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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 208 Ch 206: The First Day Of Work

For his stay at the Abstel mansion, Yohan was given a fully furnished room with a lake-facing view. The room was too fancy for it to be located in any normal wing.

That alone told Yohan how influential and important the Abstel family was in the kingdom ranking. Even their servants enjoyed luxuries that normal people could not even think of enjoying.

'Well, it will not take long before it is all mine as well. Lady Rui will have to fall.'

Yohan was not interested or worried about his competition. Hans knew what was good for him and had ended up taking the oath Yohan had wanted him to. Now he was in Yohan's court.

As for the other two? They did not look like much, to begin with. Yohan should not have too many problems with them.

Yohan went to sleep with an open mind but he was still vigilant. He made sure to ping Hans to keep him updated. The head butler would try something funny soon enough.

The next morning, Yohan was woken up at the crack of dawn by an urgent smack to his shoulder. The unexpected contact caused Yohan to flinch and stand up all at once.

"I knew this was going to happen. My father did not tell you what time your duties started, right? He wanted to get you in trouble."

Yohan was still half-awake by the time Hans finished running around the room and pulling out things he would need.

By the time Yohan hopped into the shower and came out, Hans was ready with his things all laid out in front of him. He looked worried but resigned as he passed the uniform to Yohan to change into.

"What happened isn't this too early for us to wake up?"

Yohan could not help but ask this question as he readied himself for the day. His uniform fitted his body perfectly as if tailor-made for him and Yohanw was impressed.

The material used to make the clothes was top-notch as well as well-established in the industry. Lady Rui had not spared any expenses when it came to clothes at least.

"Stop being dramatic. I let you sleep in extra five minutes because it looked like you needed it. But you really will be in trouble if you did not go out now."

Yohan was a little annoyed with Hans but he decided to follow his directions for now. After all, what did Yohan, the young master, know about serving others? It had been Zanr's territory in the first place.

"Fine, I am all ready now. So, what should we do next?"

Yohan asked as he flexed his hand. He was ready to take anything thrown at him by these people now.

Hans sighed as he led Yohan outside and into the field. The mansion had not woken up yet but there were still a lot of people present around.

The presence of the head butler as well as Hobbit was especially pressing and they were startled to see Yohan awake and ready.

"You are awake? I was so sure that we did not tell you. I-I mean, good for you to get here on time."

Hobbit was a little green at the edges so he was not able to mince his words in time. His uneasiness showed in his expression which caused Hans to almost laugh.

On the other hand, the head butler looked pissed off but he held his disbelief in. Instead, he turned back to the garden with a calm expression.

"This is your first day so we will not do anything 'too' tiring. I will be assigning you tasks according to your expertise and you will have to see them getting done. They will be assigned to you according to the pamphlet you filled out."

The head butler explained and Yohan was suddenly worried about the kind of task he would be assigned.

A pamphlet? He had never heard of that thing. Not to mention, he knew nothing about what his job would entitle him.

It was now that he realized that he might have walked into this situation a little blinded. It was not good for him or his ego to admit this though.

"A butler is someone who should be well-versed in everything but I will not expect much from the people who are just starting. So for the same reason, I will give you all easy things to do."

The head butler snapped his hand and a piece of paper fell into Yohan's hand. It was a small list of tasks. But there were too many on his list.

Yohan quickly took a look at Hans and Hobbit's list and it was half his list.

'Should I raise this question? But it could get dangerous if I do so now. Maybe that is what the head butler is looking forward to.'

Yohan looked toward the eldest butler in the garden but the elderly did not let his true emotions show. Instead, he turned toward his list and tapped on it.

"These are all the tasks you are expected to do in your day. You are free after you are finished doing them."

The head butler ordered and then he left the garden.

"Well, looks like I have work to do. I would love to stick around you losers but then I will be behind on my work."

Hobbit left the garden as well and toward his first task. Yohan did not even bother remembering his words since he was busy looking at his list.

Hans noticed this and quickly walked toward Yohan with a worried expression.

"What's wrong? You look a little off. Is there something wrong with your list?"

Hans took the list from Yohan's hand and Yohan let him take it. He had already recorded it in his system since he was sure that he would 'somehow' end up losing it.

Hans frowned once he noticed the list of tasks Yohan was expected to do in a day's frame.

"Shit! My father is trying to make you fail. Even a professional would not be able to get this all done in a day. You are being set-up."

Yohan did not need to hear Hans's words to know that he was being set up. He had realized it as soon as he had compared his list to Hans and Hobbit.

"Yeah, I know. Your father is a piece of work and I don't like him. But what can I do about it? Cry about the unfairness of everything? Who would even listen?"

Yohan sighed as he looked toward his list with a heavy heart. He did not want to even imagine how long it would take to get everything done on his own.

They were both at a loss for what to do when Yohan's luck decided to strike again. His task list was snatched out of his hand and into Lady Rui's.

"Hmmm, what is going on here? Did the head butler assign you your tasks already? What a bummer."

Lady Rui had appeared out of nowhere and she sounded dejected but Yohan could read the humor in her eyes. She had deliberately waited to come out after thier tasks had been assigned.

"L-Lady Rui! What are you doing here? You should not be out of your room this early!"

Hans looked surprised to see his mistress coming down so early. She was not a morning person and often did not wake up well past noon.

To see her up so early was a miracle in itself. Never mind seeing her in the garden in this cold weather.

"Hmm, well I have some urgent work to do so I had to wake up early. And I was hoping to get one of my new butlers to accompany me. I know, why don't you come with me, Yohan Strout? I'll ask someone to divide your work to other servants."

Yohan suddenly had a great opportunity. Lady Rui was showering him with her favor and it was a good opportunity to spend some time with her.

"Is this is what my mistress wants then I shall obey your words."

Lady Rui's eyes shined in satisfaction as she watched Yohan bow down to her. There was something dark and hungry in her eyes and Yohan was not sure how everyone else missed that spark.

Yohan could certainly not miss it.

"B-But are you sure it will be alright? Yohan did get a long list he needs to finish before the day is over. The head butler will not-"

"Hans, that is something for me to worry about and not you. Am I the mistress of this family or is the head butler in charge? Hmmm, which one do you follow along with Hans?"

Hand shook in his place as soon as he heard Miss Rui's voice. He could not shake the feeling that he was in trouble every time she opened her mouth.

"Y-You are the lady of this family, Miss Rui. I apologize for my misconduct and over speaking."

Rui backed down as soon as she heard Hans's words. She was happy once again to not have him question her authority. It was funny how everyone though of her as 'harmless' even when she was like this.

"Then, let's go Yohan. You will accompany me the whole day so get ready for the outing."

Yohan just bowed to Rui, not taking her words to heart.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 208 Ch 206: The First Day Of Work