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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady!
Chapter 146 - 146 The Mu Family’s Past

146 The Mu Family’s Past

“Mr. Mu didn’t know about this. The Mu Family threatened him with the safety of An Ya and her niece, Lin Jun, to marry the eldest daughter of the Duan Family and go on a honeymoon. The eldest daughter of the Duan Family was pregnant and was about to give birth. Only then did Mr. Mu find out that An Ya was no longer alive. He was so sad that he abandoned his wife, who was about to give birth, and ran away from home.”

“The eldest daughter of the Duan Family was agitated and gave birth early. She almost died, so his mother didn’t like him from the moment that child was born. Because in his mother’s heart, it was this child that dragged her back and made her unable to keep her husband.” Song Nan said calmly without any emotion in her tone.

Only then did Bei Shuo understand why Eldest Madam Duan Si didn’t like Mu Ci. It was because she was angry.

“Does Brother Mu Ci know this reason?” Bei Shuo murmured.


Song Nan shook her head and smiled. “Does it matter? Even if someone says this reason, can Mu Ci accept it? Will Madam admit it? The onlookers will always understand the logic. Those who are involved are unwilling to admit it.”

Indeed, Bei Shuo nodded in agreement.

“Did they find Mr. Mu later?” Bei Shuo was attracted by the story and asked.

“Of course. Mr. Mu is the eldest son of a family like the Mu Family. It’s impossible for him to wander outside. How big can this world be? How difficult can it be to find someone with the Mu Family’s financial resources?”

A mocking smile appeared on Song Nan’s lips. “The Mu Family used the excuse that Old Madam was seriously ill and wanted to see him one last time to trick Mr. Mu back home. At that time, Old Madam Mu was indeed seriously ill. Mr. Mu didn’t have any feelings for Madam and Mu Ci, but he was still extremely filial to Old Madam. Old Madam was happy to see her son again and finally survived that illness. Among them, it could be considered everyone’s joint efforts. Madam’s relationship with Mr. Mu eased, so there was Mu En.”

So that was the case. Bei Shuo couldn’t help but nod with a sigh.

“Then, what happened after that?” Bei Shuo couldn’t help but ask. The key figure hadn’t appeared yet.

“Later on, a few years later, Eldest Madam realized that Mr. Mu was having an affair again. They had already lived a peaceful life for a few years. Madam finally relaxed, but Mr. Mu… She almost went crazy. She used all means to find out who the woman outside was and wished she could kill her.”

“But Mr. Mu is also very experienced. He protected that woman very well. Neither the Mu Family nor the Duan Family could find out who that woman was. Madam was on the verge of collapse and didn’t even take it to heart that her eldest son was kidnapped, injured and crippled. At this moment, her eldest son reminded her of her past pain. She hates him.” Song Nan sighed.

“There’s really no reason to explain a person’s life. Mu Ci was born from the same mother, but Mu En was the product of Madam’s short-lived beautiful memories, so Madam gave all her love to Mu En.” Song Nan’s voice was filled with pity.

Bei Shuo could not agree with this unreasonable conclusion. She could not help but frown.

Song Nan understood what Bei Shuo wanted to say, but she didn’t want her to say it, so she said, “Don’t you want to know who Mr. Mu’s woman is outside?”

“Isn’t it Lin Jun?” Bei Shuo asked bluntly. She wasn’t that stupid. She was just making things complicated. The truth was right there. Was there a need to guess?

Song Nan rolled her eyes at her boring and low IQ.

“That’s right, it’s Lin Jun. Lin Jun is An Ya’s niece. She looks 70% to 80% like her aunt. She’s an orphan and was raised by her aunt. The Mu Family threatened An Ya and her safety back then, but in reality, they couldn’t find Lin Jun. She was safely hidden by An Ya and she prepared sufficient funds for her to receive a good education. Mr. Mu probably only loves her because of her aunt. He doesn’t seem to really love her very much, or he’s just angry at the Mu Family.”

Bei Shuo recalled how Mu Guo’s family of three looked together. He felt that Song Nan’s words were not objective, but rather self-comforting. Lin Jun had a natural sense of peace. Even women would be attracted to her, let alone men.

“However, that woman was extremely lucky. The old lady of the Mu Family was seriously ill again and needed a bone marrow transplant. She couldn’t find a suitable match. In the end, it was Lin Jun’s daughter’s umbilical cord blood that saved the old lady. Lin Jun went from a mistress who couldn’t see the light of day to a benefactor of the Mu Family, putting the Mu Family in an extremely awkward situation.”

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The Miracle Doctor's Wife is Not a Weak Lady! Chapter 146 - 146 The Mu Family’s Past