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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 198 Ch 196: Anticipation [Pt2]

Mira could not bring her brain to think. And even if she could, she doubted that she would want to believe. She was happy to hand over her control to someone else.

She had never thought that such pleasure was a possibility and no one had ever been able to make her feel this good. Yohan was good-looking and knew how to use his 'weapon' to his advantage.

"You did well, my dear pet. As a reward, I will fuck your brain out one last time."

Mira shivered as her body anticipated what would come next. Yohan's words sounded like a promise to her and she was ready to receive him.

"Thank you, master. Please fuck my pussy good."

Mira panted as she positioned herself on her back. She kept her legs spread wide and her pussy open to give Yohan a clear vision of her wet and drenched hole. Semen was still leaking out of her.

Yohan's gaze was intense and it was making Mira feel even hotter. Her pussy was twitching for something hot and hard filling it up and making her feel the ultimate pleasure.

"Spread yourself wider, you bitch. I cannot see anything."

Mira shivered even more at the cold and demanding tone. Yohan's huge body standing in front of Mira made her feel small in comparison. And then Yohan's foot touched Mira's wet pussy.

It was a light pressure that caused Mira to shiver. It was dirty and humiliating but also made Mira wetter and hotter inside.

'I need it. I need a cock fucking me stupid right now.'

Mira's desire and instincts demanded she moved and fucked herself on that godly cock in front of her. Even her mouth was salivating as a result of her holding herself back.

"Yohan p-please. Fuck me, pelase."

Mira's emotions were in shambles. She was crying in pain and longing to be pounded into. And Yohan finally listened to her pleas and decided to give her what she wanted.

Yohan did not play around this time and entered straight into Mira's wet pussy. She was already stretched from all the previous rounds and she welcomed Yohan rather well.

Yohan had just fucked Mira but her pussy was still soft and wet, welcoming Yohan into its depths. It was striking all around Yohan and dragging him deeper into the depths of the pussy.

He could feel himself hitting Mira's womb with every thrust he made. Yohan had a hard time not breaking Mira until then but it was getting more and more difficult. Her moving and squeezing around Yohan did not help her case.

"Y-Yohan, you are so deep. You will *ugh* get me pregnant if you come inside."

Mira's cry fueled Yohans desire even more. He was getting faster and his hips were snapping harder into Mira's willing body. He could feel her getting closer and her opening welcoming Yohan with a lovely grip.

"I want to treat you well Mira. But your body has other ideas. Look at how it is sucking me in. Fuck, you are so desperate to become pregnant."

Yohan's cock was getting bigger and harder inside Mira's pussy. Yohan was close and he was on the verge of coming.

But he was not the only one who was feeling good. Mira's pussy was twitching all around him. She was overstimulated and her body was sucking Yohan in deeper. He could feel himself touching all the inner depths of Mira's body.

His next thrust landed on Mira's G-spot and she ended up tightening around him. Her pussy become wetter around Yohan's cock and she was gushing out of the tight space.

"I-I feel so good."

Mira went lax as she came. She had come so hard that her body was still twitching as a result of her coming. Her pussy was milking Yohan's cock dry and Yohan ended up coming inside her.

With a last hard thrust, Yohan ended up emptying his large load inside Mira's body and it caused her to come again.

"N-No, feels so full."

Mira almost choked from all the pleasure she was feeling. Her body went lax and she fell asleep.

Yohan could have left her alone after that and gone his separate way but he was feeling sleepy as well. So in the end, he rested his head on the pillow and went to sleep.

Little did he know that it would be a foolish decision and one that would cost him a lot of brainpower and patience in the future.


There was not much Mira remembered from the night before but her body ached everywhere and there was a pleasant sensation all over her body.

The only thing Mira knew was that she had felt better than she ever had and the pleasure she had received had been mind-numbing. She would not mind experiencing it again, but people like Yohan usually did not stick around.

'And why would Yohan stick around? He has so many options with that great body and personality of his. I am sure he is busy enjoying-'

Mira opened her eyes, only to see a beautiful sleeping face in front of her. Yohan's white hair looked soft as it rested on the pillow in front of her and his red and passionate eyes were closed.

He was sleeping softly and comfortably which caused Mira to blush. She could not help herself since she had a beautiful man in front of her.

'H-He stayed the night.'

Mira could not believe her luck but she did not want to jump to conclusions at once. But this small gesture from Yohan sparked a light in her heart.

And then Yohan yawned which caused Mira to flinch and quickly look away. She did not want him to notice that she was awake and had been staring at him all this while.

​ "Mira, you are awake as well? So, did you have a satisfactory night?"

Yohan's words were full of sleep but he still asked Mira this question. He was putting Mira first and that was something Mira had not experienced in her life before.

Her heart was beating up her chest painfully and she could not stop herself from grinning wide in happiness.

This man was perfect and it seemed like he cared about Mira a lot. Maybe she had found her 'right person' but she just needed to realize this.

"Y-Yes, I had a good night's sleep. What about you?"

Mira stuttered when she spoke and she wanted to smack herself for it. Why did she stutter when she spoke? She should be confident right now.

She knew that people like Yohan preferred confident ladies who knew what they wanted. Mira had found her perfect person so she needed to make an effort.

"I slept well. Now, I think I should leave. There is so much I need to get done and I think I should visit the section chief as well to receive my assignment."

Yohan stood up and his perfect naked body was on display for Mira to see. Her mouth was watering just looking at that perfection in front of her.

'And to think that Yohan stayed the night with me and is still being so sweet. Maybe he fell in love with me as well.'

Mira went red as soon as she realized what she had thought. She had fallen in love with the man in front of her and she had not even realized that. How pathetic for her to be worried about things.

"Well then Mira, I hope to see you around. Do call out to me if you need me."

Yohan flashed one last smile toward Mira and left the room. Mira's heart skipped another beat as Yohan disappeared from her line of sight.

She did not like it when Yohan left the room. She wanted to keep him with her and to be the only one to see Yohan. She needed to become the only person in his life.

'I know Yohan loves me as well. I could feel his love yesterday and I am the only one who understands him. But he's too fragile and some other woman will take advantage of him if I don't protect him. I need to protect Yohan.'

Mira was old enough to realize that most women were predators and that they would eat Yohan alive if they were given a chance to do so.

Yohan was naive and good-looking. He was the perfect prey for the ladies surrounding this base. And with a lack of good prey otherwise, women would be gunning for Yohan.

'So I will protect him from everyone else. And one day, Yohan will realize that I'm the only one for him and he will come back to his senses and marry me.'

Mira was delusional but she was also desperate. This was the first time a man had been so attentive to her. So what else could it be but love at first sight?

She would not let this opportunity slip out of her hands. She will protect Yohan and his virtues.

'Now that I think about it, Sally was eying Yohan as well last night. She will likely approach Yohan with the intent of seducing him. I cannot allow my sweet Yohan to fall for her trap.'

So Mira would do the right thing and she would eliminate the competition.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 198 Ch 196: Anticipation [Pt2]