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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 206 Ch 204: The Solution?

"Sorry I am late. It took me a little time to understand the meaning of that last test. But I hope I am not too late to come to your side, Mistress Rui."

A tense silence followed Yohan's announcement and no one knew what to say all of a sudden. Everyone could only look on in shock as Yohan walked into the room.

Especially the head butler and Hobbit looked like they were looking at a ghost. And that had to be given after where they had sent Yohan to. No person was supposed to come back alive from that place.

"You are Yohan Strout? You are a daring man, willing to come late on your first day itself."

Lady Rui sounded off. She was often described as a 'gentle' and 'kind' lady who was easy to manipulate.

And she did look like a native fool who did not know how to care about herself at first glance. But there was something sinister hidden behind her innocent face. Yohan saw a familiar darkness and hunger in this lady.

'How interesting to see someone use innocence as a mask. I guess this world has all kinds of interesting people.'

Yohan was certain that the biggest threat in this room was Rui Asbtel and her cunning mind.

"My apologies, mistress Rui. I got lost in your magnificent garden and it caused me to be late. I assure you that it would never happen again."

Yohan assured the female in front of him but Rui looked calm. She looked at Yohan, then behind him before coughing into her hand.

"I shall forgive you this once, but never again. Make sure you are never late in your duties ever again."

Yohan had to give it to Rui. she was familiar with appearing as a 'decent' lady. Yohan would not have doubted her goodness had he not seen Rui's real face already.

Of course, the one who decided to butt in was the butler. He could not see his plan falling apart in front of his eyes. He needed to do something to heighten his position and to get Hobbit to Lady Rui's side.

"L-Lady Rui, you need to think about what you are doing. I know you want to take Yohan Strout as your butler but Hobbit here already went through all the formalities. It should be beyond disgraceful for house Abstel to forsake him."

The head butler wanted to smirk as he spoke to his lady. If there was one thing that made his lady fold, it was her house's honor. The head butler had used that again and again to his advantage.

Even now, the head butler could see Lady Rui being troubled by her choices and not being able to take Yohan's side openly.

On the other hand, Lady Rui was pissed and impressed with the head butler all in one go. This man was a pain in her ass but he surely knew how to manipulate the situation in his favor.

This was a skill that made him extremely useful to Rui and she did not want to lose him until she could replace the head butler.

"I see. That is a problem for me since I already promised to take Yohan Strout as my butler. It would tarnish the family name if I fired him as well. This sure is a predicament."

Lady Rui knew the solution to this problem. It was to take both people as her butler and close the case. But the head butler would find a way to find faults in that plan as well.

Besides, lady Rui was pretending to be an innocent maiden. She could not suggest something this 'unconventional' or it would be out of character for her.

"This…is certainly a problem. If there is nothing to be done, then I guess we will have to reschedule this competition and then see what will happen."

The head butler looked uncomfortable with the outcome as well. He was looking at Yohan like Yohan had dashed all his hopes and dreams. But he did not go back down from his decision to bring Hobbot into the fold.

Yohan was aware of the conspiracies that were brewing behind his back. But he was willing to take this risk if it meant that he was going to get his position and be one step closer to the realm key.

"I have a better idea. I read the Abstel family's contract and it says the main lady can have up to three personal butlers at a time. Why don't both I and Hobbit serve Lady Rui for some time?"

Yohan offered the best solution for himself but he could see that the head butler did not like that suggestion.

Heis rage-filled face looked humiliated and disturbed. It was annoying to face such a man but Yohan had no choice. He needed to convince the head butler that this was the best possible option for everyone.

"Such insolent! How dare you-"

"No, I kind of like this idea. I never thought about it before, but having two butlers would make my work easier in the longer run, right? "

Lady Rui had an intrigued look on her face when she looked at Yohan and Hobbit. The head butler could hear her brain working and he knew he needed to nib this idea in the bud.

He was about to speak up when Lady Rui's eyes stopped him from speaking. She was suddenly dangerous and it caused the head butler to become tongue-tied in the process.

"I guess if no one has anything else to say, then we can continue with this plan. What do you say, head butler?"

The old man found himself nodding as he watched his lady speak. He was in a trans and by the time he got out, things had been decided. Hobbit looked uncomfortable but he could say nothing when the outcome had already been decided.

On the other hand, Yohan looked a lot more relaxed when he stared the head butler and his adopted son down.

"Now head butler, I know it is a lot to ask you but can you prepare a room that can house both our new butlers? I will be so happy if you help out."

The head butler was still trying to wrap his head around what happened so he was not able to respond to what happened. He could only follow what his lady was saying.

Since this was the outcome Yohan had desired, he did not make much of a fuzz. But he was interested to know why Lady Rui had helped him out.

'What could this woman be planning for me? She doesn't feel like a fragile young lady who needs protection.'

Most people might not have noticed it, but Lady Rui used controlling magic to ensure her words would be followed. She was like a snake, swallowing her opponent until they could no longer resist her charms.

How dangerous of her to show such a face so openly.

"Huh? Is something wrong? You have been staring at me too much."

Lady Rui asked with an almost shy tone in her voice. Yohan could feel her skill and years of experience in the way she spoke.

"No, my lady. I was just mesmerized by your beauty and could not look away. Everything is alright except my heart."

Yohan decided to be as dramatic as Lady Rui. they had both looked beneath the other's mask but both were willing to wait for the other to make the first move.

"Then I shall take my leave now, my lady. I hope you have a good day."

"Yohan Strout"

Yohan opened the door but he did not expect to be called from behind. He looked back but Lady Rui was not looking at him. Instead, she was tending to her plant.

"You should be careful. I saw your powers out there but there is more to survival than just being strong and cunning. It'll be good for you to get allies around you soon."

Lady Rui's advice was not bad. Had Yohan been anyone else, he would have been touched by her advice. But Yohan read more into her words than even Lady Rui expected.

"I see. So you are interested in me. I guess I will have to work hard to not let you down now."

Yohan felt Lady Rui's eyes finally turn toward him but he was out of the way by then. He had achieved one of his goals by performing like he did today - he had gotten Lady Rui interested in him.

Now, he just needed to start gaining people under his command. And Yohan knew where he had to start.

"Time to visit Hans and see what he knows about his father. I can't wait for all the fun I will have in the next few days."

Yohan moved through the dark corridors, taking in the feeling of Abstel's house. There was much to be discovered here.

The walls of this mansion had so much dark history that it was difficult to even breath for most people. But Yohan had no problem touching and venturing through the hallways.

He was interested to see what these walls of the Abstel mansion hid behind it's beauty.

'Ah, I wait to discover more of this place.'

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 206 Ch 204: The Solution?