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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 72 - 72 Mother’s Soup

72 Mother’s Soup

Mu Chen took the bowl and asked casually, “Yes, he’s always been filial. What has he been busy with these days? Why haven’t I seen him annoying me?”

Duan Si placed another bowl of soup in front of Mu Ci and said, “He’s also busy with work. Mu Ci, this is a token of your brother’s appreciation. Drink it. Look, you’ve lost weight recently. Don’t keep eating those plain soups! You have to pay attention to your nutrition. We’re not like those small families who haven’t seen the world. What top-notch ingredients can’t we afford? Your health is the most important. Don’t treat yourself too harshly!”

With that, she glared at Bei Shuo.

Bei Shuo glanced at the soup that Duan Si had placed in front of Mu Ci. Just as she was about to speak, Mu Ci picked up the vegetarian soup she had made and took a sip. Then, he took another sip and gestured for Bei Shuo to sit down.

“Thank you, Mom! I shouldn’t be eating greasy food with the medicine I’ve been taking recently. Bei Shuo, bring me the white jade bracelet I put on the bookshelf and ask Uncle Liu to send it to Mu En. He’ll definitely like it.” Mu Ci’s tone was calm and gentle, but the way he handled it was beyond reproach.

Mu Chen could not help but nod slightly.

Bei Shuo stood up and Liu Ming hurriedly said, “Young Madam, let me go get it.”

Duan Si’s expression was extremely ugly. She looked at Bei Shuo with an unfriendly gaze. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I don’t think your illness has improved at all! Instead, your appetite has worsened. In the past, you could still eat some of the dishes that the chef prepared for you, but now, your food is all plain porridge and side dishes. I think you should find a proper doctor to take a look, Father! Don’t you think so? I’m doing this for Mu Ci’s own good!”

Before Mu Chen and Mu Ci could speak, Duan Si sat down and her eyes turned red. “Why do you despise me so much? You don’t even want to eat the food I made for you. Do you think I have any bad intentions towards my child? I keep feeling that I’m like a stepmother who’s not liked by you. Do you want me to dig out my heart for you to see before you acknowledge me as your mother?!”

As she spoke, her tears fell.

Mu Chen’s expression was a little ugly.

Mu Ci whispered to Bei Shuo, “I want to drink some honey water.”

Bei Shuo quickly got up and went to the kitchen. To be honest, she couldn’t understand Duan Si. Her biological mother had turned a blind eye to her and even showed her disgust on her face.

However, Duan Si had a completely different approach. Even she could sense that this Eldest Madam did not like her son, but she insisted that this son not mind her dislike and do everything a son should do, including not resisting when it came to relationships.

Bei Shuo sighed and mixed a cup of honey water for Mu Ci. This was the honey she had chosen. She asked Mu Ci to drink a cup whenever he was in a bad mood. It seemed like Mu Ci was not in a good mood.

When she turned around and returned, Duan Si’s expression was no longer as ugly as before. She even looked a little smug.

Bei Shuo’s gaze landed on the bowl of soup in front of Mu Ci. As expected, the bowl was empty. Bei Shuo sighed inwardly.

Mu Ci started the wheelchair and said calmly, “I’m done eating. Grandpa, Mom, enjoy your meal. I’ll go upstairs to settle some things first.”

He took the cup from Bei Shuo and said gently, “Let’s eat.”

Duan Si stood up. “Dad, I’m done eating too. Please enjoy your meal. I’ll go back first. I’ll visit you guys another day.”

She glared at Bei Shuo as she walked past her.

Mu Chen felt a little helpless. He called out to Bei Shuo, “Girl, come and eat with Grandpa.”

Mu Chen picked up some food with his chopsticks and placed it in Bei Shuo’s bowl. He sighed and said, “Your mother-in-law has always been a muddle-headed person. Don’t take it to heart. Let her make a fuss. Mu Ci feels bitter. This child, sigh.”

“Grandpa, I understand. I will accompany him well,” Bei Shuo promised softly.

Mu Chen nodded. “Yes, good child. Fortunately, we have you.”

Mu Chen looked around and lowered his voice. “I think his condition is getting better and better. Girl, how long will it take for him to completely recover?”

Bei Shuo said, “If things continue to go smoothly, he’ll be able to recover in about a year.”

Mu Chen was immediately overjoyed. “Good, that’s great. Girl, I really don’t know how to thank you! You’re our Mu family’s lucky star! From your words, I can eat another bowl of rice! Live another 10 years!”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 72 - 72 Mother’s Soup