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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 69 - 69 Conflict With Her Mother-in-law

69 Conflict With Her Mother-in-law

Bei Shuo, who was in the “fire pit”, was humming a song as she prepared to start school the next day.

Xiaobai and Xiaoling surrounded her to help.

“My ideal university life is to live on campus. Sigh!” Bei Shuo sighed heavily.

Xiaobai smiled and said, “Young Master Mu will not agree!”


Xiaoling glared at Xiaobai. “Young Madam, if you live on campus, who will cook for Young Master Mu? Our Young Master Mu only eats your cooking now. Without you, how will Young Master Mu live?”

Bei Shuo nodded in agreement. “You’re right. Without me, what would he do?”

Xiaobai understood and agreed with a smile. “Our Young Master Mu can’t leave Young Madam for a day!”

Xiaoling picked up the small suitcase that Bei Shuo had placed in the corner. “Young Madam, do you want to take out the things in your suitcase? It’s not good to leave them in the corner like this, right?”

What she meant was that this small suitcase did not match the furniture in this room.

“Ah, don’t move it. Don’t move it. This is my treasure!” Bei Shuo hurriedly ran over and hugged her small suitcase.

She looked around and said in distress, “There’s no place to put the things in the suitcase.”

She opened the small suitcase in front of the two of them. Inside were all kinds of bottles and jars of various shapes, as well as all kinds of antique sachets.

“Young Madam, are these things very important?” Xiaoling asked.

“Yes, they’re very important. These are all treasures that can’t be bought with money. They’re very, very precious and can’t be placed randomly. But you’re right. It’s inconvenient to leave them like this whenever I need to take them—” Bei Shuo was a little troubled.

“Then let’s move some cabinets like Young Master Mu’s wine cabinet in. It has many slots. It will be very suitable,” Xiaobai said.

“Many slots? Sure! Where can I find one? Bring me there.” Bei Shuo was excited.

The moment Duan Si entered, she saw Bei Shuo instructing someone to move a wine cabinet into the elevator. That wine cabinet looked very familiar to her.

“Hey! What are you doing? Stop!” Duan Si screamed.

The wine cabinet was very heavy, and the four male servants seemed to be struggling to move it. When they heard this, someone’s hand trembled and almost overturned the cabinet.

“Hey—” Bei Shuo and Xiaobai rushed forward to help them.

Bei Shuo wasn’t surprised to see Duan Si.

Duan Si said angrily, “Who told you to touch this cabinet? Where are you moving it to?”

Bei Shuo replied frankly, “Move it to our room. I want to use this cabinet to store some things.”

“Store things? What things? Where’s the wine in the cabinet? Where did you put all the wine in the cabinet?” Duan Si wanted to strangle Bei Shuo as she asked.

Xiaobai’s voice was trembling. “Madam, the wine is in the cellar. It is intact. Later, we will find another wine cabinet to store the wine…”

Slap! Duan Si raised her hand and slapped her.

Xiaobai staggered from the impact. Fortunately, Xiaoling caught her.

Bei Shuo stood in front of Xiaobai and questioned, “How could you hit her?”

Duan Si was furious and raised her hand at Bei Shuo’s face.

Bei Shuo wasn’t Xiaobai. She grabbed Duan Si’s wrist and said coldly, “Madam, if you want to hit someone, please make yourself clear first!”

Duan Si flung her hand away and said sternly, “What’s there to explain when I want to hit you? This is my son’s house! I’m his mother. Who do you think you are to question me?”

“She’s my wife!” Mu Ci’s cold voice came from behind.

Liu Ming pushed Mu Ci, who was in a wheelchair, in slowly.

Duan Si’s eyes narrowed and she said angrily, “You’re back at the right time! Look at what your woman is doing!”

Bei Shuo hurriedly let go of Duan Si’s wrist and apologized. “I’m sorry—”

Duan Si snorted and ignored her. He said to Mu Ci, “This is the wine cabinet Mu En gave you. He found good wine for you from all over the world. Don’t you care about his feelings? He’s your biological brother! He cares about you so much and treats you so well. Why are you so nonchalant to him?”

Mu Ci’s gaze landed on the wine cabinet before turning to Bei Shuo, Xiaobai, and Xiaoling.

Bei Shuo instinctively shielded them behind her.

“Do you like this cabinet?” Mu Ci asked Bei Shuo gently.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 69 - 69 Conflict With Her Mother-in-law