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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 209 Ch 207: One Blow After Another [Pt1]

Yohan followed after Lady Rui, not knowing where he was being taken by the younger female. Lady Rui had not spoken anything after the pair had left the Abstel estate and it made Yohan curious.

Lady Rui was keeping a good job of maintaining the secrecy of where she was taking Yohan and he had to say that the female had grabbed his interest Rui, can you tell me where we are going? I need to ensure that our destination has no harmful factors before I can allow you to step foot in it."


Yohan tried to fish for information in a roundabout way. He was sure that Lady Rui would not be foolish enough not to look through his intentions.

So that was the bait he dangled to know how much information he would be able to fish out of the female in front of him. Would she keep Yohan in the dark? Or would she tell him what she was planning?

"Hmmm! Do you want to know where we are going? But before I answer you, I have something to tell you. Do you know what is the fastest way to fall to ruins is?"

Yohan kept quiet as Lady Rui talked. Influential people like her liked it when they were able to show off in front of their betters. (Not that Lady Rui knew that Yohan was her better.)

Nonetheless, Lady Rui ignored the silence and continued speaking.

"The fattest way to fall to ruins is to make an enemy of the nobility. The more you know, the more danger you will attract toward yourself. Do you still want to know where we are going?"

It would have been better for Lady Rui to have answered Yohan's question in a direct manner instead of in a round-about way but Yohan pretty much got the gist of it.

So they were going to a nobility meet-up and Lady Rui had selected him to accompany herself.

'What a stroke of good luck. I will be able to observe the internal political structure of this world. But would it be alright?'

There was not a good chance that he would be recognized as the one who had tried to assassinate the queen but there was always a fear in the back of Yohan's mind.

"What's wrong? You currently feel quite Yohan. Do you no longer want to accompany me? I can allow you to leave your post from behind me."

Yohan shook his head as realized that there was no point in holding back. He should never have started if this was a fear he would be subdued by.

"There is a place I cannot accompany my master into. I am sure I will be alright."

Yohan bowed in front of Lady Rui and she had a satisfied look in her eyes. She looked like she had finally found what she had been looking for all this time.

"I see, I see. If that is how you feel then I will not stop you. Just know that you can count on me and I will protect you if I have to. Don't let my delicate appearance fool you into thinking that I am a gentle person. I m-mean, I will protect you."

Lady Rui spoke, then realized what she had said and instantly tried to change her words. But the harm had been done already. Luckily, Yohan did not say anything regarding her slip-up.

He pretended like he had not even noticed something had happened.

"Thank you for your grace, my lady. I will be sure to count on you when the time comes."

Lady Rui had the barest flush on her face when she turned away. She could not bring herself to face Yohan in the eye. Especially since his face looked like it was glowing and becoming more and more attractive.

In the end, lady Rui just gave in and decided to suppress her feelings like she already had. She was aware that she was crushing on her servant and that was not alright.

As a noble lady and the next head of the house, her marriage had been arranged long ago. She did not need to think about anyone else right now.


It was a big affair when the nobility decided to gather. It always caused a sensation to occur and talks about the upcoming possible fude hits the market.

But that only happened when there was public fude. When it came to the nobility, there was much to be seen beneath the surface. Especially more so when it came to decision-making policies.

Even here, Rui played the role of a foolish and easily manipulated lady. That was how she had been able to survive and gather evidence against other houses. No one took her seriously enough.

Even now, she noticed all the empty smiles that were being thrown her way and she decided to try and bear through it all.

"Lady Rui, it is nice to see you again. How was your vacation? We all heard about your 'butler' selection. So, how did it go?"

'If you all heard about it, then why are you asking? Don't you just want to confirm the rumors you heard and bribe the one who won?'

Rui knew her fellow nobles had no good intentions but she still had to pretend to play her role.

"Huh? Ah, that? There was some trouble and in the end, I had to invoke the ancient law and now I have three of them."

Rui tried to make her voice sound meek as she called Yohan forward. Yohan took the clue and made himself visible.

"This is Yohan Strout, the man who became my butler and the first selected one. I have to say that I find myself being fond of him."

Rui had calculated how to play her role the best. Yohan had a face that no one could look away from. Even now, the other nobles were looking Yohan up and down with hunger.

Rui had brought Yohan here to solidify her image as someone who had fallen for Yohan's looks and chosen him.

The others would think that things were like this and try to approach Yohan. In this way, Rui would know who was her real enemy.

Of course, she did not lie when she said that Yohan had been selected because of his face. He was exactly her type and Rui would take him to bed. Then she would guilt-trip Yohan to become her side toy.

It was the end of her plan since she could not have Yohan as her legal husband. But Yohan would still end up as hers

"I see. So this is your new butler. Yohan Strout was it? He's a treat on the eyes. Say Rui, can I borrow him for a day or two?"

Another lady asked as she looked Yohan up and down with hunger in her eyes. Something ugly and hot sparked inside Rui and she felt annoyed all of a sudden.

She had brought Yohan because he was eye candy and nothing more. But she did not like it when others looked at him. Only Rui was allowed to look at Yohan and-

'Darn this crush. It is ruining everything for me.'

Rui cursed inside her mind as she looked ahead. She did not want to risk looking at Yohan and losing her composure. It was the worst possible outcome when you considered everything.

"Alright, now that everyone is here, let us begin our meeting. I have an important message from our queen to all of you."

The leader of the noble party stepped ahead and Rui fell silent. She knew it was necessary if this man had come out to talk about it.

Not to mention, he had brought the queen's orders with him and that was something worth hearing the man out for.

"The queen?"

"The queen spoke to us? Does this mean there will be some big changes to come?"


The room fell silent after the leader spoke. His voice was low and gentle but it carried weight behind its every word.

Yohan could feel familiar energy coming from this person and he was instantly alert. This man was like Zane and Khole. He had the mark of the real, key and could utilize its powers.

"The queen is looking for someone. It's the assassin who tried to murder the queen in the open court a few days ago. Anyone who finds this assassin would get a reward beyond their imagination."

The leader spoke and everyone fell silent before the room erupted in yelling.

"That assassin? Wasn't he captured?"

"The queen remembered something like that? Then, does that mean she wants to kill him?"

"What did that assassin do?"

Everyone wanted to know the answer, Yohan most of all. But he was the least qualified member in the room to speak about it.

"Umm, excuse me but what did this assassin look like? How do you expect us to look for someone when we don't even know what they look like?"

Rui's question caused people to fall silent. Even the leader looked lost for a second before he reimagined his composure.

"That's the problem - we don't know what the assassin looks like. Some kind of magic was obstructing his face when he was captured and then he escaped."

pαпdα-ňᴏνê|·сóМ Yohan's heart finally started to beat after hearing those words.

"But we do have a way to know where he is right now."

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 209 Ch 207: One Blow After Another [Pt1]