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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 24 Ch 22: You Made A Mistake So You Should Be Punished [Pt1]

Finally, the long day had ended and Yohan was home at the late hours of the day. He had never thought that he would be this happy to see his home again.

Even the thought of facing his annoying ‘fake’ family did not seem as annoying as before. If anything, Yohan felt more energetic and ready to see them again.

“Ara, are you back Yohan? Tell me why you were out so late. You had me worried about your health.”

It was Mimi who came out to receive Yohan when he knocked on the door. Her state of undressing was revealing to say the least. Her nightgown did not even cover the top of her breasts and Yohan could see her erect nipples from where he was standing.

The older redhead was putting on quite a show with her seductive body but Yohan did not seem to mind.

What he did mind was Zane getting the same show as him. He did not want the other boy to eye his woman openly.

‘Zane better keep his wits to himself if he knew what is good for him. Otherwise, this will be the last scene his eyes see.’

That possessive thought should have been disturbing as he had never been this violent before. But those thoughts felt right and Yohan felt at peace with his temper.

“I s-should head back home now. Ah, here. The doctor asked me to give this to you. You should also phone her to make sure you do not overwork your body.”

Zane was a sharp human and he made his exit as soon as he realized that he was not needed there. His eyes also did not wander down Mimi’s body as he addressed her.

Her eyes were kept at a respectable distance and they showed considerable subtility.

Unknown to Yohan, there was a subtle look shared between the two demons in front of him. Both Zane and Mimi knew each other and they respected each other as well.

But most of all, they had the same end goal as each other and that was to awaken their demon king.

“Thank you, friend, of my son. I will make sure to give the doctor a call soon.”

Mimi did not invite Zane inside and Zane did not press his luck by asking for an invite either. They both separated and went their own way.

Yohan did notice something odd with their interaction. But his instincts did not consider their words as troublesome to him.

“Yohan, are you not going to come in? You should eat something while I call your doctor and ask her about your status.”

A normal Yohan would have found an excuse to head to his room and lock himself in. a normal Yohan would have been afraid of being jumped.

But the day had made something in Yohan awaken and he did not want to go back to his normal self. He wanted to embrace his desires and do what he wanted to.

“Sure. What do we have for dinner? I am famished.”

Mimi flinched at Yohan’s easy agreement. She had not expected him to ask that question so she had nothing prepared.

Food for succubus was different from normal food. They needed different kinds of nutrition that caused most of the other species to feel hot and bothered.

That was the food currently available to them and Mimi was hesitant to serve Yohan that food. But she also did not want him to be hungry.

In the end, she decided to serve what she had and take care of Yohan’s needs later. It could also help her get closer to the reincarnation of their king.

The mesh of foot that Mimi had prepared for dinner had gotten cold but it was still edible. It was too late to order out either.

“Sorry that this is the only thing that is available today. I hope you don’t mind eating cold food.”

Yohan did not care for cold food. He had eaten worse things when he had been living alone so anything he got was an upgradation from his past life.


“-So make sure he does not get excited or he will relapse. If that happens then only satisfying him for some time will calm him down.”

Mimi disconnected the phone as soon as she was done with the instructions. She now knew what she needed to do and what to avoid.

She had recognized Zane so she also knew who the ‘doctor’ she had mentioned was. Robin Elglitch was a famous doctor and witch in their society so Mimi was willing to follow her orders.

But as soon as Mimi cut off the phone, she realized that she had left Yohan alone with the one food he should not be eating. So she quickly rushed back to take his plate away.

Yohan was halfway done with this food when Mimi rushed back into the room and picked up his plate. Her face was ashen in complexion as soon as she noticed the half-empty plate in front of her.

She had not meant to serve her king ‘that kind’ of food. And she definitely would have thought of something else had she known that he had been cursed by Vivian.

But it was too late for both of that to happen and Yohan felt a little enraged with his ‘mother’s’ actions.

“Mother is being a stupid little bitch right now. Maybe she needs me to show her where she belongs.”

Yohan was not acting like himself and Mimi shivered at the tone of his voice. She should have felt afraid of having Yohan’s anger directed toward her but she only felt aroused by having his ire on her.

Those eyes were flaming as they took in Mimi’s submissive attitude and posture. They were striping her while her back was almost arched into a ‘presenting’ pose and it was as humiliating as it was arousing.

Mimi’s breath became faster as she strained herself to keep her pose. She did not want to fall and break the concentration she had managed to achieve.

‘I’ve never seen Yohan look this wild before. The look in his eyes, it’s the same as our previous demon king. Now there is no denying it. Yohan is the reincarnation of our king.’

No matter how many times it had been said already, it was only now that Mimi felt Yohan’s presence become similar to her king.

But she did not get a chance to gather her thoughts before her hair was pulled and Yohan arranged for her to ‘present’ in front of him.

Her front was pushed into the dining table as her arms stretched out to hold her plate high above the table. That pose pushed her ass right into Yohan’s hard cock and he rubbed against Mimi’s rich ass deliberately.

He was hard and leaking already, as had been expected by her. No matter how much demonic power Yohan had, he was ultimately a human and had human instincts.

“You are the reason I am in this situation so won’t mother take responsibility and help me cure it? I am sure your ass would appreciate a good pounding and your breasts need a good milking as well. Look how heavy they have gotten.”

Yohan fiddled with Mimi’s heavy breasts and they jiggled in his hands. The more he squeezed them, the more Mimi moaned.

Her son was making her wet and Mimi’s brain was melting at the pleasure. Even her hops had begun to move against the table, trying to gain a little more friction on her wet pussy.

“No. You do not get to feel good all on your own. You do not get to feel good at all unless I allow it to happen. Keep your hips in place or I will make you regret your actions.”

Mimi shivered as she was threatened by the younger. Even his hands were forcing Mimi to stop moving. It was a hold that was difficult to break and Mimi had no intentions of breaking it either.

Everything Yohan was doing to her was something Mimi enjoyed. It was like a wet dream come true for him and she was even gaining a lot of essence in this way.

“You know, mother made a mistake so she should repent for it by apologizing. What do you say when you make a mistake, my dear mother?”

Pleasure was making Mimi’s mind dumber and she forgot to answer that question. Yohan did not like that one bit and he spanked Mimi’s full cheeks.

The contact caused Mimi to arch her back and her ass tried to flinch away. The sting of that spank was felt even with all of Mimi’s clothes on.

But the slap had made Mimi wetter and her underwear was spoilt for sure. She would never be able to wear it again due to all those strains.

“Y-Yohan, let me go. I t-think I came a little. I need to change my clothes and—”

“Mother does not need to change her clothes. What you need to do is to take your punishment and make sure you never make them again. And I will teach you what to do and what not to do.”

Yohan sounded serious in his claims and Mimi was equally part curious and eager to submit to him.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 24 Ch 22: You Made A Mistake So You Should Be Punished [Pt1]