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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 67 - 67 Guessing Grandpa’s Thoughts

67 Guessing Grandpa’s Thoughts

Lin Xu suddenly remembered. “By the way, Second Young Master, Uncle Jiang asked me which young ladies you’ve been dating recently. From what I heard, Old Master might start asking about your marriage. Madam is also investigating the backgrounds of the young ladies who have been close to you recently.”av

The game in Mu En’s hands went down. He threw his phone on the table and stretched. “Checking again? Is there no end to it?”

Lin Xu said carefully, “Second Young Master, I feel that the commotion this time is rather big. Is it possible that Old Master wants you to get married too?”

Mu En looked at him and gestured for him to continue.

Lin Xu organized his thoughts and said, “What do you think of Old Master’s health recently?”

Mu En thought for a moment. “I don’t think there’s anything unusual. Just tell me what you think! It’s fine, let’s brainstorm!”

Only then did Lin Xu muster his courage and say, “I’m thinking that Old Master is already 80 years old. It’s impossible for him not to have any plans. All these years, for Young Master Mu, Old Master has been unwilling to delegate his power. Recently, Young Master Mu’s wedding has been very rushed. No matter how I think about it, I don’t think it’s right. Do you think Old Master feels that he can’t do it anymore? Hence, he rushed to settle Young Master Mu’s and your marriage, just in case?”

Lin Xu carefully looked at Mu En’s expression. Seeing that Mu En was not angry, he was relieved.

“I’m just guessing blindly. I’m just afraid that you’ll only care about the relationship between your grandfather and you and avoid thinking of the worst. The ancestral teachings of the Mu Family are there. Although Young Master Mu is not good, he still takes the position of the eldest grandson of the eldest branch. Second Young Master, if you don’t plan for yourself early, I’m afraid that you’ll suffer!”

Lin Xu spoke his thoughts honestly.

Mu En’s slender fingers twirled a pen as he looked at a certain spot. He narrowed his eyes and did not say anything.

Lin Xu knew that some things should not be said too deeply. Hence, he quietly stood at the side, giving Mu En some space to think.

After a long while, Mu En said, “Keep an eye on my mother and see which girl she likes. Send me the information immediately.”

“Yes! Don’t worry, Second Young Master. We know the background of every family in the city. We can update it anytime,” Lin Xu said hurriedly.

Mu En nodded in satisfaction and seemed to be talking to himself. “The few families that my mother can take a fancy to are nothing to worry about. It’s mainly because of Grandpa’s thoughts. It’s not easy to guess. Even if my mother takes a fancy to any girl, she still has to get Grandpa’s approval in the end. Grandpa says that he won’t interfere, but with a look from him, my father has to think about it for half a month. Therefore, the decision is ultimately still with Grandpa.”

Lin Xu saw Mu En’s frown and asked in confusion, “Second Young Master has a good relationship with those young ladies who might become the targets. No matter which one you choose, there is no problem, right?”

Mu En had already started making arrangements a few years ago. He had always maintained a friendship with the dozen or so young ladies who might be the potential candidates. Other than being intercepted halfway and getting engaged and married, Mu En could immediately fall in love with anyone his elders decided on.


Mu En shook his head. “How can that be the same? I have to make the old man feel that I’m the most considerate and connected to him. I have to make him feel that I’m his indisputable successor and not the second best.”

Lin Xu lowered his head silently.

Mu En thought for a while. “Don’t go to Uncle Jiang’s place to gather information. That old man is too smart. If he can ask you directly, I’m afraid he has already investigated clearly behind the scenes. This is also a hint to us. We can’t act rashly.”

“Yes!” Lin Xu replied.

Mu En leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to meditate. “What kind of wife do you think Old Master wants me to find? Boss married a wild girl from the countryside. He loves her like a treasure. I saw Old Master smiling when he saw her. It looks like Brother won’t inherit the Mu family’s business.”

Lin Xu racked his brains. “Do you think Old Master will choose Second Young Mistress according to Eldest Madam’s standards?”

Mu En sneered. “My father is not qualified to be the head of the family. Even if he is, my mother is not cut out to be the mistress of the family!”

Lin Xu didn’t dare to reply.

“I think in Old Master’s heart, only my Grandma is qualified to be the mistress of the family. His sons are not capable, so his wish can only be fulfilled by their grandchildren. Big Brother has no chance. Tell me, which family’s young lady has the most similar conditions to my Grandma? And she has my Grandma’s character?”

Lin Xu smiled bitterly. “Second Young Master, isn’t this too difficult?”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 67 - 67 Guessing Grandpa’s Thoughts