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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 148 - 147 A Big Payoff For A Small Effort

147 A Big Payoff For A Small Effort

“I didn’t expect this woman to not only have a good life but also have brilliant methods! Seeing that the Mu Family members were embarrassed, she took the initiative to visit and made it clear that she wouldn’t enter the Mu Family and wouldn’t make things difficult for the Mu Family and Mr. Mu. She has the ability to raise her daughter alone. It has nothing to do with the Mu Family.”

“What she did made the Mu Family, who was on high alert, helpless. In the end, the old lady made the decision to let that child take the surname Mu and name her Mu Yao. However, they let her raised the child. From then on, the Mu Family took a nonchalant attitude towards this mistress.” Song Nan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Humans have double standards, don’t you think?” Song Nan drank the tea in one gulp and poured herself another cup.

This was the first time Bei Shuo had heard the full story. She took a sip of tea silently.


Song Nan raised an eyebrow at Bei Shuo. “You also think that this is a happy ending, right?”

Bei Shuo didn’t say anything. She wasn’t qualified to comment on this.

Song Nan sighed. “You realized it too, right? There’s someone in this story who has always been neglected, and that’s the legitimate Eldest Madam. She married into the Mu Family according to the family’s arrangements and wanted to get along with her husband and wife. At least, they should respect each other. They didn’t expect her to be in such a dire state. She was slapped in the face by the Mu Family and still couldn’t keep the man. It became her fault. Fortunately, Old Master and Old Madam felt that they owed her, so they protected her in every way possible, allowing her, the eldest branch’s Madam, to have her current status.”

Song Nan looked at Bei Shuo. Seeing that she was silent, Song Nan asked, “What’s wrong? Are you frightened? Do you find it hard to accept that this rich and powerful family is so dirty behind their glamorous appearance?”

Bei Shuo didn’t fall for her trap. She said calmly, “It has nothing to do with me!”

“You… you’re the Eldest Young Madam of the Mu Family now!” Song Nan gritted her teeth.

This person was really unreasonable! She glared at Bei Shuo.

Bei Shuo looked at Song Nan and smiled. “I thought you wouldn’t admit that I’m the Mu Family’s Eldest Young Madam!”

They say that others had double standards, but didn’t they do the same?

Ignoring Song Nan’s expression, Bei Shuo said calmly, “Miss Song, if you really want to protect Madam, you should throw the things out when Mu Yao sends them over and express Madam’s attitude. You shouldn’t come over to paper over it when Madam flares up at Mu Ci. You just want to please both sides. No, please all three sides, you don’t even want to offend Mu Yao and Lin Jun. You hope that everyone will say good things about you.”

“As for why you told me, I think it’s because you don’t care if you offend me. In this family, do you think the only person you can control is me? If you can subdue me, you can have another outlet to vent your anger from now on. In addition, you’re telling me this because you have too much on your mind and no one to confide in. Because no one in the real Mu family cares about what you’re saying.”

Song Nan’s face turned pale. She stood up and looked down at Bei Shuo. “You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

Bei Shuo looked up at her. “So what if I know what’s good for me? Am I standing with you? How can you let me be your ally? In your heart, I’m not worthy.”

Song Nan could not say a word. She turned around and left.

Bei Shuo looked at her back view and muttered, “You can’t take it anymore? Are you angry from embarrassment? If you’re angry from embarrassment, how can you scheme against others?

Unexpectedly, Song Nan suddenly stopped in front of the door. She turned around and said coldly, “Do you think you’re really the Eldest Young Madam of the Mu Family? Dream on.”

Before Bei Shuo could reply, Song Nan left proudly.

Bei Shuo laughed. She shook her head and continued with her homework.

Mu Ci gestured to Liu Ming. “Let’s go back first.”

Liu Ming pushed the wheelchair and lamented, “Eldest Young Madam’s idea is really brilliant.”

Mu Ci lowered his head and smiled. “Everyone thinks that she’s easy to bully and treats her as a soft persimmon. She doesn’t understand their thoughts, but she knows her own intentions very well. It’s already not easy for her to do this. I can’t be by her side all the time. I’m relieved that she can protect herself from harm.”

Liu Ming said, “Eldest Young Madam is a pure and innocent person. Don’t worry, Young Master.”

Mu Ci nodded. “Uncle Liu, the demons and monsters have appeared one after another. We have to buck up. We have to clear the fog and see who’s behind it and what their goal is. I don’t like this passive situation of being led around.”

“Yes, Young Master,” Liu Ming replied.

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 148 - 147 A Big Payoff For A Small Effort