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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 75 - 75 Unexpected Surprise

75 Unexpected Surprise

Luo Bing?

Bei Shuo’s heart skipped a beat.

Chen Hai reached out and grabbed her wrist, leading her to the auditorium.

Chen Hai had a staff member accompanying him to clear the way. It was much smoother than Bei Shuo squeezing her way in.


“Hey, isn’t that Chen Hai? Why is he here too?”

“Don’t you know? Luo Bing’s most outstanding stylist in the past few years was Chen Hai. He’s a genius. His hands can turn something rotten into something magical. He’s amazing!”

“Is that so? Since the personal stylist is here, does that mean that the casting for today can be decided?”

“Sigh, Chen Hai is so handsome! It’s not a problem for him to be a movie star!”

“That’s right. If he debuts, I’ll be his first fan!”

“You won’t be the first. He’s only a stylist now and he already has countless fans. If he debuts, let me tell you, it’ll be hard to say what kind of grand occasion it will be.”

As Bei Shuo listened to these discussions, she couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Chen Hai. Seeing the perfect smile on his handsome face, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself for worrying for nothing.

This Chen Hai enjoyed the admiration of others. He was a rather narcissistic person.

“Chen Hai!”

“Chen Hai!”

“Chen Hai!”

Calls suddenly sounded from the crowd.

Bei Shuo felt that Chen Hai’s posture had become even more upright. She quickly lowered her head and tried her best to hide behind the tall assistant. She just didn’t want to get to know this person.

Bei Shuo didn’t want to see the director anymore. Based on Second Senior Brother’s personality, he wouldn’t be friends with a peacock. He was probably someone with the same name.

But in this situation, it was impossible for her to leave. Chen Hai was afraid that someone would bump into her, so he tried his best to protect her as they walked in. Bei Shuo couldn’t help but sigh. How did Brother Stone become friends with such a person?

Yes, they were childhood friends! Her brother probably had no choice.

It wasn’t easy for them to enter the auditorium. There were many people seated in the auditorium, and someone was performing on stage. Before Bei Shuo could see clearly, she and Chen Hai were escorted into the lounge backstage.

There were more than 10 people in the lounge. Some were standing or sitting, some were watching the performance on the stage outside through the shared screen, and some were whispering to each other.

Chen Hai walked over and patted the shoulder of a man who was listening to someone else.

The man turned around in shock and saw Chen Hai. He immediately gave Chen Hai a punch. He pushed Chen Hai to the side and continued listening to the person beside him. The person beside him smiled smugly at Chen Hai and continued their topic.

Everyone’s voices were not loud and they did not disturb each other.

Bei Shuo’s gaze landed on the big screen. To her surprise, he saw a familiar face—Bei Le!

Bei Shuo was stunned. She didn’t understand why Bei Le was here. She suddenly remembered that Bei Le should be studying in an art school. No wonder!

Bei Le was performing on stage, crying with tears streaming down her face. She was indescribably beautiful. Tsk! So there was someone who could make crying look so good! Bei Shuo felt that her acting skills were superb.

She was also familiar with the two boys who were acting with Bei Le. They were the two seniors who had guided her during the report.

Bei Shuo couldn’t help but smile. The world was really small.

“Bei Shuo!” A shout interrupted Bei Shuo’s thoughts.

Right on the heels of that, her ears were pinched, and a lion’s roar sounded in her ears. “Why are you here? What mistake did you make to be chased out by Master? You’re so young, yet you don’t learn well! You’re a girl but you have also been chased out of the sect. Why are you such a disappointment? Huh?”

“Senior Brother! It hurts! It hurts! Let go of me!” Bei Shuo tried to save her ear with one hand and pushed her Second Senior Brother with the other.

Who else could it be but Luo Bing? It was definitely not someone with the same name.

“You still know pain? What were you thinking when Master chased you out?” Luo Bing’s anger did not subside.

“I’ve graduated! You’re the one who was chased out!” Bei Shuo kicked Luo Bing without hesitation.

As they were too close, Luo Bing reached out to block Bei Shuo’s foot. Naturally, he let go of Bei Shuo’s ear.

Bei Shuo was furious. She jumped up and grabbed Luo Bing’s neck as she said, “I graduated openly! How dare you bully me! I’ll strangle you to death!”

Her figure was too petite for Luo Bing. Even when she pounced over, she didn’t manage to grab Luo Bing’s neck. Instead, she was held in his arms. Bei Shuo opened her mouth and bit his chest. Luo Bing gritted his teeth in pain. Fortunately, Bei Shuo didn’t bite him and did not let go.

Luo Bing hugged her with one hand and held her chin with the other. He asked seriously, “Are you serious?”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 75 - 75 Unexpected Surprise