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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 196 Ch 194: Taking Advantage [Pt2]

Yohan pressed his body weight against the body in front of him. The elf was unable to move and she had to take it when Yohan pressed her body against the door frame.

He had attacked Mira's lips as soon as they had been alone and Mira did not disappoint with her response. Her body was tense like a rubberband but her skin was soft and warm beneath Yohan's hands.

It felt good to touch and he could not get enough of it.

"Y-You don't know how long I waited *moan* for a guy who would not fall for that witch."

Mira moaned out as her lips disconnected from Yohan's. There was a sting of saliva connecting the two lips and Yohan licked Mira's lips to get rid of the connection.

​ His hands wandered over to Mira's lips and connected with her big breasts. Mira moaned out as her breasts were squeezed and fondled by Yohan's big and warm hands. He was massaging them like a pro.

Not only that, but his tongue licked Mira's nipples and her sensitive body arched in his grip. Mira was getting wetter the more Yohan treated her roughly.

"So, I take it that you are enjoying this?"

Yohan squeezed tighter around the breast in his hand and bit the area around Mira's nipples. The elf moaned as she flinched at the harsh bite on her body.

"I r-really like it. Give me more."

Mira's body wanted more and her tear-filled eyes were also filled with desire. No man could have taken her to look lying down and the same was the case for Yohan. His cock was getting harder looking at that look.

Yohan was getting impatient as well and his hardness was beginning to feel uncomfortable for him.

His pants went away and Mira looked a little alarmed to see his size. Her eyes were as big as balls and her throat gulped down her saliva.

"A-Aren't you a little too big?"

Mira squeaked out but her body's reaction let Yohan know that she was not nervous but excited to have Yohan's hard cock in her body.

Her smell had gotten richer and her pussy had gotten wetter as she looked at Yohan's cock. Her hand shily reached out to touch Yohan's hard penis and she looked surprised to touch it.

Mira's small hands caressed Yohan's cock like it was something precious. She rubbed the cock head and more fluid came out of the cock head.

"Mira, be a good girl and lick me. I can see your desire to taste me."

Yohan could see it in the way Mira was hunched over his body. She was so excited to have more of Yohan that it was not funny. Her body relaxed as Mira finally let herself go and her instincts decided to take over.

Mira's mouth closed around Yohan's cock while her throat relaxed to take Yohan in slowly. But Yohan's cock was too big for her small mouth and it spilled out quite a big amount.

What Mira was not able to take in, her hands covered the base and stroked Yohan.

He could feel himself starting to feel aroused and wanting to come. Mira's throat was hot and wet, almost like a pussy that was eager to take Yohan in.

Her eyes were wet and her mouth was stretched around Yohan's cock. When she looked up at Yohan with her teary eyes, he almost could not stop himself from coming down Mira's throat.

He had to hold her head back to prevent himself from releasing down Mira's throat.

"You have been such a good girl and I think you deserve a reward for that. So brace yourself."

Mira gasped around Yohan as her body was turned around. Her pussy was placed in front of Yohan's face and he quickly tasted it.

It was bearable and Yohan quickly buried his face in Mira's pussy. It caused her to gasp out loud and let go of Yohan's cock as a moan broke out from her lips.

Yohan did not like it and Mira received a slap on her ass as a result. Mira gasped as she felt a sting in her ass because of the slap she received.

Her teary eyes looked back at Yohan in shock.

"Hey, don't give me that betrayed look. You ate the one who stopped servicing me first."

Mira looked insulted and her eyes turned determined as she took Yohan's cock inside her mouth deeper. He could feel his cock touching the back of Mira's throat.

The mouth around him gagged a little but Mira brute forced through it in her desire to take Yohan fully into her body.

"Shit, you are so tight. And you get even tighter when I touch you here."

Yohan touched Mira on her clit and her body tent taunt. Her eyes had tears in them but she did not stop trying to take Yohan deeper into her body.

Yohan also did not sit ideally as his tongue and hands continued to stretch Mira even more. Her current position with her face down in Yohan's lap and her legs above Yohan's head must be uncomfortable but Mira did not complain.

Her pussy stretched around Yohan's fingers and Mira moaned out in-between sucking Yohan.

And then Mira released her juices with a violent shudder as her body was unable to handle all the pleasure. She came like a fountain all over Yohan's face and her face was all flushed.

"Look at you, coming all over yourself like a bad kid. You are in need of some discipline, right?"

Yohan looked at the female beneath his body and it was a vision. Mira's face was red and her body was heaving due to her sudden and violent release. But her eyes were vibrant and in need of more.

And she pulled herself up to face Yohan once she had caught her breath.

"Please fuck me. My pussy is aching for some good cock and yours is the best."

Mira sounded desperate and Yohan was pleased to see her posing so well for him. Mira's pussy was pushed out toward Yohan and her fingers were spreading her wetness for Yohan to see.

Dried tear marks were marking Mira's cheeks but her fucked-out brain seemed not to make anything of this.

All she needed was some good cock in her to sate the itch she was feeling. She did not care about anything else at that moment.

"Alright, if this is what you want then I will give in to your request. But remember, you are the one who started all this so I will not stop once I start."

Yohan warned Mira as his desire heightened at the offer he was getting. He was beyond hard right now.

With her legs spread out and her pussy stretched open, Mira was a vision to see. And Yohan had no self-control when it came to his desires. He had a beauty in front of him that he was about to defile.

"T-That is alright. You can do what you want to me but only if you give me your cock."

Mira's brain seemed to be entirely on Yohan's cock and Yohan decided to give her what she wanted finally.

Yohan bottomed inside Mira's pussy in a single thrust and Mira went lax. Her pussy was doing a better job of welcoming Yohan and it was sticking to all his sensitive sides.

Yohan could feel his cock going impossibly deep into Mira's body and it was likely a result of her elf biology. Her hips were moving to take Yohan deeper into her body as well.

"F-Feels so good. Want to feel more pleasure like this."

Mira looked fucked out already. Yohan's cock was abusing her pleasure spot and he was drilling into Mira's pussy.

She was slowly getting wetter and sloppier than before which caused Yohan's cock to feel even better. Mira's pussy and tightening around Yohan's clock and her wetness was rubbing all over Yohan.

"Shit, if you grip me like this then I will come. Come on, relax yourself a little for me."

Yohan tried to get Mira to relax but it caused the opposite reaction and Mira ended up coming. Her pussy tightened all the way around Yohan and she moaned out loud.

Somehow, Yohan endured the impossibly tight pussy around his cock and did not come outright. He bit his lips to control himself before he started moving again. Yohan's hips were fast and precise as they smacked against the body in front of him.

"I-No more. It's too much."

Mira complained in between her gasps and moans. Her body was getting over-sensitive and she could not stop coming. Her pussy was beyond wet at this point and Yohan had a proud look on his face for having reduced her to this.

"Well, I still have to come so you are not going anywhere."

Mira sobbed as she pounded harder and harder. She could only stay where she was and take it as Yohan rubbed into her pleasure spot again and again. Yohan was showing no mercy on her and Mira ended up coming again.

This time, her pussy managed to milk an orgasm out of Yohan and he released deep inside Mira. But his session was far from over for today and Yohan was getting hard again.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 196 Ch 194: Taking Advantage [Pt2]