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The Lord Is Too Overbearing
Chapter 21 The Nail Which Sticks Out, Will Be Hammered Down (4)

The deal was quickly established, and starting from the next day, Basil would be officially a third year student at Stardust Academy. He hadn't expected that he would get an unexpected boon from the headmaster.

Surely, Basil was someone who had never looked a gift horse in the mouth. Therefore, he would take the offer gladly. He knew his own value and thus he had never refused being regarded highly by someone.

If you don't regard yourself highly, who would?

His thought wasn't wrong in the slightest. It could be even considered modest. Grand Circle wasn't meant for everyone. Even in the capital, only few selected people could have it. Therefore, if he wanted to, he could apply himself to the top tier academy in Crownveil Dukedom.

That was the reason why Blake was willing to give his utmost support to Basil just so he could stay in his academy. Simply by having a student with Grand Circle could skyrocket the academy's reputation!

It was a win-win situation for both of them. Basil naturally wouldn't spend most of his time in the academy, it was counterproductive. He would train by himself and reaping the benefits of having a future knowledge. He knew many places where hidden treasures located at!

"I will be looking forward to your support."

"I will be looking forward to your endeavor!"

Both of them smiled in different meanings. Chester who was observing from the side, felt out of place. He held his recommendation letter close to his chest.

'Did I write it in vain?'

He smiled weakly. He had poured his heart into the letter. He used his best flowery words in it. Sadly, in the end it wasn't needed. He would like to weep silently, however he was a strong young man. He could hold his tear!

"Ah, have you written the recommendation letter... Mr. Chester?"

Blake asked Chester suddenly. In response to this, Chester merely smiled brightly and presented him the recommendation letter. Blake was confused by Chester's reaction.

'Why is he so elated? The letter is just for the sake of formality.'

'I didn't write it in vain!'

Quickly taking the recommendation letter, Blake put it in his drawer without even opening it. Chester didn't care about it. He believed that Blake would read the letter someday.

"Alright, we will excuse ourselves. Basil has just returned from his trip and directly headed here. He must be tired. Right?"


"Ah, of course. You may leave. Have a good rest! Tomorrow will be your debut in the third year."

Basil merely nodded his head faintly. He didn't pay any attention to the pleasantries. He was looking at Deacon who was still in his real form. Deacon looked back at him and tilted his head in puzzlement.

'I have to nurture this guy, so he could help me more in the future.'

Basil was thinking about his journey in Vyres with Deacon. Aside from being a ride, Deacon couldn't do much. He could only face First Class beast and low tier Second Class beast, he could be considered weak amongst the Saberwolf.

Luckily, he had his intelligence to cover his weakness. However, it wasn't enough for Basil. Aside from carving his Magic Circle in his way back home, what took him so long to get out of Vyres were the magical beasts that obstructed him.

Some of them were even Third Class Magical Beasts and above. Although Basil knew how to get away from them, it had been quite a close call.

While thinking about this, Basil exited the office together with Chester. Deacon had already reverted back to his small form and sat himself on Basil's shoulder.

"Congratulations on being the third year!"

"I do not feel myself to celebrate."

"Indeed. Though it should have belonged to you in the first place, you should enjoy every little achievements you make."

"What is the point of cherishing a grain, when you have a sack of it?"

"Had the grain not exist, you would not get any sack of it."

They stopped their walk and looked at each other's eyes. They understood each others and nodded in appreciation. Faint smiles adorned their face unconsciously.

β€” You can not get complacent of what you have achieved. However, you should never belittle the small achievements.

Those were the words Chester had said to Basil. Basil accepted it, not because he was enlightened. It was because he appreciated Chester for caring. Advancing in class was really nothing to him. If he were to cheer because that kind of achievement, wouldn't that be awkward? He had achieved far greater things in his last life!

"Then, I will excuse myself here."

"Ah, right. Have a good rest! See you in another chance, Basil!"

"See you in another chance, Mr. Chester."

Chester instinctively said 'another chance', not 'tomorrow'. He had a feeling that he wouldn't meet Basil tomorrow. Luckily, or rather unluckily, his guess was spot on. Basil didn't come to the academy the next day.


The news of Basil's class advancement had already been broadcasted to the whole academy. Everyone was in uproar. That Basil had already bloomed after all. It was simply mind-blowing!

Furthermore, the details of his performance quickly became a hot talk among the students. The people who watched his performance on that fateful day recited the event as detailed as they could.

"He could control fire as if his own arms!"

"It is said that the [Gale] he made was similar to a natural storm!"

"What? He used [Blaze]? Pfft! That was [Hellfire], I told you!"

No one knew who started it, however the story became exaggerated in each day. Therefore, people became tired to hear it as the boundary between the truth and rumours becoming vague. At this point, the only one who could prove the rumour was only Basil himself.

Sadly, he didn't show himself even after a week. Rumours said that he was admitted to a better academy, however the headmaster himself denied this rumour, saying he was still a student of Stardust Academy.

The unexpected reaction from the headmaster created more rumours around him. The headmaster's response signified that he really valued Basil. Thus, people concluded the rumour wasn't entirely false. Therefore, they became more eager to meet Basil in person.

"Do you really not know his whereabouts, Shirley?"

