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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 73 - 73 Detoxification And Protection

73 Detoxification And Protection

Bei Shuo hadn’t expected to be slapped in the face so quickly.

It was already 11 p.m. by the time she finished packing her things for school the next day. Mu Ci was still in the study and hadn’t returned. Bei Shuo frowned. Mu Ci had a particularly bad habit of forgetting the time at night. He wouldn’t go to sleep unless urged.

Just as she was about to go to the study to look for him, she saw Xiaoling running in frantically. “Young Madam, Young Madam, come quickly. Young Master Mu is in trouble!”

Bei Shuo’s heart sank.


Mu Ci was leaning against the wheelchair with a pool of vomit beside him. Liu Ming was feeding him water.

Without another word, Bei Shuo placed her hand on Mu Ci’s pulse.

Liu Ming glanced at Bei Shuo and didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

A moment later, Bei Shuo heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s alright! Uncle Liu, push Brother into the bedroom.”

Liu Ming quickly agreed.

Mu Ci closed his eyes and gently held Bei Shuo’s hand. “Don’t tell Grandpa!”

“Okay,” Bei Shuo agreed.

Mu Chen, who had just reached the door, silently left the room. He waved at Bei Shuo and Liu Ming with a dejected expression.

Back in the bedroom, Bei Shuo quickly changed Mu Ci’s clothes and administered acupuncture. Mu Ci’s breathing gradually calmed down and he seemed to have fallen asleep.

Bei Shuo said softly to Liu Ming, “Uncle Liu, go and rest first. I’ll take care of it.”

Liu Ming then said, “Young Madam, Young Master suspects that it was Madam’s ‘Buddha Jumps Over The Wall’ soup.”

Bei Shuo sighed softly and didn’t continue the topic. “Go and rest first. You can also go check on Grandpa.”

Half an hour later, Mu Ci started to have a fever. Bei Shuo didn’t alarm anyone. She used warm water to cool Mu Ci down and massaged his acupuncture points. When the sky gradually brightened, Mu Ci finally calmed down.

Bei Shuo touched Mu Ci’s forehead, which was no longer burning. She said softly, “Brother Stone, I saved your life again. When will you be as sturdy as a rock? You have to work hard! Let’s work hard together!”

Bei Shuo lay by the bed in a daze for a while before her cell phone’s alarm clock vibrated. Bei Shuo was shocked and fell onto the carpet. Her legs were numb. She glanced at Mu Ci, who was still sleeping. She gritted her teeth and massaged her acupuncture points before standing up to wash up.

Mu Ci slept soundly. His fever had subsided, and his pulse had stabilized.

The moment Bei Shuo opened the door, he saw Liu Ming napping on the sofa. Upon seeing her, Liu Ming immediately stood up and said, “Young Madam, Young Master…”

Bei Shuo nodded. “Uncle Liu, I’m going to report to school today. You have to keep an eye on Brother. I’ll pass his medicine to Xiaoling and Xiaobai. Brother will probably wake up in the afternoon. Don’t let him worry and don’t let his emotions fluctuate. I’ll be back after I settle the procedures.”

Liu Ming hurriedly said, “The chauffeur, Little Lu, will be waiting for you outside the school.”

Liu Ming could not help but sigh as he watched Bei Shuo hurry down the stairs. Young Master was supposed to accompany Young Madam to school today. He wanted to see what her school looked like with his own eyes. He even wanted to accompany her around the school.

Liu Ming shook his head and quietly walked into the bedroom.

Bei Shuo sat in the car and closed his eyes to rest. Although Mu Ci’s situation looked dangerous, he was fine because she had discovered it in time.

However, she could not understand who wanted to harm him and was so unscrupulous.

She did not suspect Duan Si because no one would be so stupid as to poison someone personally. It was too obvious.

Someone must be using her.

Bei Shuo sighed. She couldn’t even recognize all the Mu family members, so there was no way she could find out who had done it. She could only rely on Brother to find out.

Everything that had happened had deviated from her original plan.

Initially, she had thought that after she went to the Bei family to acknowledge her biological parents, she would live in school after school started. Although they were her biological parents, they had never lived together after all. It was better to maintain an effective distance and do what they should do.

Then, she would look for her three senior brothers and tell them that she had completed her apprenticeship and they had to help her from time to time! Just thinking about it made her feel blissful.

Finally, she would look for Brother Stone and see how he was doing.

However, ever since she returned to the Bei family, these plans had been ruined.

Fortunately, Brother Stone came to her. Unfortunately, he did not turn into stone. He was still delicate and fragile. Fortunately, he met her again. With her around, she would not let him shatter!

“Young Madam, we’re here!” the chauffeur called out softly.

Bei Shuo opened her eyes and saw the school gate.

Bei Shuo grabbed her bag and said as she got out of the car, “Little Lu, find a place to drink tea. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 73 - 73 Detoxification And Protection