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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 260 260: A Fateful Re-Encounter [Pt2]

Every part of Ruri’s body sang for Yohan’s touch. Her insides were full of him but her yearning for him had not lessened even with time.

“Focus on my voice. That is right, you need to focus on me alone and not pay attention to any other sensation. Allow the pleasure to guide you out of your binds.”

Yohan touched Ruri and his hips rammed into Ruri’s body. She flinched and tried to get away, but Yohan did not let her go.

He pulled Ruri into a kiss when she tried to flinch away.

Pleasure was eating away at Ruri’s mind and insides and she could not do anything to pull herself out of it. Every time she tried, it was like something submerged her beneath the water, making her feel everything.

“P-Please, help.”

Ruri was not even sure what she was asking help for. Yohan was deep inside her, jabbing her sensitive G-spot with his cock. And the pleasure made Ruri tighten around him. Her hips were pulling him closer.

“That is it Ruri. You need to accept more of me if you want to please me. I can see that you want to come to me as well.”

Yohan’s hand rested on Ruri’s face. She could feel that subtle touch even as her body rejected it. Her stomach fluttered when Yohan rammed into her hard.

The tentacles Yohan had produced were also squeezing Ruri’s breasts and that sensation caused Ruri to shiver in delight. Her insides were quivering and shaking around Yohan’s cock.

Yohan flinched as Ruri tightened him suddenly. He was not able to hold himself back and ended up coming inside Ruri.

The shot of come filling her body and her womb woke Ruri up. There was some kind of energy that was filling her body and wording at her bonds.

Yohan tried to pull away but Ruri did not want him to pull away. She snaked her hands around Yohan’s shoulder and pulled him down into a kiss.

It was unexpected and Ruri’s tongue slipped past Yohan’s defenseless lips. Her hips also smacked back against Yohan’s and Ruri set up a rhythm for fucking.

“F-Finish what you stated. You need to free me.”

Ruri spoke against Yohan’s lips as she tried to move from her position beneath him. But no matter what Ruri did, she was at a disadvantage. Her body refused to listen to her and move as she wanted it to.

Yohan was a little stunned at Ruri’s sudden breakthrough. He had not expected her to start moving on her own for some more time.

But since it looked like Ruri was finally awake and cooperating with him, there was no need to hold back anymore.

Yohan’s hips smacked against Ruri’s and his harsh thrusts caused his release to be forced out of Ruri. Her pussy was a sloping mess and it was impossible to tell what was her release and what belonged to Yohan.

“I- shit, I am close. I am about to come. Fuck, shit, this is bad. Y-Yohan, do me faster.”

Ruri yelled her pleasure out loud as her body was drilled into. She tried to match her rhythm with Yohan but she was unable to force her body to move the way she wanted to.

“Ruri, stay calm. I…shit…let me fuck you properly.”

Yohan, finally fed up with Ruri’s unnecessarily moving around, decided to help her hips in place and fuck her hard.

Ruri flinched but she was too close to coming now. Another hard thrust caused Ruri to end up releasing all over Yohan’s lap. Yohan’s come was forced deep into her body but Ruri only felt satisfaction by this action.

By the time they finished, Ruri was much more awake and she could recognize her surroundings.

The haze of power that had bound her was too weak now and Ruri could break it on her own now as well. With a little bit of force, Ruri was able to force her way up.

It had been years since she had last felt this free but Ruri was happy to see the outside world once more.

“Welcome back, Ruri. It is nice to see you after so long.”

As soon as Ruri was awake, she was faced with Yohan’s eyes. That face looked different from what Ruri remembered but his eyes were still the same. They gave Ruri the same feelings they used to give her before.

“It feels like I am finally awake from a long dream I have been having all this time. I cannot believe it took me this long to wake up. The elders used strong magic in me this time.”

Ruri complained as she tried to move around. Her body felt lighter after finally being freed but that did not mean she was truly let go of.

The elders have used their realm key to bind Ruri so only their realm key could truly make her shackles fall to the ground.

“Well, looks like I have my next destination in mind already. He would free Ruri and acquire the holy realm key from the angles.

“Yohan, know what you are thinking. But I would still advise you to be careful. The angles are not as simple as you think them to be. They already acquired 5 holy realm keys and are now the biggest force of magic on the angel’s side.”

Yohan did not know this before and this news caused him to frown. He had not expected such an unexpected news to hit him.

But Yohan knew he would have to go after the angelic realm sooner or later.

“Hmm, let us see. Out of the 22 realm keys. I have 3 now. If I get 5 more, that will not even be enough to become half of what I need to become the supreme ruler. So that means I have no choice in this matter.”

Yohan was taking this thing too easy. Ruri could not help but feel worried about what would happen to him in the future.

But one look at Yohan’s face was enough to tell her that he was serious about this. No matter what Ruri said, Yohan would go through this decision anyway.

‘I guess I can only give up for now. I will try to help Yohan as much as he would allow me to from here on.’

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 260 260: A Fateful Re-Encounter [Pt2]