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Life Is Difficult

“Bei Shuo, you are the biological daughter of the family. We also raised Bei Le from a young age. We treat the two of you equally. You both have to think about the future of the clan. It is an honor to marry into the Mu family. Sadly, Bei Le’s health is not good, and she has a timid personality. She is unlike you. You grew up in the countryside and can adapt to the environment. Just think about it. This is also your best way out!” Shen Yu advised her daughter earnestly.

Looking at her mother, who looked a little similar to her, Bei Shuo could not help but sigh in her heart.

Shen Yu had been harping on the subject for three days. Initially, Shen Yu brought the matter up casually. Now, Shen Yu was saying it to her face.

“Forget it, cut the crap! She grew up in the countryside. Do you expect her to understand anything?” Her father, Bei De, interrupted Shen Yu impatiently.

“Let me give it to you straight! Bei Shuo, you have to marry into the Mu family no matter what. This is your responsibility as the daughter of the Shen family! You have no right to refuse! Our project worth 20 million is currently in the hands of the Mu family. If we don’t get this business deal from the Mu family, the family is dead meat!” Bei De said coldly.

Bei Shuo slowly raised her head and swept her hand through her shoulder-length hair, revealing a fair face. A pair of clear eyes swept across everyone’s faces.

Bei Le was sitting at the side and gloating. She could not help but feel suffocated. She really could not understand how this country bumpkin who grew up in the countryside could have such a pretty face and beautiful eyes. Not only did she look very much like her mother, but her complexion was also very good! It was really infuriating. She wished she could reach out and scratch her face. Every time she looked at this face, her heart would go crazy.

Before Bei Shuo could speak, Bei Le’s tears fell. “Dad, why are you so fierce to her? She’s your biological daughter and I’m just a foster daughter! You should marry me into the Mu family and let her marry into the Gu family. I’m sure the Gu family will treat her well…”

Bei Le choked and could not continue.

Shen Yu’s heart was about to break. She quickly pulled Bei Le into her arms. “Baby, don’t cry. Please don’t cry. How can that do? We can’t let you do that. Gu Ming has such a good temper. He will definitely treat you well. Only when you are happy can I be happy! Please don’t cry, my dear.”

Shen Yu hugged Bei Le and slapped Bei Shuo’s back fiercely. She said hatefully, “Say something! Do you have to act like we are forcing you against your will? We’re telling you to marry into the top wealthy family in M City and not forcing you to be a prostitute. What’s your problem? Why are you so selfish? Can you bear to see your little sister cry like this?”

The slap on her back was a little painful.

Bei Shuo straightened her back and cleared her throat. “Alright, I’ll marry him.”

Bei Le stopped crying. The three of them looked at Bei Shuo in unison, their eyes filled with surprise and relief.

“But I have a condition,” Bei Shuo said slowly.

Bei De frowned. “What right do you have to bargain?”

“Okay, go ahead.” Shen Yu quickly stopped Bei De, not letting him continue. The most important thing now was to make Bei Shuo marry into the Mu family and make her stick to her promise.

Bei Shuo’s expression was very calm. “Will you get the project if I marry the guy from the Mu family?”

“Yes, yes.” Shen Yu hurriedly nodded.

“What guy? How can you say that? That was rude!” Bei De was very annoyed.

“Young… Young Master Mu’s name is Mu Ci,” Bei Le whispered as if the name was a hot potato in her mouth.

Bei Shuo did not care what his name was even if it sounded like a dog breed. To her, it made no difference.

“Alright, I’ll help you make a business deal worth $20 million. You gave birth to me and raised me, but consider the favor returned. From now on, we don’t owe each other anything. We’ll cut ties and not interact anymore, okay?”

The three of them were stunned.

Bei De said anxiously, “What nonsense are you talking about? You are our daughter and you’re marrying into the Mu family. In the future, we’ll be in-laws with the Mu family. How could we avoid interaction?”

Bei Shuo looked at him. “Then I won’t marry.”

“You—” Bei De was so angry that he really wanted to slap the girl in front of him.

After all, she did not grow up with him, so she did not care about him at all.

Bei Shuo said calmly, “You can’t have everything you want. For the sake of kinship, you married your foster daughter into a good family even though the family can’t bring you benefits. Since you want your biological daughter to marry into the Mu family for the sake of money and power, then you can’t expect me to do anything on account of kinship, right?”

Bei De choked.

Bei Le cried as she said in a meek tone, “How could you be so harsh? Are you still blaming Mom and Dad? Don’t blame them. It’s all my fault. I stole your happiness and your home. It’s all my fault! I… I don’t even know my background. I don’t belong here. I, I’d better leave…”

Bei Le cried miserably and looked powerless. Shen Yu’s heart ached terribly. She hugged Bei Le and refused to let go. “Where do you think you’re going? Are you trying to kill me? You’ve been by my side ever since you were just a year old and you’re my biological daughter! This will always be your home! You can’t leave no matter who leaves! It will kill me if you leave!”

“Mom—” Bei Le and Shen Yu hugged each other and cried.

Bei Shuo looked at them calmly, her heart in turmoil.

The person in front of her was her biological parents and foster little sister who was not related by blood.

She was lost when she was slightly over a year old and was only found by her biological parents a month ago.

Her master had once said that a cute child like her must have a particularly warm home. Her parents must love her very much.

Once upon a time, she used to feel the same way strongly.

However, they were sorely mistaken. She did not expect after returning to this house, her master and herself had overestimated kinship and human nature.

After she went missing, her father adopted an orphan from an orphanage to comfort her mother. She took her place and filled the gap in her mother’s heart.

This family was warm and loving, but it was for Bei Le.

There was no room for her in this house anymore.

Be it her parents or her older brother, they all adored her. Bei Le was engaged to marry into the Gu family ever since she was young and they liked her as well. Everyone liked the beautiful, gentle, and cultured Miss Bei Le from the Bei family.

As for Bei Shuo, she was just a wild girl who grew up in the countryside. Other than looking similar to Madam Bei, she was useless. She could not be compared to Bei Le.

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