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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 66 - 66 A Gift From The Heavens

66 A Gift From The Heavens

However, she did not see the smug smile on Mu Ci’s face.

As expected, this was the only way to handle this girl.

He didn’t mind pretending to be weak. As for teaching Bei Shuo how to date, he had plenty of time. There was no hurry.

As for the people who wanted to kill him, he was not in a hurry.

It had been so many years, so he didn’t mind spending a little more time. If he had a life in the future, he would play slowly.

He would pay with his life for those who had saved him, such as Bei Shuo.

He would let those who had harmed him experience what it meant to be better off dead!


Bei Le slept until the afternoon before she finally woke up.

Her physical discomfort was greatly reduced.

She struggled to sit up, took out her cell phone, and turned it on. In an instant, more than 50 missed calls rushed in. More than 40 of them were Gu Ming’s, and the rest were from her brother and mother.

She called Bei Cong back.

“Bei Le, Bei Le, Bei Le, where are you? You are making me anxious!” Bei Cong’s voice was very low.

Bei Le quickly asked, “What did you tell Mom?”

“Let me tell you. Remember, you didn’t come back yesterday because you went to your best friend, Chen Ting’s house. I told Chen Ting that you were hiding in our suburban villa because you were angry with Gu Ming. You were afraid that Mom would be worried, so she helped cover for you,” Bei Cong said in one breath.

Bei Le heaved a sigh of relief. “Brother, has the project started?”

“It started. Bei Le, you’re really our family’s lucky star! This morning, we received a notice. I thought that it was all thanks to you. Quickly tell me, how did you do it? Is Second Young Master Mu mesmerized by you? You’re so amazing as you work for our family so readily! Do you know? You’re our Bei Family’s savior! Lucky star! Bei Le!” Bei Cong said happily.

Bei Le’s tense nerves finally relaxed. Mu En had really done this for her.

This meant that he had approved of her.

She lifted the blanket and got out of bed naked. As soon as her feet touched the ground, her legs went weak and she almost fell to the ground.

She staggered into the bathroom and couldn’t help but tear up when she saw her bruised body in the mirror.

However, her gaze was suddenly attracted by the box on the sink.

It was a gift box from the best jewelry stores.

She walked over quickly and opened it eagerly. A resplendent necklace was lying there arrogantly. Bei Le’s fingers carefully caressed the pink diamond necklace, and her heart could not help but beat faster.

This necklace had once appeared at the Mu Corporation’s jewelry exhibition. At that time, it was worn around the neck of the Eldest Madam of the Mu Family. The value and status of this necklace were obvious.

Could this be a gift from Mu En?

However, such a precious thing…

She carefully moved the box and a small card appeared from the bottom. “For Bei Le Baby.”

Below it was a small heart.

Bei Le hugged the box in her arms and kissed it again and again.

All the pain and grievances vanished.

Mu En was a gift from the heavens!

Putting everything else aside, neither the Bei family nor the Gu family would buy this necklace for her. Even if they could afford it, they would not give her such a necklace worth nearly 10 million as a dowry or betrothal gift. This was because their family background did not allow them to be so extravagant and wasteful. It was also because in their eyes, she was not worth it.

But it didn’t matter. She had the ability to get what she wanted.

She happily turned on the showerhead and washed off the dirt on her body. All the pain reminded her once again of the glory of being Mu En’s woman.

In the office.

Mu En’s feet were on the desk. He leaned lazily on the large office chair and held the game console in his hand. Without looking up, he asked Lin Xu, “Has she left?”

Lin Xu hurriedly said, “She left in the afternoon. She left happily.”

Mu En sneered. “Women are so stupid. Let’s keep that room for her.”

Lin Xu smiled and said, “It’s a huge honor to be able to make Second Young Master spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to fake Madam’s necklace. You even left her an exclusive room. Her treatment is good!”

Mu En’s hands did not stop. He smiled and said, “In terms of quality, she’s worth it. She wants to marry into the Mu Family, so I’ll let her live in a dream. Isn’t that good? Grandpa and my mother are watching me closely now. Those with similar family backgrounds are not easy to touch. It’s rare to meet such a person with good endurance. Moreover, I can use her to disgust my good brother and sister-in-law. It’s really worth it!”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 66 - 66 A Gift From The Heavens