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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 61 - 61 She Did It Voluntarily

61 She Did It Voluntarily

Bei Le’s eyes were filled with love as she nodded shyly.

Mu En was very satisfied. He held Bei Le’s hand and guided her to satisfy him.

Bei Le dodged back in fear and fell onto the carpet.

Mu En raised his eyebrows and sat on the sofa, looking down at her. “Why? You’re not willing?”


Bei Le was a little flustered. “Brother Mu En, I-I don’t like this.”

Her heart began to race.

Before Mu En, she and Gu Ming did not go overboard. Instead of saying that she had a strict upbringing and a good foster mother, it was better to say that in Bei Le’s heart, she always felt that Gu Ming was one step away from her ideals. Hence, she would always protect herself and wait for a time when she could get the best price.

Mu En smiled. “Oh? You don’t like it? Then what should I do? I like obedient and sensible girls!”

Bei Le lowered her eyes, feeling conflicted.

However, Mu En stood up and said in disappointment, “Then go back. I’ll see if I can get anyone else. How disappointing!”

He had just taken a step when Bei Le grabbed the hem of his bathrobe. “Brother Mu En!”

Mu En looked down at her. There was no smile on his face anymore.

Bei Le shook her head with tears in her eyes. “No—”

“No?” Mu En asked calmly.

Bei Le cried aggrievedly. “Don’t look for anyone else.”

Mu En was expressionless.

Bei Le got up and reached out to hug Mu En. She tiptoed and kissed his lips gently, only stopping when she couldn’t breathe properly.

Mu En did not respond to her. He hugged her back with one hand in the end.

Bei Le lay on Mu En’s chest and panted. “Brother Mu En, don’t abandon me. I’ll listen to you. I’ll listen to you, okay? Promise me that you won’t leave me!”

Mu En smiled mockingly and lifted her chin with his hand. “Are you really willing to listen to me?”

Bei Le hurriedly nodded.

Mu En exhaled softly and blew beside Bei Le’s ear. “I don’t like to force others.”

Bei Le was ticklish and dodged. She buried her face in Mu En’s chest and said coquettishly, “I did it willingly, Brother Mu En.”

Mu En finally regained his usual smile. “I like sensible and obedient girls.”

Bei Le hurriedly nodded and looked up at Mu En affectionately.

Mu En smiled at her and pulled her hand to guide her. His other hand pressed on her shoulder, making her kneel at his feet.

Bei Le’s mind was filled with scenes of her glorious future as the young mistress of the Mu Family.

In the future, she would be the legitimate Second Young Mistress of the Mu Family. It was useless for that country bumpkin to enter the family earlier than her. She would definitely make all the women in the city look up to her.

She slowly closed her eyes. This was just a little fun between husband and wife. It was a blessing to be able to marry a man like Mu En!

On the other hand, Bei Shuo took Xiaobai’s cell phone and flipped through the photos one by one. Her expression gradually turned serious.

“Young Madam, what’s wrong?” Xiaobai asked in confusion. Young Madam’s expression made her a little nervous.

Bei Shuo waved her cell phone. “Xiaobai, I want to download these photos to the computer and take a look at them slowly.”

Xiaobai nodded.

Bei Shuo knocked on Mu Ci’s study door. Mu Ci was having a video conference. Bei Shuo was about to leave when Mu Ci raised his hand and called her, “Come here.”

Bei Shuo could only walk in.

Mu Ci pulled her to his side and pointed at the screen in front of her. “Let’s get to know each other. These are my companions.”

Bei Shuo was surprised to see the four faces on the screen.

“This is my wife, Bei Shuo.” Mu Ci tilted the computer slightly so that the camera could frame the two of them. He kissed the back of Bei Shuo’s hand gently.



“Sister-in-law? We have a sister-in-law?”

“No way? Is there a problem with the Internet?”

After the four different voices and the chaos, the screen turned black and the meeting was interrupted.

“What’s wrong with them?” Bei Shuo was confused.

Mu Ci held her hand to his lips to hide his smile. “It’s fine. Their brains short-circuited.”

While the four idiots were checking their networks, Mu Ci asked Bei Shuo, “Are you looking for me?”

Bei Shuo nodded. “I need a computer.”

She waved the cell phone in her hand.

Mu Ci pointed at the other laptop on the desk. “Use that one first. I’ll give you a new one tomorrow. You need to use it when school starts.”

Bei Shuo didn’t decline. She turned on the computer and connected to her cell phone to upload the photos.

The screen in front of Mu Ci lit up again.

Seeing that he was alone, four deep breaths of relief came from the computer.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 61 - 61 She Did It Voluntarily