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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 263 263: The Last Farewell [Pt2]

“Are you going to leave this realm now? I always knew this time would come but I never expected it to be this soon.”

As soon as Yohan stepped into the Abstel mansion, he was faced with Ruri and her attentive stare. She looked at Yohan with a proud but dull expression.

“It’s time to move on. I did what I needed to in this world, but this stage is no longer one that needs me. And neither do you, right Ruri?”

Yohan had asked Ruri to look for a good husband when he had used his skill on her. So, in a way, she was always meant to be let go of by him. And that was what Ruri would want deep inside as well.

Even if her current expression looked like it disapproved of what Yohan was asking of her, this was what she would do.

“I don’t know. Do I want to let go of you? You were everything I wanted in a man and you are also one of the most powerful persons out there. It is a difficult choice to make, indeed.”

Ruri confessed this and Yohan almost let out a laugh at her words.

He knew Ruri could not go against the commands that bonded her to her current body. So, he was willing to leave her be.

“You should do what you want to. I am also going to do what I want to from here on. The journey for the future had just begun after all.”

Yohan confessed and there was a complicated expression on Ruri’s face. Yohan did not realize that something was wrong until he turned around and Ruri stabbed him in the back.

It was an unexpected outcome Yohan had not expected to happen. It was a betrayal in the biggest form for him.

“R-Ruri, you!”

Yohan started but his wound ached and caused him to trail off. Meanwhile, Ruri had no remorse on her face as she watched Yohan bleed out. Her eyes were vacant and cold.

“You know, I thought you would be able to cure my loneliness. But in the end, even you betrayed me. If I cannot have you, then no one can. I will not allow you to drift away from me.”

Ruri’s crazy expression was enough to tell Yohan that she had lost the last of her brain cells by now. Being under his spell’s influence had not been good for her.

Looking at her now made Yohan feel sorry for her. But he also felt annoyed because Ruri had just stabbed him without any reason. He could not bring himself to forgive her.

“Ruri, you have done enough damage to me and your psyche. It is time for you to sleep and never wake up. Allow your mind to rest now.”

Yohan’s hand rested on Ruri’s head and she suddenly felt sleepy. She did not want to sleep but she was unable to stop herself from flinching.

As soon as Yohan was done, Ruri disappeared in front of his eyes. It did not even leave any mark of her presence in this world.

Yohan was not even feeling betrayed by Ruri’s decision. Somehow, he was surprised that it had not happened way before today. He had dug his own grave so many times.

“W-What happened here? M-Mistress Ruri? Are you alright? Can you hear me? W-What did you do to her?”

Somehow, it did not surprise Yohan that the one who found him was Hobbit. It seemed like fate that he was being found by such annoying people today.

“Do you not have eyes to see? Your precious mistress is dead. She tried to kill me so I decided to return the favor. That was all.”

Yohan pointed out but Hobbit seemed unable to comprehend the truth. He was too blinded by his admiration for his lady that he was unable to control himself.

“Y-You! How dare you do this to my mistress. You need to die right now.”

Hobbit tried his best to kill Yohan but it was a useless attempt on his part. Yohan was easily able to dodge him and return all his attacks at him.

In the end, Hobbit never stood a chance, to begin with. Yohan had made sure all his options were sealed.

“How dare you? There was no need for you to kill her. I hope you rot in the depths of hell.”

Hobbit yelled as he disappeared from the realm of reality as well. It had been a short life for him.

“Hmm, seems like it was all too much for him. But he was right. I will burn in the depths of hell from here on out.”

Yohan was not surprised that he got cursed. He should have gotten cursed a long time ago.

“Master Yohan, are you done with your preparations? Rui sent me to tell you that she is ready to go back now.”

Zadkiel had come here to bring Yohan back. He was ready to go back as well since this place had served its purpose.

“Yeah, let’s go back now. I am ready to head out of this realm as well.”

Yohan looked at the mansion that had been his home for some time now. And he was ready to leave it behind now. He could finally see the end of his first journey,

Outside the mansion, Ruri was waiting for him. She had already opened the portal to head to a new world and stood ready to take care of things. Somehow, Yohan had expected this all to go his way.

And now it was finally time to head to a new place.


So, I will be ending this story here. The new arc will be likely started in a new book (once I get time to publish and write it.)

So, at the end of book one. When will there be book 2? Who knows.

Read my books on my WN account since they are better and I hope to see you in the future stories. I promise they will be written in a better manner.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 263 263: The Last Farewell [Pt2]