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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 204 Ch 202: The Final Test [Pt2]

pàпdá-ňᴏνêι.сóМ Yohan knew he was being tricked. How could he not when the head butler was making it this obvious? And the forest's inherited darkness was not helping its case.

This was the point where anyone else would have called out the head butler for his shenanigans and exposed him on the spot. But Yohan had a feeling that the elder man was waiting for that to happen.

"So, do you have any complaints before you head in? If you want to say anything, you can. Just remember, I will hear you out like a true grandfather you never had."

There was no need for the old man to try and behave like a good grandfather now. Especially not with the attitude he had shown before.

And since Yohan had read the elderly correctly, he smiled a bright smile back at the older man.

"No, I have absolutely nothing to complain about to you. This forest will be a breeze to cross. Nothing can stop my burning passion to meet Lady Rui today."

The head butler's grin faded just a little and his looks dulled. But he still did not lose his composure which Yohan had to give him points for.

"Ah, to be so young and energetic again. Our young lady Rui does inspire such loyalty in people after all."

The butler forced those words out before he left Yohan alone. It was Yohan and the dark forest now. Yohan was sure there were many traps hidden in the depths of the darkness.

'Alright, now to see what the head butler packed for me today. I hope I get to go back home soon.'

Yohan walked into the dark forest but no sound could be heard in the darkness. It was as if all the sound was being engulfed by the space around him.

The more Yohan walked, the more he was sure something was stalking him. It was like a dark shadow was following behind him but the lack of any audio or visual clue made one handi-capped.


Warning: Sense eater is detected. Enemy incoming from 10:00 clock direction.


Yohan's system warned him in time and Yohan cleaved the sense eater in half. It was a clean and fast cut as well.

Sense eater was a small animal found in the worst dungeons and it latched on someone to eat away at their mana. Had it touched Yohan, it would not have let Yohan go as long as the sense eater lived.

"Wow, this forest sure has some annoying creatures in it. The head butler is not holding back for my sake."

Yohan had seen enough. He was sure that the head butler was not heading to Lady Rui's room with his chosen candidate. It was a nice trick to keep Yohan occupied.

He was also sure that the butler was not expecting Yohan to survive this forest and the attack by a sense eater.

So it was time to go out and surprise the butler as well as meet the famous 'Lady Rui Abstel.' Yohan needed to see the face of the lady he was about to serve in the future after all.

"But I cannot go empty-handed, right? Maybe I should take a souvenir for our first meeting? A blood lily seems like a good enough choice."

Yohan could feel the presence of the bloodied flower just a few meters in front of him. Blood lily was a parasitic plant that fed on the blood of its kill.

Often, it took over its target's properties and ended up gaining their powers. It was a powerful tool and nearly impossible to kill. In simpler terms - it was a danger to be around.

But Yohan made a clean cut on his hand and allowed a few drops of his blood to fall on the white petal he could see. It turned red as soon as his blood touched the petal and then it shivered.

Yohan was the demon king and his blood was specially infused with his mana. No living being could hope to over-power him and the blood lily was no different. It shivered and finally gave in under Yohan's command.

He carefully picked up the parasitic plant and it behaved in his hand. It was a never before seen scene which would leave the watcher numb in shock.

"Alright, now I have my gift. Let's go and meet my Lady now."

Yohan opened his system and followed the light path it showed. He was off to a good start on his journey now.


The head butler left Yohan behind in the forest and his heart finally felt at peace. He had completed the first part of his plan.

Now it was time to start the second part of his plan and it involved his son. It had been a carefully preserved decision on his part.

The head butler knew that his son was not the best choice when it came to the butler selection but his son was handsome and manipulative. He would be able to make the young miss fall for him.

And then, Abstel house would finally fall into the butler's hand.

"Hans, are you ready? It is time to meet the young miss and show her what you are made of. I am sure she would fall for your pretty face at first glance."

The head butler opened the door and ushered his son out. His son was a handsome man with a straight jawline and bright red hair.

"Dad, are you sure it's safe? I was there when that Yohan fella opened up his powers and I can tell that they were not fake. I don't think we should risk our lives for some small fortune."

The head butler glared at his son for his foolish remarks. His son was young so he did not understand what he was saying.

Fortune? Did his son think he was doing this for fortune? No, it was for much more than that. The head butler was eying the power and authority of the Abstel family, not their fortune. He wanted the connection to their glorious queen.

Their society revolved around their queen and all their shared resources were at the queen's disposal. To catch a glimpse of their queen was a lifetime goal for most demons.

"Hans, you don't understand what you are saying. You don't need to use your head this time and just follow my instructions."

Hans still looked uncertain but he did trust his father. His father had been the Abstel family butler for years now and he had seen a lot. Maybe he had seen something Hans had not and now he was certain.

"Hans, I sent your competition to the dark forest. No matter how good or powerful that person is, he will not come back. Now come before I change my mind about you."

Hans heard his father speak but his instincts screamed at him not to go with his father.

And over the years, Hans had learned to listen to his instincts over his father's voice. He was not going to do it this time. His father could take anyone else with him because Hans was not going to die a meaningless death.

"Dad, I won't do it. I know you have good intentions for me but I don't feel comfortable being a part of your scheme."

The head butler looked taken aback before he sighed in annoyance and gave Hans a look. Hans tried not to show that he was agitated by that look.

"Fine, be a fool and lose your means to achieving greatness. But don't say that I did not warn you about your future."

The head butler left Hans's room with an annoyed and agitated look. His son was missing an opportunity of a lifetime by being stubborn.

The head butler hurried to his second choice, an orphan he had found on the streets and sponsored. This orphan was as greedy as the head butler and shrewd as well.

The second the head butler had told him about his plan, the orphan had agreed without missing a beat. This was a real deal-maker for both of them.

"Boy, it's your lucky day. You might have been disqualified before but you are being given another chance. This time, don't blow it up, and make sure you make that stupid bitch fall for you."

The head butler spoke without a filter but the orphan was used to his real personality. He grinned in return and watched the head butler with gratitude.

"Of course, sire. I shall not fail you as your real son did."

The orphan bowed down to the head butler, keeping his head down. He knew that he was the second choice for this selection but he did not care.

It was Hans's foolishness that had caused him to rank down and lost this opportunity. The orphan would not make the same mistake and he would succeed in his life.

The head butler smiled at the orphan and led him to Lady Rui's room. Inside the lady waited with eager eyes which dulled as soon as she laid her eyes on the unknown man.

"Head butler, what's going on here? This is not the man I hoped to see in front of me when I called the competition quit."

Lady Rui sounded annoyed but the butler was prepared to answer her.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 204 Ch 202: The Final Test [Pt2]