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The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 21 Rank 11 Soul Master

Chapter 21 – Rank 11 Soul Master

The same transformation appeared on the little Grass Snake as its earthen yellow body gradually turned yellow. Its scales stuck out a bit now, and they contained a distinct radiance to them. Those golden stripes extended from its tail and up its body, converging at a single point on its head. The Grass Snake grew one centimeter from its previous eight centimeters. Its protruding tiny scales had turned golden in color.

The murky look in its eyes was gone, replaced with clarity. 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

So hot. Ah, so hot!

Tang Wulin wasn’t aware of what was happening to his body. The only thing he could feel at the moment was an indescribable pain from an intense heat, as if his body was being smelted inside a furnace.

After an unknown period of time, the scorching heat began to cool down. However, it was replaced by a numbness which permeated throughout the four limbs and hundred bones. It was as if a myriad of insects was crawling about within his body. Tang Wulin wanted to cry out in pain, but he was unable to release a single sound. He already began to look back fondly at the scorching heat he had experienced beforehand.

The pain tormented him to the point that his body wished for a release of death, but his mind was abnormally clear. He could clearly feel all of the pain throughout his body.

If the Spirit Master from before were here to test his spiritual power, he would have discovered that Tang Wulin’s spiritual power continually rose under this torment.

The pain in his body gradually disappeared and his fuzzy consciousness went with it. Under his clothes drenched in sweat, the golden veined pattern hadn’t waned at all; instead, it had permeated into his skin.

The Bluesilver Grass moved like a receding tide as the little Grass Snake climbed onto the hollow of Tang Wulin’s palm and entered it. The golden scales upon its forehead returned to normal as its body returned to its original dullness.

When Tang Ziran joyously returned home, he encountered Na’er blocking the doorway.

“Big brother is fusing with the spirit soul. You can’t go in.” Na’er resolutely said as she gazed at Tang Ziran.

Tang Ziran asked with a dull voice, “What did you say? He’s already begun fusing with it?”

Na’er nodded. “Big brother said that he didn’t wanted to burden mom and dad.”

Tang Ziran stumbled a few steps backwards and collapsed into a chair. His expression changed in an instant as pain colored his face.

He forcefully struck his own head and said to himself, “Tang Ziran, why can’t you face reality? Why must you be so weak. It’s because of your weakness that you’ve harmed your child!”

The large federal coins he clutched in his hand spilled onto the table. It was too late. It was too late!

He suddenly lifted his head. “Na’er, how long has Lin Lin been fusing with the spirit soul?”

Na’er said, “He started shortly after you left.”

Tang Ziran cried out in alarm, “He still hasn’t finished? He should have already finished after so long. Let’s go take a look quickly.”

Na’er hesitated for a moment before nodding her head.

After he opened the door, Tang Ziran saw Tang Wulin lying on the bed.

“Lin Lin!” He cried as he flew over to Tang Wulin’s side.

The spirit soul ball was left beside the bed, already devoid of the Grass Snake spirit soul. Tang Wulin’s brow creased as he lay on the bed, his clothes completely soaked in sweat.

Tang Ziran blamed himself within his heart. He thoroughly understood that such a situation shouldn’t have occurred during a spirit soul fusion. It was highly likely that his son encountered an accident while he was fusing.

Tang Wulin was immersed in deep sleep. Fortunately, his vital signs were normal.

Two streams of tears flowed down his cheek as Tang Ziran tightly embraced his son. His son was only nine years old, yet had to bear so much already! ‘I’m sorry, son. Dad is so sorry! It’s all because of dad’s incompetence.’

Na’er stood to the side and silently watched as Tang Ziran cried. Once again, a look of perplexion colored her pretty purple eyes.

In the evening, Tang Wulin woke up. As he opened his eyes, he gradually regained awareness of his surroundings.

He abruptly sat up, sensing the changes within his body.

The scorching heat and numbness had already completely disappeared and his body now felt as light as a feather. What’s more, his clothes had already been swapped for a set of clean, fresh ones.

Breathing had even turned into a type of pleasure for him as his whole body felt free and invigorated.

The soul power within his body had strengthened by a lot. With just a thought, a layer of soul power emanated from his body. Rank 11. He had broken through and entered realm of rank 11 soul power, officially becoming a Soul Master.

Although the little Grass Snake was indeed a defective spirit soul, it still managed to complete its mission. Its heart was full of sadness as it entered Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin thought to himself, ‘Even if I can’t become a powerful Soul Master, I still have the support of soul power. At the very least, I’ll be able to become a pretty good blacksmith.’

After thinking these thoughts, he swung his arms out energetically.

Pa! A popping sound resounded in the room. Tang Wulin was astonished at the feeling in that instant when he had waved his arm through the air.

What kind of situation was this?

The door opened before he had the chance to try again as three adults and one child entered the room.

“Son, son, are you alright?” Lang Yue had already burst into tears as she rushed ahead and embraced Tang Wulin.

The sky had darkened outside of the window. Surprisingly, it was already evening.

Tang Wulin still remembered that he had begun fusing in the morning. It had actually taken him this long?

Aside from Lang Yue, Tang Ziran, and Na’er, there was one other person. That person was Tang Wulin’s forging teacher, Mang Tian.

Tang Wulin hadn’t gone to work that day, so Mang Tian had called over with a soul communicator. After finding out about this matter, he immediately rushed over.

“I’m fine mom.” Tang Wulin softly said.

Lang Yue looked down towards her son and firmly said, “Son, let’s not try to become Soul Masters anymore, just staying as an ordinary person is fine.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Mom, I really am fine! It’s just that I’m a true SoulMaster now. I’m at rank 11. My fusion finished without a hitch. That Grass Snake spirit soul was really suitable for my martial soul. If it was a powerful spirit soul, I can’t say for sure that I would have been able to fuse with it.”

Lang Yue’s tears couldn’t help but surge forth again when she heard her son’s comforting words.

Tang Ziran let out a sigh. The matter was finished; continuing the conversation would be pointless. It was impossible to reverse a spirit soul fusion. It would only upset Tang Wulin more if he was told that Tang Ziran had managed to secure the money.

“Rank 11? Bring out your martial soul and let me take a look,” Mang Tian said with a deep and resounding voice.

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The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 21 Rank 11 Soul Master