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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 258 258: Interest Align [Pt2]

Once the little goddess was knocked out, both Zadkiel and Huye looked at each other with blank eyes. They recognized each other as competition and they wanted to be the ones to take care of the little goddess.

“Before you say anything, I know you have a past with the little goddess. But I assure you that I have a bigger reason to hate her than you. So why don’t you let me handle the little goddess this time?”

Huye was the one who took the lead this time. She did not want to lose this chance since she knew her time was limited.

Now that the thrill of power had gone down, Huye could feel her condition and it was not good. Her body was not going to last for very long.

But it did not matter to her in the end because Huye was someone who lived for the moment. At least, she did not that she had a lot of power. She understood why people sought power like mad.

“Ho! Do you want to say that your ‘few days’ with the little goddess were enough to overcome the eons of torture I suffered at her hands? I do not agree, miss and I will fight you if you tried to say otherwise.”

Zadkiel had been looking forward to this moment for so long and he was not going to allow anyone or anything to take it away from him. It was his freedom to do what he wanted to and he was not going to let other people take it away from him.

Huye looked Zadkiel in the eyes but she did not want to agree with him. They were both testing each other out. But a conclusion had yet to be reached.


‘Ouch, I got lost in this maze-like place. I wonder how I will be able to break it to the surface now.’

Yohan had wanted to walk out and see what else was going on around the castle. He had even prepared the right way to go about it and he was all but ready to exit into the chaos.

But he soon realized that the place he had walked into was not where he wanted to go. So, he ended up back-tracking. As a result, he had gotten a little lost and now he did not know where he was anymore.

‘Not to mention, I have no idea the dungeons had an entry from this side. If not for this feeling of familiarity, I would have never ventured this down in these tunnels.’

But since Yohan had felt the familiarity, he could make himself go around the place and seek out his feelings. He knew he was forgetting something important on his end.

It did not strike him what he had been missing until he was standing in front of a shabby cage and looking at the female in front of him.

Well, to call her a female would be a stretch right now. The body in front of Yohan was all but an empty shell of a person, bound by magic and instincts and held together with hopes and dreams.

But despite that, there was a familiar feeling when Yohan looked at the body in front of him. He felt like he should recognize her in an instant.

“Let me see. I should know who you are if I look through my memories. You are certainly someone from one of my past lives, right?”

Yohan looked through his mind and he had to dig deep to find who this person was. But once he did realize who she was, his anger boiled over.

Yohan’s hand snuck inside the cage and grasped Ruri’s face to look her over. She did not look injured but she did not look alright as well.

She tried to protest and pull back from his touch but Yohan did not let her. He just held on tightly to her and observed Ruri until she calmed down.

“That is right Ruri. Calm down and remember who you are. I will try to undo what has been done to you. It should not take you long to do so.”

Yohan was sure it would not take Ruri long precisely because she had a connection with him. His magic had protected her inner sanity until now and kept her alive.

If Ruri had even a little fight left in her, she would pull herself together and come back to him.

Ruri tried to claw at Yohan and fight him. She did not want to remember; her instincts did not want to remember. But she was being made to remember it all anyway.

“L-Let go of me. I do not want to remember. Do not make me remember it all.”

Ruri complained and her rough voice told Yohan that these were the few words she had used once she had been dragged back to the other realm. He felt sorry for her but he could not allow her to do as she pleased.

Yohan was going to have to dig through Ruri’s mind to find what was wrong with her. It was going to hurt her but it would be for the best in the end.

“I am sorry Ruri, but it is for your good. I hope you understand what I am saying once you regain your sanity.”

Yohan places his forehead on top of Ruri but she protested. The gentle wave of mana and magic that was pouring into her body was burning her. It was putting out the other mana that had been controlling her for that long.

So even if Ruri knew it was helping her out, her instincts tried to get her to run away from the heat she was feeling. She pulled back, and she scratched. She did everything she could to take Yohan let go of her.

But Yohan was even more stubborn than her. He refused to let her go and he refused to sit back and let Ruri hurt herself even more. He was going to ruin her current self and then re-cast it into how he had met her before.

Anything that had hurt her or was unnatural would be removed from her body.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 258 258: Interest Align [Pt2]