"Yes, I do not know my brother's whereabouts. He just left in the next morning of that day without saying a word to us."


Their disappointment was sincere. They really wanted to know where was Basil. Shirley, who was revealed to be his sister, became the source of information of his whereabouts. She was overwhelmed by their questions.

Already, she wasn't regarded as one of the three pillars in her class anymore, but as Basil's sister. She was saddened and happy at the same time. She was saddened by the fact she was no more recognized for her brilliance, however she felt strangely happy that Basil was her brother.

She couldn't still understand it. All of those bragging she did and the arrogance she showed to Basil was her way to attract his attention. She admired her brother, however due to her parents' influence, she treated Basil wrongly.

Apple doesn't fall far from its tree. However, it is only so because it falls without interference. Shirley was different with her parents. However, she was torn between her nature and her parents' influence. Therefore, he needed someone who could untie the knot in her heart, she was also waiting for Basil.


[Cobham Household]

In the dining room, three people were eating silently. The mood was solemn as no one spoke to each other. The maids also seemed to understand it as they didn't make any sound. Their face wore a solemn expression too.

Only one of them made a bright expression. That was none other than the chief-maid, Irene. She was so happy of her Young Master's success. Years of struggle had finally paid off. In just a day, her Young Master managed to ruin the mood of his parents!

She couldn't be any happier.

'Serves you, huh? Now, the family head will have his position threatened. He must be anxious, right now.'

It was clear that Irene knew something that Basil didn't know. However, what it was, no one could guess.

"Did Basil attend the academy today?"

"No, Father. Brother did not attend the academy."

"I see."

Viscount Nicholas Cobham, the so-called father of Basil, nodded his head grimly. Irene's guess was spot on. He was anxious inside.

'Wasn't he supposed to be a cripple? At this point, my position as the Cobham patriarch may be endangered.'

He exactly thought of the same thing as Irene's guess. It was incomprehensible. How could Basil, his supposed to be son, endangered his position as the Cobham patriarch? No one could understand his thoughts yet, however it would be unveiled soon.

"What about the investigation, Husband?"

"It is still ongoing. They couldn't find his trace. That head of his is really troublesome at times like this."

He had hired people from an information guild to investigate the whereabouts of Basil. He needed them to find Basil so he could congratulate him. If he treated Basil the same as before, he could lose his position as the family head!

A pathetic mentality. Bully the weak, and fear the strong. Such mentality was perfect for someone as petty as him.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Basil wasn't interested in his position. He had never been a Cobham. He was a proud Pacifer! However, none of the people know it. Basil still didn't put Pacifer as his last name. None of them had noticed it, however Basil didn't put any last name when he introduced himself at the academy.

"Husband, I will be having a gathering with my friends tonight. Therefore, I will come home late. Will you mind if I go?"

"No. You may go."

"Thank you."

Nicholas merely smiled weakly. He couldn't care less of his wife's gathering. His mind was on the more important problem. Sadly, he should've been more privy with his wife's gathering, for he would come to regret it someday.

"You are having a gathering more often lately, Mother."

"Yes. It is necessary to expand our family's business. Therefore, I need to participate in every gathering so I could build more relationship with the other ladies."

"I see."

Shirley merely nodded her head. She didn't know why, however she couldn't believe her mother fully lately. Coupled with how tense the house's atmosphere for the entire week, she was stressed out of her mind.

"I am full already. I will go to my room first."

"Are you okay, Honey?"

"Yes, Father. I am just tired."

"Very well, you may have a good rest."

"Should I accompany you tonight, Dear?"

"No, it is fine, Mother."

They were no more than pleasantries. She knew it. The concern was sincere, however none of them really thought of helping her. Their mind was on an entirely different thing that night. Shirley couldn't know it, therefore she was stressed.

She wanted to have a good sleep tonight, however she didn't go to her room. She unconsciously moved her feet to someone's room. The room was neat and simple. The only decoration could be found was a rack full of books. π’Šπ“ƒπ—»π˜³π˜¦πšπ 𝒄o𝓢


It was none other than Basil's room. She sat herself on his bed and brushed her hand on the bed. The bed was comfy, however it was still incomparable to hers. She had never been into his room, so she hadn't known what it looked like.

However, upon seeing the inside of his room, she could see the contrast between his and hers. His room was unbefitting of a Viscount's son. His room was more modest than a merchant's room. Considering how well-off her family was, this was simply mistreatment.

"Uhu... Is this the reason why he always ignores me?"

She put her hand on her chest, while tears fell of her eyes unconsciously. She felt bad for him. How could she know? She was no more than a child who was still inexperienced. She had thought that everything she had done had been right.

When the truth was presented in front of her eyes, she could only weep in regret and fell asleep. The window was opened and it blew her face slowly. She squirmed in the bed because of the cold.

Luckily, she didn't have to feel the cold for long, as someone put a blanket on top of her. She stopped squirming, and only faint sobbing sound could be heard out of her.

"What has happened in a week I have gone?"

A soft voice was reverberated through the room. There was a hint of puzzlement in his voice. The owner of the voice was none other than Basil.

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The Lord Is Too Overbearing Chapter 21 The Nail Which Sticks Out, Will Be Hammered Down (4)