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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 71 - 71 Chanced Upon

71 Chanced Upon

Mu Ci cleaned up with her and watched as she placed the bottles and jars in the cabinet. As she placed them, she introduced them to him.

Mu Ci didn’t understand and couldn’t remember these unfamiliar professional terms, but he liked to see her busy like a squirrel and chattering like a sparrow.

The things were packed quickly. Bei Shuo clapped her hands and took a few steps back. She looked at the cabinet in front of her and asked Mu Ci in satisfaction, “Brother, what do you think?”

Mu Ci smiled and nodded. “Yes!”

He pointed at an inconspicuous small purple porcelain bottle in the corner. “You said it contained the Snow Pill?”

Bei Shuo nodded. “Yes, there are only two left. I need to save up some herbs and make a few more when I’m free in case of emergencies.”

“What herbs do you need? I’ll get someone to buy them for you,” Mu Ci immediately said.

Bei Shuo shook her head with a smile and pushed Mu Ci out. “Some things are hard to come by. The Snow Pill is precious because it’s rare. There are a few herbs that have to be picked at a specific time, and they have to be made and preserved with a special method. Then, we have to wait till the next herb appears. It will take at least five years to gather them all. At most, I can make ten each time. I already have some in stock. I can make another ten in two years.”

Mu Ci praised, “I have to get someone to put a safety lock on your cabinet! You can’t just leave such precious things around like this.”

Bei Shuo didn’t seem to mind at all. “There’s no need for that. It’s a life-saving medicine. It’s not for sale. The Snow Pill has only been sold once in so many years. My master didn’t know about that incident and was cheated. Fortunately, that medicine was used to save people in the end. The person who sold the medicine won’t have a good ending. Sigh, but one can’t take medicine casually.”

Bei Shuo thought of Mu En and shook her head. Forget it, she would take it one step at a time.

Mu Ci’s expression was solemn, but Bei Shuo didn’t see it.

Bei Shuo had thought that Duan Si would go away in anger after the commotion earlier. She was still hesitating if she should find a suitable opportunity to persuade Mu Ci not to have a strained relationship with his mother.

However, she was thinking too much. Duan Si did not leave. Instead, she instructed the kitchen maids to cook.

Mrs. Tian said to Duan Si awkwardly, “Eldest Madam, let the servants handle these small matters. Why don’t you have some tea in the living room first?”

Duan Si did not treat Mrs. Tian kindly at all. “Why? Is there no place for me to speak in my own son’s house?”

Mrs. Tian did not dare to take it and hurriedly smiled. “Madam, what are you saying? I’m afraid that you’ll be tired. Why don’t you guide them and supervise them here?”

Duan Si couldn’t be bothered to argue with her and instructed everyone in a cold tone.

Mrs. Tian had no choice but to arrange for someone to prepare Young Madam’s special food for Young Master Mu.

At dinner, Mu Ci was surprised to see that Duan Si hadn’t left.

Duan Si’s expression turned even uglier.

Mrs. Tian stepped forward and whispered to Bei Shuo, “Young Madam, Young Master’s dishes have been prepared. Xiaoling personally made them.”

Bei Shuo nodded.

Duan Si glared at them.

The servant had already invited Mu Chen downstairs.

Duan Si went forward and held Mu Chen’s arm. She called out affectionately, “Dad!”

Mu Chen nodded and saw Mu Ci and Bei Shuo. “Didn’t you go out, Mu Ci?”

Mu Ci nodded. “Yes, Grandpa!”

“How did it go?” Mu Chen sat down at the master seat at the dining table. Duan Si called for the servants to serve the dishes. When she saw that the dishes were not the ones she requested, she placed them in front of Bei Shuo.

Mu Ci said, “It’s done, Grandpa. Chengsheng Building will start the transfer procedures tomorrow. From now on, it will be Mu’s.”

Duan Si was stunned for a moment and looked at Mu Ci with a complicated gaze.

Mu Chen nodded in satisfaction. “Not bad, not bad. For more than half a year, you’ve been unable to recover. I was anxious when I saw you. You’ve finally pulled yourself together.”

He raised his head to look at Bei Shuo and said with a smile, “It’s all thanks to our Bei Shuo. It seems like starting a family and starting a career is still very important!”

Mu Ci also looked at Bei Shuo gently.

Bei Shuo was ladling soup for the two of them, accepting the sudden praise with a puzzled expression.

Duan Si couldn’t help but put down the spoon a little harder, making a clinking sound.

She placed the soup bowl in her hand in front of Mu Chen. “Dad, try it. This is simmered with the raw materials Mu En sent over. This child cares about Grandpa and Brother. Look, he even has to worry about your food!”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 71 - 71 Chanced Upon