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An Unreasonable Mother

Bei Shuo could not take it anymore. She stood up and shielded Mu Ci behind her. “Madam Mu, are you here to look for me or to see your son?”

Without waiting for Duan Si to answer, Bei Shuo continued, “If you’re here to look for me, please make it quick. I’m busy here. In any case, I doubt you’re here to see me. If you’re here to see your son, please take a look at him!”

Duan Si was speechless. “You—”

Song Nan lowered her eyes and said gently in an apologetic tone, “Bei Shuo, she’s here to see Mu Ci and find out how he’s doing. My apologies. She’s overwhelmed with worry, so she tends to have a short temper. Please don’t take offense.”

Bei Shuo could not help but take a few more glances at her. This girl really knew how to talk.

As the saying goes, one should not slap a smiling person. Bei Shuo softened her tone and said calmly, “He was deeply poisoned. Because he was treated in time, he’s getting better now, but I’m afraid it will take some time.”

“Then, then he won’t die… I mean does this mean his life is no longer in danger?” Song Nan asked tactfully in a polite tone.

“He’s good. He won’t die.” Bei Shuo answered candidly.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Song Nan’s face as tears welled up in her eyes. “I-I didn’t mean that.”

Bei Shuo was puzzled.

What did she mean?

Moreover, why did she look indignant? She looked like she was about to cry. What was she trying to do?

Just as she was feeling puzzled, someone knocked on the door and four to five people in white coats entered. “Madam, we’re here.”

Duan Si immediately became smug.

“Perfect timing. Hurry up and see how my son is doing. Quickly give him a comprehensive examination!” Duan Si said to the doctor in the lead.

Bei Shuo immediately became alert. She could not help but take a step forward. Just as she was about to speak, Liu Ming had already rushed forward. “Wait! Who are you?!”

Duan Si screamed, “Liu Ming, they’re doctors from our family’s hospital! I was the one who asked them to treat Mu Ci! Whether Mu Ci is sick or poisoned, we have to get a proper doctor to treat him, right? He’s my son and the young master of the Mu family. How can he casually find a country bumpkin to treat him? If my son dies, can anyone pay for it?”

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and see how the young master is doing,” Duan Si ordered the white coats.

Liu Ming spread his arms and stood in front of Bei Shuo. “Stop! It’s not appropriate for Young Master to move now. Please leave!”

The leading doctor hurriedly said, “We won’t move Young Master. We’ll give him a checkup.”

“No need!” Liu Ming said coldly.

The doctor was in a difficult position. He could only turn around and ask Duan Si for help.

Duan Si stepped forward and raised her hand to slap Liu Ming. “Who do you think you are? Why don’t you let my son see a doctor?”

Bei Shuo was shocked. She did not expect Duan Si to hit Liu Ming. She immediately questioned, “What right do you have to hit him?”

Liu Ming reached out and blocked Bei Shuo behind him. He did not care about the slap he had just received and said stiffly, “Madam, Old Master has already handed Young Master’s matters to Young Madam.”

When Duan Si heard this, she more or less cowered.

Song Nan said softly, “Uncle Liu, Auntie is also concerned about Mu Ci. After all, Mu Ci is her biological son. Which mother wouldn’t be worried about her son’s condition? It’s not that Auntie doesn’t trust Bei Shuo. She just wants the doctor to do some routine checkups on Mu Ci. I’m sure this will only serve to complement Bei Shuo’s treatment, right?”

Her words were watertight. Bei Shuo could not help but admire Song Nan.

With Song Nan’s explanation, Duan Si became even more self-righteous. “Liu Ming, what do you mean by stopping me like this? What did you do to my son? Why didn’t you let the doctor examine him?”

“What do you want to examine?” Old Master Mu’s stern voice came from the door.

Liu Ming and Bei Shuo heaved a sigh of relief. Bei Shuo saw that Liu Ming’s shoulders had obviously collapsed. He was clearly nervous just now.

Mu Chen walked in majestically with his cane.

“Grandpa Mu.” Song Nan greeted him obediently.

Mu Chen responded indifferently.

“Dad, I asked our doctors to come over and take a look at Mu Ci. Is there anything wrong with doing some routine checkups? Liu Ming and this girl are stopping me. Could it be that they’re plotting something? If they harm Mu Ci, how am I going to live?” Duan Si struck first, forcing out a few tears.

Mu Chen looked at her. “Did you ignore what I said yesterday? I told you, I’ve left Mu Ci to Bei Shuo. They’re husband and wife. Bei Shuo is confident that she can cure Mu Ci’s illness. Why did you have to do this?”

“Dad, how can you trust this girl from the countryside so easily?” Duan Si stomped her feet.

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