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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 62 - 62 Frightened Subordinates

62 Frightened Subordinates



“Have you checked the Internet cable? Is there a problem?” Mu Ci interrupted them before they could speak.

“Boss, we must have seen wrongly just now.”


“Otherwise, we must be too tired and hallucinating.”

Mu Ci’s expression was not good as he glared at them. “In your hearts, I’ll never be able to get a wife in my life, right?”

No one dared to speak in the video.

Mu Ci pointed the camera at Bei Shuo, who was concentrating on uploading the photos.

“Remember, this is Bei Shuo, my wife. I’ve signed a prenuptial agreement, which is equivalent to making a will. If I’m not around one day, all my assets will belong to her. You will work for her the way you work for me.” Mu Ci turned the computer back. His voice was as calm as if he was narrating what dishes he had for dinner.

“Boss!” The four of them exclaimed in unison, causing Bei Shuo to look over in shock.

Mu Ci glanced at Bei Shuo gently before saying to his subordinate, “There’s no need to be shocked. I’m alive and well.”

“Boss, what happened on your side? Uncle Liu didn’t report anything.”

“Book a flight. Book a flight. We have to go back!”

Mu Ci slowly stood up from his chair under the anxious voices of the four of them.

The voices from the computer suddenly disappeared.

The four faces were stunned.

Mu Ci pushed the chair away and took a few steps steadily under everyone’s gaze. Then, he turned around and walked back to sit on the chair again. He was very satisfied with the shock on the four faces. A smile couldn’t help but climb onto his lips. “See? I’m alive and well. My wife cured my leg. She even said that I won’t die as long as she’s around.”

He turned to look at Bei Shuo. “Isn’t that right, lass?”

Bei Shuo had already transferred the photos over. She walked over. “What?”

“Will you not let me die as long as you’re around?” Mu Ci looked up at her and smiled.

Bei Shuo patted her chest proudly. “Of course.”

Bei Shuo turned around and saw the four faces on the computer screen in front of Mu Ci. He was stunned. “Brother is in a meeting? Didn’t they disconnect?”

She didn’t listen to Mu Ci’s conversation just now.

Mu Ci laughed.

Bei Shuo waved her cell phone. “You guys go ahead. I have something to do.”

She reached out to pick up the laptop and waved at Mu Ci and his computer screen.

The study door closed.

After a minute, there was complete silence.

The people on the screen were dumbfounded when Bei Shuo floated past them with the laptop in her arms. Even through the computer screen, they could clearly see that the laptop that had been taken away was their boss’s life!

It was also theirs!

They could believe that the sky was raining red rain. After all, anything was possible.

However, it was impossible for their boss to walk or marry a wife. It was impossible for him to casually let someone upload pictures onto a computer that he deemed more important than his life.

“I want to take annual leave. I want to go back.” A dreamy voice sounded softly.

“Book a plane ticket now, immediately!”

“Me too, me too!”

“I’m going offline. See you back home!”

Mu Ci calmly turned off the computer, sat on the chair, stretched, and smiled at the ceiling.

How nice!

It was good to be alive!

It was great to have Bei Shuo!

From then on, his world had color and light. He also had a different motivation than before.


When Bei Le woke up, the sky was already slightly bright.

She did not wake up from her sleep, but from her coma.

A pain seized her and Bei Le could not tell where the pain came from.

She moved her body slightly. “Mmm—”

The pain that was everywhere made her moan.

Before her pain could ease, a large hand grabbed the softness of her chest forcefully. Bei Le cried out in pain. A low and pure voice chuckled beside her ear. “You’re awake? Are you feeling well? You’re amazing! I love you to death.”

Bei Le’s body instinctively trembled.

Memories rushed into her brain.

Last night was equivalent to walking through hell for her.

Mu En’s kiss pressed down heavily. Bei Le’s heart tightened and she almost couldn’t breathe.

Mu En let go of her and stuck his fingers in her hair. A handsome smile was reflected in front of her. That smile was evil and wild, making her feel a chill from the bottom of her heart.

“You really didn’t disappoint me. Little baby, you’re really a natural beauty. I love you to death! Tell me, what do you want me to do for you? I’ll satisfy you as long as I can!” Mu En was satisfied like a beast after a full meal.


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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 62 - 62 Frightened Subordinates