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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 256 256: The End Of It All [Pt3]

“You are right. I should go out and say hello.”

Yohan watched as Huye went away with a flare in her steps. She was getting far too excited for the little amount of power her body had been able to store. It was a shame that she would not be able to live for long.

As happy as Huye was right now, she knew that her body was unable to take too much magic into itself. But she had still taken the risk of becoming Yohan’s second-in-command for this world.

“Oh well. It is not up to me to decide who lives and who dies. All I can do is extend my hand to the needy and allow them to decide what to do with their lives.”

“Well, I will need to look around for another person to take things over once Huye is dead. And unlike previous worlds, there are not a lot of people I know in this world.”

Well, there were only so many people Yohan could trust in this world. But that did not mean he was out of options. He did have a few people Yohan could consider to take over for himself.

And the top of that list was Hans.

“Let us think about this later. For now, I should look around and enjoy the upcoming entertainment. I am sure Huye will give me a good show.”

Keith forced himself to stand up. He needed to see the end of the rebellion and what kind of response they will give once their old ‘queen bee’ stood in front of them.

One thing Keith knew for sure - it would be entertaining and something to look forward to for sure. It made the demon-half of Keith look ahead in anticipation.


The rebellion reached the inner court of the queen but they were not able to find any high-ranking soldiers. It was almost as if the palace had been abandoned by the aids before the rebellion could make their way to them.

They had just exited the first line of defense when they noticed that something was majorly wrong. Their numbers had begun to drop rapidly.

But that was not all. Their high-ranking members like Jay and Emma had been separated a while ago. As a result, their line of command has been screwed up.

“Leader, what should we do now? I cannot see more than half of our members. Should we head back and re-group?

One of the members asked but the little goddess did not want to turn back. It would be questionable for her to turn back now and lose all her progress. Not only that, but it would also bring her skills into question.

As a result, she knew she needed to show that nothing was wrong with what she was doing.

“There is no need for us to turn back. Everyone who separated from us is following my orders. They will be back soon so do not worry too much.”

The little goddess assured her people with a calm expression. She had mastered the art of not showing what she was feeling on her face and it was finally bearing fruits.

This small outing had changed a lot of things for her. But the best lesson she had learned was - to not loosen her hold on her people or they would end up betraying her in the end. The little goddess was going to tear Zadkiel a new one once she met him again.

And not only that! She would also allow him to become free. The little goddess was going to use her slave to torture Zadkiel -

‘Ah, there is still that slave left in my arsenal, huh? I should get to it and make use of that slave. After all, this is the whole purpose of me bringing Ruri along.’

The little goddess suddenly realized that she was missing someone and she quickly recalled the presence of her slave she had been missing until then. So, she decided to try and find the slave first.

She could not allow anyone in this world to find Ruri before her.

“You all, keep on marching forward until you can secure this palace. I will go down and get all the prisoners out of their cells. Once they join us, no one shall be able to stop us from dominating.”

The little goddess’s words were full of confidence. It made everyone hesitate but they ultimately decided to back down as well. The little goddess was much too confident in her powers and no one wanted to fight with her.

Not to mention, they had heard how powerful she was in real life. As a result, no one wanted to challenge her and her authority.

The little goddess separated herself from the group and walked down the hallway which led to the prisons. She had managed to snag a map of this place so the little goddess knew she was going the right way at least.

She was halfway down the corridor when she noticed something was wrong with her surroundings. The walls had started to fade away and a weird feeling was overtaking her body.

And then there was the presence of eyes on her body. She was too hyper-aware of her surroundings to not notice when someone was looking at her with such clear intent to kill her.

The little goddess dodged the incoming attack based on her intuition alone and sneered at the attacker behind her back.

“Humph, such an immature attack does not even bother me much. You will have to do better than this if you want to phase me.”

The little goddess sneered but she failed to see the real reason behind her being attacked. And her attacker, Huye, could only sneer at the ignorance of the little goddess. It was such a pity that she would not be able to kill the little goddess with her own hands.

But she would surely be able to reduce the influence the little goddess had on others in the resistance. And to start, the first thing she needed to do was to make the little goddess feel safe.

Then and only then could Huye begin her ‘real’ attack.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 256 256: The End Of It All [Pt3]