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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 65 - 65 Trick To Deceive

65 Trick To Deceive

Mu Ci frowned. “Why did you get Xiaobai to help you with the medical records? Can’t you just get Uncle Liu to help you get them?”

Bei Shuo shook her head. She grabbed Mu Ci’s hand and was about to go into the room to look at her computer when she realized that something was wrong. She left Mu Ci behind. “Don’t go out. There’s someone outside. Wait for me. I’ll be back soon!”

She hurried back to get her computer. Just as she opened the photo and wanted to show it to Mu Ci, she remembered to ask, “Brother, are you free? Why don’t I look for you when you’re free?”

Mu Ci pressed down on her hand that was about to close the computer. He looked at the screen and said coldly, “I’m free. Tell me now.”


Seeing this, Bei Shuo quickly sat down and turned on his computer. “I’ve looked at the medical records Uncle Liu gave me and didn’t find any problems. However, Brother has been poisoned for a long time. If you were treated by a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, no matter how average his skills are, it’s impossible for him not to notice. Therefore, I suspect that there might be a problem with the traditional Chinese medicine doctor.”

Bei Shuo quickly found a picture and then another. “Brother Stone, look. These two pictures have the same date, but the content is a little different.”

Mu Ci leaned over and looked at it carefully. “Is there anything on the other prescription?”

Bei Shuo nodded. “From this prescription, I deduced that Brother’s condition at that time was to use warm and nourishing medicine. However, these two medicines were cold. Although two of the medicines in the entire prescription might be related to some of the patient’s illnesses at that time, based on what I know, these two medicines are very unreasonable. This is because in the next cycle, these two medicines disappeared. After that, they became regular. They would happen every two years and last for about a year. This is completely illogical. Brother, look at the time and recall. Did you feel unwell during that period?”

Mu Ci had already seen the time on the prescription and remained calm.

Bei Shuo shook her head. “It’s been a few years. I don’t think Brother can remember anymore. After that, his prescriptions became bolder and bolder. Sometimes, it lacked one or two supplementary ingredients. Sometimes, he added some ingredients that were not only unreasonable, but also slightly poisonous.”

Mu Ci looked at the two pictures carefully and asked, “Uncle Liu gave you the normal prescription. Did Xiaobai give you the prescription for the prescription with extra medicine?”

Bei Shuo shook her head. “No, Xiaobai was the one who gave me the normal prescription. Uncle Liu was the one who gave me the prescription for the extra medicine. It was the medicine you took. I’m also curious. Isn’t he afraid that someone will check on him? Or maybe when he didn’t add anything, someone would review his prescription. Then how did he know that someone would review his prescription? The most likely possibility is that someone came with him, so the prescription was normal. But later on, that person stopped coming, or that person colluded with him.”

Bei Shuo thought about it and saw that Mu Ci’s expression was getting more and more serious. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Brother, I’m just making a deduction. I don’t have any concrete evidence.”

Mu Ci stroked Bei Shuo’s head gently. “No, your deduction makes sense. We’re not police officers. We don’t need any concrete evidence.”

Bei Shuo was stunned. “But—”

Mu Ci hugged Bei Shuo and rested his chin on her shoulder. He said sadly, “Bei Shuo, promise me that you won’t leave me.”

Bei Shuo’s body stiffened for a moment before he reached out to hug Mu Ci. “Alright, I won’t leave. I won’t leave Brother. I don’t have anywhere else to go. Since Brother has taken me in, of course I have to stay here forever.”

Mu Ci gritted his teeth and continued to hug Bei Shuo, feeling even sadder. “Bei Shuo, even my parents don’t care about my life. Other than Uncle Liu, there’s no one else I can trust. Other than you and Grandpa, no one else cares about me.”

Bei Shuo patted Mu Ci’s back. “It’s alright. You still have me. I’ll protect you in the future! We’re not afraid of anyone! I won’t let anyone hurt you!”

Mu Ci tightened his grip. “Bei Shuo, I just want a healthy body, a home of my own, someone I love and who loves me.”

Bei Shuo nodded and reached out to stroke Mu Ci’s head. “Brother Stone, I love you. You’ll have me love you in the future. I’ll cure your illness and give you a healthy body. Our family, our family of two, will definitely be very happy!”

Bei Shuo’s heart ached. She couldn’t wait to find a way to soothe the pain in Mu Ci’s heart. It seemed that the pain in his brother’s heart was worse than his illness.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 65 - 65 Trick To Deceive