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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 257 257: Interests Align [Pt1]

The little goddess was confident in herself and her powers. She kept on walking deeper into the corridor and kept on doing away with the small attacks that were being made on her by the unknown entity.

She waited for something to happen before she could take advantage of the situation and that something did end up happening sooner than she had expected. She caught sight of the end tail of her attacker’s dress.

‘Time to end it all. Now I know a general location where my enemy is. It will not take me long to eliminate them.’

This was what the little goddess was confident in. She raised her hand and water gathered in it. Then, the little goddess broke the water down into small bullet-sized spherical objects and let them fly.

The bullets were fast as they flashed across the opening and ended up embedded into the wall behind her. Many even crossed the wall and hit something solid.

‘Hump serves you right for trying to follow me. I wonder how long will that attitude of yours last once you are injured beyond belief.’

The little goddess was spiteful as she stopped walking and decide to check up on her target. She could not allow the other person to live and sully her name after all.

The little goddess turned the corner and she was about to look at the bloody mess she had caused when she felt a knife touch her neck. It burned as soon as it touched her neck and the little goddess was startled.

That was why she jumped away before the knife was able to come down fully on her and kill her. The knife cut through the wall like butter and it caused the little goddess to flinch.

Had it been a little off, it would have been her neck that would have been the thing that the knife cut.

“Tsk, I missed. Oh well, I will not miss next time.”

The little goddess watched as Zadkiel tugged the weird knife out of the wall and stood rigidly in front of her. The knife that caused the little goddess to feel chills were still held ready in Zadkiel's hand.

The little goddess did not fear any weapon. But that one knife felt dangerous to her senses. Her senses were telling her to run away and not to meet that knife.

“Zadkiel, what is the meaning of this? That knife? Just what is that knife? Where did you get it?”

The little goddess questioned her former slave. She tried to find any connection between herself and Zadkiel but she was not able to control him. It was almost as if Zadkiel had no connection to her anymore.

“Oh, this little tinker? It was a gift from someone who hates you equally as much as I do. Do you remember the brat you screwed over a long time ago? He decided to come back and claim his vengeance.”

Zadkiel spoke with a breathy air around him. He was not worried about himself or his circumstances. He was happy to see that he would be rid of the little goddess and that his joy was not remaining hidden.

The little goddess sensed this and her temper switch was turned on.

“You ask me this question? Do you know how many annoying brats I have screwed over during my entire existence? And it is not like those brats did not deserve it at all. So, I refuse to take responsibility for something that is not my fault.”

The little goddess refused to even consider that she was in the wrong. But that was nothing new for Zadkiel. He just shrugged and allowed his concentration to flare up. The knife in his hand was asking him for blood.

And not just any normal blood. It was asking for a god’s blood.

“Anyway, even if you have a weapon that can hurt me, it does not matter much to me. Come and I will show you how we do things around here.”

The little goddess opened her hands wide to call forth her power. She was not going to go down without a fight at least.

She was ready to kill Zadkiel when she felt something stab her in her stomach. It did not feel like the weird knife Zadkiel had but a corrupt energy. It entered her body and caused it to go out of control.

The little goddess tried to fight against it but she was unable to make it. Her body was in pain all over and she could not even breathe properly.

“Well, sorry to interrupt but I do not want to give my prey over to you. This little shit screwed me over majorly so I will screw her over just as much.”

The little goddess looked down at her stomach and there was a hole in it. She took a step forward but the blood started flowing out of her wound. She had to control herself so that she did not faint on the spot.

“Y-You! Since when did you-?”

The little goddess questioned as she held her bleeding stomach. She could feel her life force draining away from her body. But she still wanted to ask this question. She needed to know the answer to her curiosity.

“Since when did I gain all this power? Hmm, this is a good question but I do not feel like answering you right now. So why don’t you sleep for the time being and then we can converse on this topic later?”

Huye snapped her fingers and the thing stabbing the little goddess forced more of itself into her body. She tried to get away but the numbness was beginning to settle in.

“Take a short nap for now. We will begin your session once you are awake once more.”

Huye, the annoying and opportunistic girl Zadkiel had met before, was suddenly showing her colors in the open. He had not expected her to be this powerful or to attack in the open.

But now that he looked at her, there was something weird about her power he was not able to put his hands on. But Zadkiel was sure it would come to him eventually.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 257 257: Interests Align [Pt1]