Bing refused to let go of her.

“Master! My ears hurt! Second Senior Brother is pulling my ears!” Bei Shuo let out a dry cry.

Luo Bing instinctively let go of Bei Shuo. He covered Bei Shuo’s mouth with one hand and rubbed her ears with the other. She said, “I was wrong. I was wrong…”

Bei Shuo pushed him away and glared at him angrily. “Stand properly!”

Luo Bing came back to his senses and stood up with a smile. The anger on his face was long gone. He looked at the little girl in front of him dotingly. “My good junior sister, I was wrong. Don’t be angry. I’ll treat you to delicious food, okay?”

Bei Shuo snorted and turned away.

Luo Bing opened his arms again and pulled Bei Shuo into his embrace. Patting her back, he said, “Good junior sister, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. You’ll become ugly if you’re angry!”

Chen Hai and the others were already dumbfounded. The series of actions by the two of them was dazzling. It was only now that they could finally speak.

Chen Hai pulled Luo Bing and forced them apart. “Wait, what’s going on? This is my sister. Luo Bing, let go! Let go!”

Luo Bing’s expression immediately changed. He pointed at Chen Hai and shouted, “Your sister? What sister? Move aside! Let me tell you! This is my junior sister. If you dare to have any thoughts about her, Chen Hai, I will make you die without a complete corpse!”

Chen Hai pushed his fingers away. “What junior sister? Where did you get this junior sister from? Let me tell you, I brought her here. I have to ensure her safety!”

With that, he stood in front of Bei Shuo.

Luo Bing panicked and pushed Chen Hai away. “Go away! Go away! Junior Sister, tell me, how did you know him? Did this playboy bully you?”

He pulled Bei Shuo over.

“How could I bully her? Who’s a playboy? Let me tell you, she has a husband. If her husband finds out that you’ve been touching her, it’ll be strange if he doesn’t stomp you!” Chen Hai was also anxious.

“What did you say? What husband? Little Junior Sister, how dare you date behind our backs?” Luo Bing felt like his whole body was on fire. This was a huge matter!

The executive director quickly came over to stop the fight. “What’s wrong? Why are you fighting again? How old are the two of you? Why are you fighting? Director Luo! They’re waiting for you to choose an actor! Young Master Chen, they’re waiting for you to decide on your style! Those children can’t do it at all. You have to be there!”

“Yo! This little beauty!” The executive director’s eyes widened when he saw Bei Shuo. “Director Luo, there’s no need to choose. It’s her! She’ll be the female lead!”

The executive director was dancing with joy.

More people looked over.

Luo Bing’s face darkened. “It’s none of her business. You guys choose!”

He pulled Bei Shuo towards the dressing room and glared at Chen Hai. “Get over here!”

Chen Hai also said angrily, “Who are you asking to get over? Who do you think I am? Should I get over there?”

“You are nothing!” Luo Bing said without turning his head.

Chen Hai was so angry that he stomped his feet. When he saw Bei Shuo being pulled away, he hurried over.

If anything happened to Bei Shuo right under his nose, Mu Ci would stomp him into pieces. That would be a living King of Hell! But he had no idea what was wrong with Luo Bing.

Luo Bing and Bei Shuo were clearly two completely unrelated people. How were they related? Senior brother and junior sister? Where did they come from? What nonsense were they spouting?

Bei Shuo finally interjected, “Can the two of you stop arguing? Can I say something first?”

“Speak!” The two of them said in unison and glared at each other.

“Are you really friends?” Bei Shuo remembered that Chen Hai had been full of praise for his director friend when he was cutting her hair.

“Tell me about yourself!” Luo Bing rolled his eyes at Bei Shuo.

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