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The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 23 Variant Martial Soul

Chapter 23 – Variant Martial Soul

It twinkled with a blue radiance as it turned translucent, revealing a faint golden light from the veins within. Even as Mang Tian continued to pull at it, it showed no desire of breaking.

However, Tang Wulin felt his soul power throb for a moment before it abruptly decreased.

“Aiyou!” He cried out.

Mang Tian looked towards him in surprise. “Did you feel something?”

Tang Wulin told the truth and said, “It seems like my soul power has been consumed.”

Mang Tian revealed a complex expression as he looked at his disciple. He no longer tried to pull apart the Bluesilver Grass. Instead, he recalled his martial soul and spirit souls, then released the grass.

Tang Ziran anxiously asked, “Brother Mang, what’s the situation?”

Mang Tian gave him a slight smile. “It seems that the Heavens haven’t abandoned this child. I’m certain that his martial soul is a variant and what’s more, it’s a good kind of variant.”

Variant? Tang Wulin was at a loss when he heard this word, as he had never learned anything about variant martial souls.

Mang Tian answered, “Under special circumstances, variations can arise in the martial soul. For example, fusing with a highly compatible or highly incompatible spirit soul or soul ring, or being stimulated by an external factor, will all create the circumstances necessary for variation to occur. It’s also possible for someone to be born with a variant martial soul or that their martial soul undergoes variation during awakening.”

“There are good and bad kinds of variations. It’s possible for a powerful martial soul to be weakened by its variation. On the other hand, it’s also possible for a weak martial soul to become powerful due to the variation.”

His eyes contained a profoundness in them as he looked at Tang Wulin and said, “Everyone knows that Bluesilver Grass is a trash martial soul, but a snake type spirit soul is nevertheless still very suitable for it. Generally speaking, it is possible for Bluesilver Grass to transform into a vine. However, with a martial soul like Bluesilver Grass, the odds of soul power appearing was simply impossibly low. However, I knew someone in the past who also had Bluesilver Grass. When he cultivated to rank 10, he too fused with a snake type spirit soul and his Bluesilver Grass became a vine even thicker than yours. Yet, it was still very weak. I didn’t even need to utilize my martial soul in order to tear it apart.

“However, your Bluesilver Grass is completely different. Even with my first soul skill, I still wasn’t able to tear it apart. Common sense would dictate this to be impossible. This is also the first time that I have seen a martial soul’s strength in relation to one’s soul power. That is to say, it would have been impossible for me to tear apart your Bluesilver Grass until your soul power ran out. I can’t think of any other explanation other than a martial soul variation.”

Tang Wulin sluggishly looked at Mang Tian. “Teacher, so is this is a good thing?”

Mang Tian answered, “Of course this is good. However, it isn’t absolutely good. It’ll all depend on how well you control your martial soul. Logically, when Bluesilver Grass becomes a vine, you should be able to develop towards the control system. Your soul skills should mostly be of the basic harassing vine type. In the scenario that you are able to entwine your opponent, as long as your opponent’s soul power is higher than yours, he’ll be able to struggle free while also exhausting your soul power. Thus, it will turn into a war of attrition. You won’t have any chances of winning in that case. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too bad to use your Bluesilver Grass more like a whip. Moreover, who knows if there’ll be another variation once you obtain your second soul ring. Due to this, I can’t judge how it will turn out in the future, but at the very least, it’s promising. From now on, it’s no longer a trash martial soul. You can consider yourself to have profited from a disaster.”

“Really?” Tang Wulin asked. He looked towards Mang Tian with an expression that revealed his reluctance to believe. It wasn’t a trash martial soul anymore? Even if it’s not a powerful one, at least it’s no longer a trash martial soul!

Mang Tian said with a dull voice, “You saw it just now. My first soul ring is a white 10 year spirit soul, and is equally as weak. However, I was also able to obtain a 100 year spirit soul after putting in great effort. Moreover, I was even able to obtain a 1000 year spirit soul. Due to me being a blacksmith, I’m able to earn enough money to buy the spirit souls that I wanted. You’re very talented at forging, so anything that I’m able to do, you will be able to do as well.”

Nothing could move someone as much as being able to sympathize with someone in a similar situation. The depression within Tang Wulin’s heart had been wiped clean. He didn’t have a trash martial soul anymore and he also had his teacher as a goal for the future now. This re-ignited the hope in his heart. I still have a chance at becoming a powerful Soul Master!

“You didn’t request a leave of absence today from work and you didn’t show up, so I’ll deduct one day’s worth of wages from your pay.” Mang Tian made to leave after saying this, but Tang Wulin’s excitement wasn’t influenced in the least. He jumped up and gave Mang Tian a big hug.

“You’re so light.” Mang Tian said in surprise. Yet, this child’s strength...

After Mang Tian left, the Tang family’s cloud of worries and fog of cruelty had transformed into an atmosphere of joy.

“I’m sorry mom, dad. I made you two worry.” Tang Wulin was somewhat ashamed as he said this.

Lang Yue once again pulled her son’s head into her bosom. “It’s us who should be apologizing. You’re still so young, yet you have to bear such a large burden already.”

Tang Ziran lowered his head as if to contemplate some unknown matters.

Na’er’s lips quivered a bit. It seemed that she wanted to say something, but wasn’t able to do so in the end.

After eating dinner, another day had passed by once again. Tang Ziran and Lang Yue slept early that night while Na’er also entered the land of dreams in a similarly tired state.

Only Tang Wulin was left awake.

He quietly snuck out of the house, and went to the garden where he had previously made a breakthrough. After sitting down, his heart began to stir as he gazed at the bright moon in the sky.

From joy to sorrow, he once again had hope. What he experienced this day influenced him far more than anything else in the past three years.

With a thought, the little Grass Snake appeared in the hollow of his palm.

“Thank you little fellow. You have given me hope, yet I turned my back on you. I’m so sorry!” Tang Wulin softly said.

The little Grass Snake seemed to have sensed something as it raised its head slightly and flicked its tongue.

Tang Wulin smiled, “I’ll give you a name alright? We’re going to be partners from now on.” A spirit soul would accompany its master for life, and would dissipate only upon its master’s death.

The little Grass Snake seemed to understand his words and gently wiggled its body in response.

Tang Wulin said, “Now what’s a good name for you?”

Right at that moment, the little Grass Snake’s body suddenly began to shine. The little scale on its forehead flashed a golden light.

“Yi! Is this also due to the variation?” He firmly believed in the words of his teacher without a single doubt. His martial soul had undergone variation and was no longer an ordinary, trashy Bluesilver Grass.

“That gold color was really pretty just now. How about you flash it one more time for me to see? Is that fine?” Tang Wulin giggled as he spoke.

However, the little Grass Snake showed no reaction to his words. It couldn’t fully comprehend Tang Wulin’s desire with its low intelligence. This type of low level spirit soul could only offer one soul ring, and couldn’t give any other type of aid.

Tang Wulin’s heart stirred as he said, “You can turn golden, so I’ll call you Goldlight. How’s that? If your whole body can turn into gold in the future, then just think of how formidable you’ll be!”

Naturally, the little Grass Snake couldn’t reject at all. Thus, its name was decided to be Goldlight. A simple name, yet brimming with beauty and freedom.

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The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 23 Variant Martial Soul