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63 A Favor

Bei Le held back her tears and asked softly, “Brother Mu En, are you sincere?”

Mu En propped his head on his elbows and smiled. “Of course it’s true. How can I lie to a young lady?”

Bei Le’s tears still fell. “Will Brother Mu En only love me in the future?”

Mu En thought for a moment. “Yes—”

Bei Le reached out her index finger and placed it on Mu En’s lips. She said with tears in her eyes, “Brother Mu En, don’t say it. Don’t say it. I know you like sensible and obedient girls. I’ll be sensible and obedient in the future. If you don’t love me alone now, I’ll work hard and make you only love me in the future! Okay?”

This was the first time Mu En heard such fresh comments. He couldn’t help but laugh. After laughing, he kissed Bei Le’s face. “You’re so cute! I like you more and more.”

Bei Le’s tense heart finally relaxed a little. She felt that the pain in her entire body seemed to have lessened.

“By the way, why did you look for me yesterday? Is there a problem with your family’s business?” Mu En suddenly remembered something serious.

Bei Le felt more at ease. Mu En still had her in his heart.

She hurriedly said, “When my sister married into the Mu Family, Brother-in-law promised to give us the 20 million yuan project. However, that project suddenly stopped the day before yesterday. My father doesn’t know why, but he wants you to help us ask.”

Mu En raised his eyebrows habitually. “My brother gave it to your family. Why don’t you ask my brother?”

Bei Le looked down with a troubled expression. “How can my sister be willing to help us? She only wants to cut ties with us and hates us for marrying her to a dying person. My father can’t talk to Brother-in-law at all, so we can only rely on you for this matter, Brother Mu En.”

Mu En’s gaze was cold, but he smiled gently. “Why is this small matter making things so difficult for you?”

He reached out to pick up his cell phone from the bedside table and called Lin Xu. “Xu, go ask why the Bei Family’s project was stopped.”

Lin Xu didn’t need to ask and replied, “Second Young Master, why are you asking about this? I just met Uncle Liu and heard him instructing that project to start. There should be a problem with a supplier previously.”

“Oh, so it has nothing to do with the Bei Family?” Mu En asked.

Lin Xu did not understand. “Yes.”

Mu En glanced at Bei Le, who was looking at him eagerly. He coughed lightly and instructed Lin Xu, “Tell them to start work. Don’t make things difficult for the Bei Family. The Bei Family is our Mu Family’s in-laws. Tell them to keep their eyes open and not make things difficult for us! Tell them to look for me if they need anything.”

Lin Xu immediately understood. “Alright, Second Young Master. I’ll do it immediately.”

Mu En put Lin Xu’s answer on speaker.

He threw his cell phone back on the bedside table and reached out to pull Bei Le into his arms. He kissed her fiercely. “Are you relieved now, baby?”

Bei Le leaned into Mu En’s arms in satisfaction, pride rising in her heart.

“I’m going to a meeting. Sleep a little longer. This will be our secret base in the future. I hope I can see you here often.” Mu En got up and covered Bei Le with the blanket again. He did not forget to kiss her forehead.

Bei Le’s heart was extremely sweet. She nodded gently and closed her eyes.

Finally, she succeeded.


Bei Shuo woke up in Mu Ci’s arms. She sat up in a daze. “Eh? Didn’t I sleep on the sofa? Why am I here?”

Mu Ci looked at her speechlessly.

Bei Shuo yawned. She closed her eyes and grabbed Mu Ci’s wrist to take his pulse. She muttered to himself, “It’s still alright.”

She let go of Mu Ci’s hand and turned to get out of bed, but Mu Ci pulled her back.

Bei Shuo turned around with a start and bumped into Mu Ci’s increasingly muscular chest.

“Ouch.” Bei Shuo rubbed her nose and pushed Mu Ci away.

Mu Ci was furious. “Bei Shuo!”

“Huh?” Bei Shuo looked at him.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” she asked him with concern.

“Am I just a patient in your eyes?” Mu Ci gritted his teeth and slowly asked.

Bei Shuo nodded. “Yes, you’re a patient.”

“You—” Mu Ci grabbed Bei Shuo’s hand. He was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He felt that even if he didn’t die of illness, he would be angered to death by this girl sooner or later.

Seeing Mu Ci’s cold expression, Bei Shuo came to a realization. “Oh, oh, you’re still my Brother Stone. You’re not just a patient, not just a patient!”

She smiled and reached out to pinch Mu Ci’s face.

Mu Ci grabbed her hand and pounced forward, pushing her onto the bed. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’m still your husband!”

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