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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 30 Ch 28: Ruri Wants It To Herself [Pt2]

Yohan watched as Ruri’s eyes glazed over. Her brain was miles away from what she was doing but her body was moving on its own. The only function Ruri was even capable of was getting more and more stimulated by rubbing against Yohan.

“Ruri, are you in there? Are you even aware of what you are doing?”

Yohan asked but he got no response. Instead, what he did get was a gentle press of lips against her. Ruri leaned her body up to kiss him and it caused her huge breasts to rub against Yohan’s torse.

The new angle of her spine caused her shirt to rise high on her waist and show her breasts and bra from this angle.

And those dangling melons were just asking to be played with by Yohan. They were huge and perfect. Yohan was sure that he would not be able to circle them fully with his hand.

With such a perfect distraction dangling right in front of him, how could one expect Yohan not to take advantage of this treat?

His hands ventured out to rub against the bulky breasts. His hands cupped and rubbed against those heavenly breasts. It caused Ruri to throw her head back and moan.

Ruri’s body was leaning in Yohan’s lap. Her cloth-covered pussy rubbed against Yohan but the wetness was even seeping out of her clothes.

“W-What is happening to me? I’ve never felt so good before. M-More. Give me more.”

Ruri rubbed her body against Yohan even more, her breasts especially pushed themselves into his hands a little harder. She was begging to be fucked right now.

From her behavior, Yohan was certain that Ruri had never been touched before sexually. And it was not like Yohan’s case where he had done everything but have penetrative sex for real.

No. Ruri was a virgin in every case imaginable and now she was being ruined by Yohan.



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The more Ruri tried to get used to the feeling of being touched, the more she was not able to handle the pleasure. It was everywhere.

She could only push her body more into Yohan’s hand to chase after the feeling of his hands on her skin.

Not only had she never felt pleasure like this before, but she had also never felt such humiliation before. She was letting out shameful noises which needed to be stopped.

But she did not want to stop. Ruri wanted to keep on going until she was satisfied for real.

She had no idea what she was asking for, nor did she know how to achieve the satisfaction her body was carving for. All she knew was that she was burning and she needed to cool her body down.

“Y-Yohan, please. It itches so bad in my pussy. I d-don’t know what to do.”

Ruri was all but sobbing against Yohan’s lips as she tried to melt into his body. Her wet pussy also kept on rubbing against his leg to get some relief.

She felt close to coming but somehow the stimulation was not enough for her. She felt far too empty. There was supposed to be something inside her body. Something hard and big that could scratch her itch.

“You want me to help you out? Ruri, you are forgetting your place here. You are the one who needs to service me and not the other way around. But if you do a good enough job, I will scratch your itch out.”

Yohan was betting to take Ruri’s virginity anyway and ruining her for anyone else but that could come later. Before that, he wanted to break her down with pleasure and show her that she could not always get what she wanted.

To get something, one needed to work hard to achieve it. Ruri also needed to work hard if she wanted Yohan’s help.

“W-What can I do? Please, it feels uncomfortable. Should I try to scratch my itch away?”

Ruri asked as her hand moved down her body and toward her pussy. She was about to touch her wet pussy and press over her skirt where her wetness was hidden when Yohan squeezed her breast harshly.

Ruri arched her back in mixed pain and pleasure as she all but came right at the spot. The rough treatment was doing wonderful things for her.

“You are not allowed to touch your body. If you do, then you do not need me and I will let you go.”

Yohan threatened as he let Ruri go. He needed to show her that Yohan was serious about his words. It caused Ruri to panic and she instantly latched on to Yohan’s wrist.

“N-NO. Please don’t go and leave me like this. I don’t think I will be able to take care of myself. You need to help me out.”

Ruri begged as her breasts rubbed against Yohan’s arms. They were big and soft, almost causing Yohan’s arm to disappear between them.

It caused Yohan to imagine how it would feel to have his cock buried between them. He wanted to see it, Ruri’s wrecked expression as she pleasured Yohan with her tits. It would be a site to see.

“Ruri, I can only forgive you if you do something for me. Can you rub your breasts together and squish them?”

“L-Like this?”

Ruri asked as she was told. She was smart enough to take her shirt off and that left her only in her pink laced bra.

Yohan quickly unclipped her and now Ruri’s upper torso was sitting in front of her. She looked startled but Yohan did not give her any time to recover.

He took off his underwear and pants far down enough to get his huge cock out. Ruri’s eyes went wide at seeing it.

“T-That thing is a monster. W-Why are you coming closer to me with that? I d-don’t think I can handle that size and-”

“Don’t worry and sit still. It will feel good for your sensitive body as well. Besides, I can see you getting wetter just thinking about touching my cock.”

It was the truth. Not only was Ruri shivering in anticipation, but her body was also wet and leaking. She was all but asking for Yohan’s cock to wreck her and he was more than happy to oblige.

Ruri was still in her breasts out pose, waiting for something to happen. Yohan held her head straight as his cock rubbed against the valley her breasts made.

It was not difficult to sink into that valley but it was difficult to move between them. Ruri’s breasts were warm and soft as they rubbed firmly against Yohan’s cock.

They were trapping his cock like a real pussy would and massaging him into coming.

“S-Shit. It feels so good. How much talent do you have in being fucked?”

Yohan asked Ruri as he held her in place with one hand and pleasured himself with the other. His cock was feeling too good for Yohan to stop.

Ruri had a blissful expression on her face as well. Her sensitive breasts were feeling after-shocks of being grouped and touched like this.

Not only was her skin sensitive, but so were her hair and breasts. She was losing her mind at seeing her breasts being fucked off.

Her pussy was aching to have that cock inside her but she knew she needed to be patient. Good things came to those who waited for them.

“Are you e-enjoying me breast pussy? Do you need more stimulus?”

Had Ruri been in her right mind, she would have died from embarrassment. She was an angel, the purest being there was out there. She could not allow herself to fall this low.

But the pleasure was bigger than her desire to be pure. It was making Ruri melt into her feelings and her body was betraying her virtues.

Her hands rubbed her breasts against that huge cock that was forcing itself in between her valley. It was a forceful thrust that caused Ruri to start massaging it.

Questionable liquid coated her chest and Ruri wanted more of it on her. It smelled like Yohan to her and Ruri liked Yohan. She wanted more of Yohan.

“Look at you going at it like a slut. What happened to the pure female you were Ruri? Somehow, I am beginning to believe that all the ‘accidents’ you had until now were not accidents but a way to gain my attention in this way.”

Ruri could not comprehend what Yohan was saying to her. Her brain had become a mass of pleasure only and Ruri was a salve to that pleasure.

She could do anything she have to gain more and more pleasure. That was why she rubbed even harder against Yohan’s beasts to make him come.

Ruri was running on instincts and her face was frozen into a pleased expression. Yohan had officially ruined her for anyone else but Ruri did not even feel bad about it.

Being with Yohan felt too good and Ruri needed to make him come.

In the end, her instincts had been right. Yohan was the only one for her in this life. She needed no one else romantically other than Yohan. It was either him or no one else.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 30 Ch 28: Ruri Wants It To Herself [Pt2]