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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 210 Ch 208: One Blow After Another [Pt2]

"But we do have a way to know where he is right now."

The noise broke out in the room after the leader's declaration that the culprit for the queen's attempted murder could be located. Yohan felt his heart skip a beat as soon as he heard all that noise.

He was aware that he could be found out at any time if he was not careful.

But despite all his worries, Yohan did not let it show on his face that he was worried. He simply stood still behind Lady Rui.

"Oh, so you know how to get the culprit? Do tell us then."

Someone in the room asked with a satisfied voice. Yohan did not bother looking up to see who the speaker was. He neither cared, nor wished to know it.

"Well, we do know the culprit and we can catch him. But there is a 'but' in this situation. The only one who can track this man down is our queen. But she refuses to get involved for some reason. She is also not giving us a reason for her refusal to do so."

Yohan's heart steadied as soon as he heard that.

Gossip got louder in the room after their leader's declaration. It seemed like an odd thing for Yohan but everyone else seemed used to this uneasiness.

"This is so much like our queen. As us to do the impossible but not assist us in any way. I can now see that it is a trial for us all to overcome."

"True. Her majesty is often playful and likes to pull such pranks on us. I am not even surprised that something like this happened."

The leader coughed once everything had calmed down. He looked toward the group in front of him with a calm but annoyed expression.

"You all have gossiped enough about her majesty. Any more and you might risk being branded as a traitor. Now, if our side-topic is out of the way, I would like to ask you all to pay attention to our main topic-the rebellion."

Yohan knew he should not be surprised but he found himself surprised nonetheless. How could he not when the noble fraction had jumped from one extreme topic to another?

But Yohan was also glad that he decided to take Lady Rui's offer to accompany her.

While Yohan was not a dedicated part of the rebellion, their goals were similar enough to him for Yohan to be concerned about it.

Besides, Yohan was also aware that he needed a lot of foreign help if he was to get his people into the mix. And that was where the rebellion came into play.

"The rebellion, huh? So you are aware of them as well."

"Of course. Everyone is aware of them since they have been such a pain in our ass all this time. I am so tired of looking at all the damage they caused us."

The nobility was busy talking about the damage and repairs they would have to make to ensure a better outcome.

There were also talks of having people be sent as spies in the rebellion and how to track down their bases. Yohan pretended like he was not invested in this conversation, but he was paying attention to it.

He was interested to know more about what was going on around him. He was also taking notes about the things he will be relaying back to the rebellion once he was done here.

So far, Yohan had a lot he wanted to tell the rebellion. And he was also invested in what would happen once the rebellion would take off.

The meeting lasted the whole morning and by the time it ended, it was already time for lunch.

Lady Rui did not say much during the discussion. She was mostly silent during the conversations but Yohan could see her eyes taking note of everything.

"Alright, this will be enough for today. You all, be careful when you go out. People, especially high-ranking officials have been going missing during the past few days. I don't wish to hear the news of any of you people going missing."

Yohan heard the news but he was not concerned about Lady Rui being kidnapped. She seemed resourceful enough to not be caught. And even if she would be caught, Yohan had full confidence that she will come back.

"Lady Rui, should we be heading back home now? It's time for lunch and you missed breakfast time already. I see this as a failed duty of mine. I am your butler after all."

Yohan gave a mocking bow to Lady Rui and the lady laughed a little. It seemed like she found Yohan's antics funny and endearing.

"Now that you said it, I do find myself a little famished. Let's find a good restaurant to eat at. Then, I will go out and do some shopping."

pαпdα Йᴏνê|,сòМ This is the part where most people would have started finding ways to get out of the situation, Everyone knew that shopping with a 'female' was the worst way to spend your day.

However, Yohan had been a young master of a wealthy family before. He had 'learned' to enjoy shopping and he no longer found it to be bothersome as most people.

He might even say that he enjoyed such things now.

"Of course. If this is something my lady likes to do, then I should do my best to support her."

Lady Rui beamed at Yohan's words and they both came to a tactical understanding. Yohan picked up the lost papers and made sure his system copied their details.

After all, he had much to pass on to the rebellion from here on.


Lady Rui had noticed some odd things with her new butler's behavior during the meeting.

First of all, he was completely not interested in anything the nobles did. That was something beyond her understanding. How can a human be so unconcerned about what nobility did?

Maybe this was the reason why Rui found Yohan to be so fascinating. She could just not take her eyes off of him for the most part.

And she was well aware that she was not the only one who found Yohan to be interesting. There were so many eyes on them right now, mostly on Yohan and his beauty.

Rui had never felt annoyed about hiding her face in the public before but she could not help but feel annoyed right now.

She wanted to tear off her mask and yell to the world that Yohan was her butler and no one else was supposed to look at him. But long-bred traditions as well as her values kept Rui at bay.

It helped her calm down and to ensure that she was not breaking her carefully-crafted mask.

"Lady Rui, where do you want to go first? It would help if I knew of your preferences."

Yohan was just so careful and considerate with Rui that she found her heart skipping a beat and melting at the same time. She had never known such kindness before.

Now, of course, people had been kind to her before but most of them had ulterior motives to treat her right. However, it did not feel like that with Yohan.

Rui knew it was her crush talking right now and she was not being rational but she could not help it. She had never faced such intense emotions before so she was at a loss. She did not know how to handle her feelings.

"Lady Rui, are you alright?"

Yohan called out to Rui again and she finally snapped out of it and looked up. Yohan was standing right in front of her which caused Rui's face to flush.

Suddenly, she found herself not being able to look Yohan in the eyes.

"A-Ah, what? Oh yes, that. I am alright and I want to pick the restaurant this time. Let's go and I will treat you."

Rui's mouth had a mind of its own as it offered Yohan a treat. Rui only realized she had offered something once she was stilling down.

Even then, Yohan's concerned expression made Rui's flush even deeper.

"My lady, if you are not feeling alright then we should go back. Our chefs know what is good for you and-"

"N-No, of course, it's alright if we dine here. My current condition is likely because I did not eat breakfast today. I will be alright in an hour or two."

Rui needed to calm down. Her body was getting excited for no reason and it was beginning to get uncomfortable. The way Yohan was looking at Rui did not help matters out even a little.

She needed to let things go and concentrate on the present. The time to take Yohan apart would come soon but Rui needed to gain his trust before that.

"Alright, if you say so miss Rui. But please, let me know if you feel uncomfortable anywhere and I will help you out."

Yohan's promise made his eyes look darker and more promising. Rui felt a shiver go down her spine when she was faced with that look. It was fierce and consuming.

'Oh god. I have it bad, right? I am crushing on Yohan so hard that I cannot even control myself right now.'

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 210 Ch 208: One Blow After Another [Pt2]