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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 21 Ch 19: The Aunt From Hell [Pt1]

Zane looked at the sleeping human he was carrying on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Yohan was in a deep sleep but he seemed to be in a foul mood.

His body was still under the effect of that curse which made it difficult to look after. Zane had to take special measures to not agitate him.

He also had to take scent dampers to make sure that Yohan did not attack him. A competitive male alpha in Yohan’s vicinity would just stress him out.

“Now then, let’s get to work. I need to get rid of this curse first before taking Yohan back home. We cannot allow him to attack humans while he in this state.”

The curse Yohan was under was a little complicated to get off. Especially more so when Yohan had not gotten to knot someone while under its influence.

It had been a gamble to let Yohan meet Vivian but it had paid out. Both Yohan and Vivian seemed to be interested in each other. It would help Yohan take control of the hell circle later.

But only once Yohan was alright and out of the curse’s grasp.

“Why did you have to be born as a human, my king? You are making my task so much more difficult.”

Zane would like nothing more than to dump Yohan in the middle of the town and let him go until Yohan was satisfied and broke the curse. But it was a little difficult with the angels in town.

Those bastards were keeping an eye on their fraction and they would interfere if things got too far.

“Looks like we have no other choice but to pay a visit to my aunt. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get you right on track.”

Zane sighed as he used his powers to send a message. He needed to inform both the school as well as those succubus living with Yohan that he would not be available tonight or tomorrow.

With a flick of his finger, Zane’s power jumped out of his body and took the form of a bird. It was his messenger and it took off quickly.

Once that was taken care of, it was finally time for Zane to take Yohan to the place he did not want to ever visit.

He was going to take Zane to his aunt who would help him out.


“My lady, a few visitors are heading this way. What do you want me to do about them?”

Wide green eyes looked at the crow on her armchair with narrowed eyes. The crow shrunk into itself as soon as he felt the pressure of those eyes.

He was afraid that he would be killed off and then broken down if he kept on staring at the green-eyed female in front of him.

But fortunately, that did not happen. The green-eyed child decided to take mercy on the crow and let him live another day.

Those green eyes were cruel as they looked outside the window. The crow did not know what the child was trying to figure out but he was not going to disturb her.

“Visitors at this time of the day? And it’s even that idiot nephew of mine. I wonder what he did this time to visit me. Crow, makes preparations for his arrival. We need to show him the best hospitality.”

The crow wanted to cry as he heard himself being addressed. His mistress did not even have enough courtesy to give him a specific name. And it was all because she could not be bothered with him.

She only lived for her experiments and the orders of the late demon king. But she did make some time for her nephew because he was the only relative she had left.

Still, Lady Elglitch’s concept of ‘hospitality’ was not something the crow wished upon anyone.

“Crow, did you not hear me? I asked you to hurry up.”

“I am going, my lady. Please wait a moment for me.”

In the end, the crow had no other choice but to fly after his mistress. He wanted to live for a long time and that was only possible if his mistress permitted him to.

The crow tried not to laugh as his mistress stood up. She pulled herself upright and in all her glorious height of 4’6, she was ready to make her debut in the front hall.

It never failed to amuse the crown when his mistress appeared in front of the people in her real body which looked like a child. It had freaked people out before.

“Everyone, you need to get this place ready for my lovely nephew. He is about to land here so I want this place to be ready for him.”

Robin Elglitch’s voice scared everyone who was in the hall. The servants looked at her with terror in their eyes and they hurried up to follow her words.

Lady Elglitch did not notice their panic and continued what she had been doing before. And before anyone knew it, the castle had been prepared to receive their guests.


Zane tried not to flinch as he handed in front of that gothic mansion his aunt owned. It was such a dark and creepy place that did not fit his mojo but he still had no choice but to come here.

“The things we do for our king. You better appreciate it all once you gain power.”

Zane whispered to the unconscious half-human in his arms as he entered the castle. It was spooky but also filled with overflowing life energy.

“Welcome home, Zane. it is nice to see you after so long.”

Zane wanted to flinch as he forced himself to look up. His aunt was in the main hall, her green eyes looking at Zane.

Her current position at the top of that staircase made her look intimidating. The power she was giving off from her small body also forced Zane to kneel in front of her.

The only reason Zane did not was because of the bundle in his arms. He could not allow the future demonkind to suffer this shame.

“Aunt Robin, I need your help with something. Do you think you can spare me some of your time?”

Zane felt sweat run down his face as his aunt stared him down. It had been such a gamble to come here and ask for help.

He could not help but feel like he had made a mistake by coming here. His aunt’s serious and curious look was also making him nervous.

“Zane, did you come here to ask for help for your friend? Isn’t this a first for you?”

Zane straightened his back as soon as he heard his aunt’s voice. She was sounding far too curious about his situation. He did not want her to be curious or to know the truth.

Mostly, his aunt left him alone and they did not bother each other. But when his aunt did get interested in his work, then things got messy for him.

“Aunt, can we talk more about it once we are alone? I don’t want to tell you anything in the open where people can hear us.”

Zane was spectacle about telling his aunt the truth. She had a complicated relationship with the previous demon king and knowing the truth would compromise her rationality.

“Is there something you cannot tell me in the open?” Zane nodded, “alright, follow me. All you servants are dismissed until I call you back.”

It would have been a funny scene to see all the lesser demons running away after that one command from a child-looking human. But no one here wanted to try their luck in front of Robin Elglitch.

She led Zane to one of her safe rooms he had seldomly been in and then locked the room behind his back. He only realized that it might be a mistake when her eyes turned back to him.

“Now tell me why you wanted my help and I might consider sparing you for wasting my time.”

It was now or never. Zane needed to gain his aunt’s trust and still keep her in the dark about Yohan’s true self.

“And don’t you dare lie to me. I can feel a familiar energy on this kid’s body which is pissing me off. If you lie to me then the consequences will not be pretty.”

Zane’s mouth closed with a quick flip. His aunt looked pretty angry and he was sure that she could shred him without even looking.

‘I need to think twice before saying anything provoking. I have a really big chance of dying right now.’

But still, Zane needed to take this chance. And if his aunt became interested in Yohan for real, then he could tell her the truth and expect not to be killed outright.

“S-So, this is a really interesting story. You see, I took Yohan to Vivian’s pub and things happened and-”

His aunt stopped Zane from talking. She raised her hand and he could tell that she was pissed off about something.

“I got the gist of it. Now I know why I felt so agitated before. It was all because of Vivian and her annoying aura. It was interfering with me since this person is marked.”

Zane held his breath, now curious to know what would happen next.

“Fine, I will help you out. After all, this is a prime way to annoy Vivian as well. Tell me what you need me to do.”

Fortunately, things were going well for Zane and Yohan.


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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 21 Ch 19: The Aunt From Hell [Pt1]